Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zucchini Soup

We have some serious soup weather going on here; winter has announced its arrival loud and clear. I rummaged in the crisper for something to make soup with and found one zucchini and one yellow squash. And, helpfully, in the bookmarks folder, I found this, which is how Recipe #23 is Zucchini Soup.

This one is yet another case of restaurant envy; the blog that this recipe comes from is in St. Louis and the blogger was trying to make zucchini soup that is served Stellina Pasta Cafe. As it happens, V and I love this restaurant too, and we shared a huge bowl of this very soup the last time we were there. I'm glad I finally got the opportunity to try this recipe!

Vegetables soups are always tasty but when I think of zucchini, soup is not what comes to my mind, so making a zucchini/squash soup was something new for me. This recipe used crusty bread to thicken the soup and make it hearty and creamy, another new tweak as far as I am concerned.

The soup could not be simpler to make; here is the way I made it. Check the original recipe for exact quantities. My one addition was the lemon juice, and I highly recommend it- it brings all the flavors together.

1. Heat extra-virgin olive oil and saute onion and diced zucchini.
2. Add salt, pepper, chunks of ciabatta bread, mushroom stock.
3. Simmer until the bread is falling apart and the zucchini is very tender.
4. Puree using an immersion blender.
5. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
6. Drizzle with some cream and parmesan cheese and serve hot.

I'm sending this pot of soup to Monthly Mingle: The Soup Edition (and they are all going to be vegan or vegetarian, so I'm excited to see the entries).

Wow. This soup warmed us from the inside out. This is the ultimate prescription for a cold winter night when the heat in your 100-year old dwelling is spotty. Stay warm, everyone!


  1. The soup looks very warm and nourishing. Thanks for participating in the Mingle. In our parts it is still too hot to even use a bedsheet!

  2. This looks sooo good!! I am always in the mood for soup so will definitely try this. Did you use red or yellow onion?

  3. I love how you post so often :) Sorry, not been catching up with all the posts.

    The soup sure looks green and fresh!

  4. Lurrrrrrve this idea! Especially the part about mixing bread in the soup, that would make it so hearty! I can imagine how lemon would enhance the flavor of this soup.

  5. Soup looks interesting and easy. Could you tell me what ciabbata is? Is it a type of bread?

  6. Zuchini Soup........thts very interesting and different...... and we do have a zuchini at home to try on.... lets see how it comes about.....

  7. I just posted my zucchini soup and come here to see you've the same on menu. I guess zucchini soup is the most wanted in this blustery winter weather. Have a great weekend.

  8. Sunshinemom- So I guess it is cold soup weather at your end?! Thanks for hosting this event.

    Lavanya- I used yellow onion this time, but truth is I use whatever is on hand, interchangeably.

    A_and_N- Thanks!

    musical- I was amazed at how the bread added such a wonderful mouth-feel to the soup; I'll definitely be using this trick for other soups!

    Lakshmi- That's right, ciabatta is an Italian bread with a crisp crust and airy interior.

    rujuta- I hope the recipe works for you.

    Pavani- I know, looks like we are both experiencing severe soup-craving weather!

    delhibelle- It really was tasty!

  9. It's recipes like this one that make me regret that I don't have an immersion blender :( Maybe I'll gift one myself this holiday season. I think I'll make this for our brunch today. If, I haven't said it already, I'm really enjoying this series.


  10. I always wonder what else to do with Zucchini once I have put it in salads, - well now I know. The bread must make for an interesting addition!

  11. hey Nupur! just tried it.. came out delicious, didn't have vegetable stock on hand so added tiny bit of garlic with onion, and herbs in the end.. yummy! thanks:)

  12. Mamatha- I think an immersion blender would be an excellent investment! Seriously, I use mine all the time and by now it is 7 years old.
    I'm so thrilled that you like this series!

    Miri- I use zucchini in anything and everything (except salads, actually!) like everyday subzis, roasted them for sandwiches, burrito filling with beans etc.

    Abhi- I'm so glad it worked out!

  13. I made the soup and it turned out awesome! Its so simple to make and so filling on these cold winter days. Thanks for posting recipe after recipe, loving all your marathon efforts!

  14. Also, I added sour cream in the end and that gave it a rich and sour taste!

  15. your link to see exact quantities it not a public blog . . .can you share the recipe here?

    1. Sorry- the blog was a public one when I wrote this post a few years ago. I am not an invited reader of that blog either so I can't get the exact recipe for you.
      However, it is a forgiving soup recipe so you could eyeball the quantities and it should be OK.


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