Monday, December 14, 2009

Potato and Sweet Potato Latkes

I needed a quick side dish for dinner last night and spied a lonely potato and a sweet potato in the hanging wire basket. In the spirit of the season, it seemed only fitting to shred them quickly and fry up some latkes.

That's how Recipe #20 is Potato-Sweet Potato Latkes, inspired by Lydia's recipe on The Perfect Pantry.

The traditional latke is made with potatoes and the sweet potato is a new-fangled variation, so this one is a mix of the old and the new! Here's how I adapted the original recipe. This made about 10 latkes, enough for 2-3 people.

Using a food processor or a hand grater, shred one large potato and 1 medium sweet potato.

In a bowl, beat 1 large egg. Add shredded vegetables (squeeze out any extra water), minced onion, 2 minced scallions (white and green parts), dried thyme, salt and pepper.

Add a few tablespoons of all-purpose flour, stirring it in until the mixture just holds together.

Shallow-fry scoops of the batter, flattening them on the skillet and getting both sides golden and crispy.

These took mere minutes to make, and tasted wonderful. I have squirreled away a couple of extra latkes to take to work as a mid-morning snack.

To all my friends who celebrate it, Happy Hannukah!

***  An Invitation  ***

I want to extend an invitation to my fellow food bloggers: would you like to join me in the race to the finish line? By which I mean a 7-day recipe marathon from Dec 25 to Dec 31, counting down to the New Year. This is a chance to finish off old posts from your drafts, cook from your bookmarks and try the recipes that you have been meaning to try all year but never got around to.

- Post a new recipe on your blog every day from December 25th to December 31st. That's 7 recipes on 7 consecutive days.

- Please make sure to give due credit to the source of the recipe, whether it is a cookbook, magazine, friend or another blog. Don't copy recipes word for word.

-If you are up for the challenge, e-mail me (contact form is on the right side-bar) by December 21 to sign up for the recipe marathon.

Have a great week!


  1. This is a great idea - and I happen to have lonely sweet potato just waiting to be dressed up like this!

  2. These latkes look awesome. Have to try them sometime.
    I would have loved to participate in Marathon, but will be traveling to cousin's place :(.

  3. Hi Nupur, long time lurker here. Love your blog! The recipe marathon is a great idea and I would love to participate, however, I will be traveling and I suspect many others will be too.

  4. ooh- yummy latkes. If these are even half as yummy as your potato patties- I'll have to try them!!

    The recipe marathon is soo tempting as there is a bunch of new recipes I've been meaning to try. Given time constraints, I am not sure if a marathon will actually possible- but I'll let you know in a couple of days (It does sound like fun)

  5. I made purple potato latkes yesterday. Will have to try the sweet potato one.

  6. I have meaning to give them a try. Will do it soon.

    Will love to participate in the marathon. Mail on the way.

  7. Guess these would taste great for breakfast! Looks delicious.

  8. Two potato latkes sound delicious. Would love to participate in the recipe marathan, will send you an email soon.

  9. great idea!my blog needs something like this..will be travelling but will workout something and join u!

  10. Sweet potato latkes are on my must-make list. Yours look great!

  11. Nupur, the latkes look so delicious! Perfect recipe for the season :)

  12. Latkes look perfect and your recipe marathon seems tempting !
    Lemme think ... will get back to you soon on this :)

  13. The contact form doesn't allow me to send you an email.

  14. Three of us local sacramento bloggers are cooking our way through a Jewish Cookbook and latkes was one of the first dishes I made..

  15. Hi Nupur,
    i was just searching for a new snack recipie when i came across your blog...
    i cudn't stop myself from reading it ,
    the 7-day recipe marathon from Dec 25 to Dec 31,sounds like a great idea. i am also into trying new recipies, but have a little time factor as my bub is just 5 and 1/2 month old and with him where the time goes ...

    like you ,i also try out different recipies when i give dinners..(my excuse :: my friends won't know if it didn't come right the first time)i try not to repeat the stuf i have once made.. normally i experiment it on the same day ... with luck most of the time it has come out right...
    i am not sure if i am a good cook but i am learning and hope to perfect myself one day..

    sory for being so long.. it is just that i found your blog inspiring .

