Welcome to One Hot Stove, my little home on the Internet! I hope you'll enjoy a cup of chai with me and read along as I share recipes and chat about food, books, TV, parenting, home and life in general.

One Hot Stove Started as a Food Blog
This blog at its core is a diary of my adventures in home cooking. I grew up in Maharashtra, India and have an abiding love of regional Indian cuisine. I write about whatever is cooking in my home- simple everyday meals, menus for casual entertaining, attempts to replicate restaurant dishes, baking experiments and tastes of cuisines around the world. I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since I was a teenager.

...But You Will Find Much More than Just Recipes Here
Apart from cooking, I love books and somewhere along the way, I began to write about the books I'm reading. Then I learned to knit and crochet and those projects started popping up. In 2013, I was bitten by the sewing and quilting bug. Meanwhile, my husband and I are raising two young kids and parenting makes its way into posts. I'm embracing all my various hobbies and interests on this blog and consequently, this is not a purely food-oriented blog any more. But I like to think that the blog is all the richer for it. One Hot Stove is also my platform for practicing my writing skills. I try to write a new post every week. Some weeks the words flow, and sometimes it is a struggle against blogger's block.

One Hot Stove Through The Years
I started this blog on a whim in February 2005 as a graduate student living in New York City. The name One Hot Stove comes from the cooking range I was using at the time- it had a solitary working burner but it helped me make countless hot meals nevertheless. 

Since that time, I have moved a couple of times and this virtual home moved with me. From 2007 to 2012, One Hot Stove was written from St. Louis, Missouri, and since then, from our home in sunny Northeast Georgia in the Southern United States. 

The Cast of Characters
The cast of characters has evolved with time. My wonderful husband V has been there since the beginning of the blog, now joined by a daughter and a son. We are dog people around here. Until January 2013 we were owned by the one and only Dale. Now Dalu dada has passed on. Soon after we adopted Duncan- a goofy, pony-sized mutt with a big heart. My family and friends make guest appearances on the blog every now and then.

Talk To Me
Please write to me at OneHotStove AT Gmail DOT com with any questions or feedback that you may have. I respond promptly and try to be as helpful as possible.

Please feel free to comment on the posts- I try and respond to every comment. I love hearing from readers and welcome all feedback and criticism as long as it is respectful. Comments are moderated to weed out spam.