    Happy blogging and good luck for the marathon :)


  16. OOh.. maybe this is the push i needed..Will love to participate in the marathon.

  17. T.W.B.- LOL this is a great way to use up single root vegetables!

    Shilpa- I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

    Bala- Enjoy your travels.

    Lavanya- These are ever so different from the potato patties, but just as tasty :) Do the marathon only if you have time, no pressure, this sort of thing is for fun and not to add to your workload.

    Soma- Purple potato latkes, they must have been so pretty!

    indosungod- So glad you are participating!

    Divya Vikram- That's true, they would be great breakfast food as well.

    Pavani- I'm thrilled you are participating!

    Madhuli- Good to see you, enjoy your travels!

    Rekha shoban- Thanks

    Susan- I hope you get a chance to make them; they are just so tasty!

    PJ- I know, every year I mean to make them and this year I finally did :)

    Kanchan- Thanks

    Raaga- So I guess the contact form worked in the end because I did get your mail; thanks for participating!

    shankari- How fun to cook through a cookbook, and it must be even more enjoyable with friends to accompany you!

    taruna raj- Thanks for your nice note and welcome to my blog.

  18. SOUNDS soooooooo good. I'm going to try these this weekend.

  19. I tried contacting you through your contact form, but it (the 'evil blog goblin' )keeps saying that I've entered the wrong code..any alternative way of contacting you?

  20. Holly- Oh, they are very tasty and worth trying! I'm sorry I got too busy and missed Paste Knitting this weekend.

    Lavanya- Sorry about that :( Is it something you could leave in a comment here? Let me know.

  21. Mallugirl- I somehow missed responding to your comment. I'm glad you can participate and will add you to the list :)

  22. 'Tis the season, and I'm so glad you made these! I've just posted this year's version of latkes; I think I do something a bit different each year, but they all turn out to be delicious. Happy holidays!

  23. I was trying to contact you to sign up for the 7 day nothing I can't post here..:)
    Also- I made your zucchini soup yesterday, but used a very lopsided bread: zucchini ratio(I just kept adding was still pretty yummy but I will try it again with less bread..:)

  24. RARA AVIS- Great, I'll add you to the list!

    Lydia- Thanks for sharing the recipe; I can see how latkes can be tweaked in many delicious ways!

    Lavanya- YAY, I'll sign you up! Now why would you keep adding bread to the zucchini soup?! A little goes a long way :)

  25. Hi Nupur,

    Count me in for the marathon, I will update the contact form at the earliest. In the meanwhile I am making a mental note of my 7 recipes for 7 days....woo hoo!!


  26. Hi Nupur,

    I tried updating the form; looks like its not allowing me to submit the details.

    Please accept this as a confirmation for the Marathon.


  27. oh- I kept adding bread because the previous day I made bread and tomato soup (pappa al pomodoro) where bread is one of the main ingredients and so sort of couldnt shake of that mode while making the zucchini soup..:) [That sounds like such a terrible excuse!)

  28. Hey Nupur,

    This is my once a year shoutout. Are non-food bloggers allowed a gentle foray? Count me in if so.

  29. Ashwini- I'm sorry the form did not work; I have included you in my list.

    Lavanya- Oh the bread and tomato soup sounds fantastic!

    Mathangi- Hi there, what do you mean by a gentle foray? Do you want to write 7 consecutive posts and do a posting marathon instead of a recipe marathon?

  30. Oh no no; I want to do a recipe marathon. Except that my blog on the whole is not a food blog at all. I was wondering if you wanted to restrict your marathoners to year round foodies?

  31. Mathangi- Goodness, no, we're a very inclusive bunch :) I'm very excited that you will join us; I'm putting you on the list before you change your mind ;)

  32. Wonderful! What a nice way to end the year. Thanks Nupur!

  33. Dearest Nupur,

    Sweet potato latkes?!?!?

    What a great idea!!

    My Jewish half whole-heartedly loves it! And my other half says, I'll be lucky if this recipe makes enough for me alone ;)

  34. It's so great to have you back, Nupur! Im two days late ... is it possible for me to still sign-up?

  35. Mathangi- You are on the list!

    Linda- Did you make latkes this year?

    Sheetal Kiran- If you really want to participate, I can include you. Let me know.


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