Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Korean Pancakes

The marathon continues on day 5 and the marathon cooks seem to be dipping into their pantries today to use grains, flours and vegetables in so many ways.

Starting with some grains that are pantry staples on their own and as noodles and flours-

Oats: granola mix

Rice: rice walnut risotto and "dirty" rice

Broken wheat: comforting soupy dalia

Noodles: vermicelli as seviyan halwa and rice noodles as veggie noodle nests

Wheat flour: versatile in savory breads like rosemary bread, Moglai parota, peas paratha, aloo paratha and sweets like eggless chocolate cake and butterscotch cherry blondies

Chickpea flour or besan is a staple in many Indian kitchens, used in homely and comforting dishes like cabbage pithla, pakora kadhi and a light baked version of the same.

Many of us stock Eggs and Paneer (Indian cheese) in our fridges. Here, eggs are used in a vegetable omelette and paneer is used in paneer tikka masala, chole paneer, Schezuan chilli paneer gravy and a tandoori platter.

From the vegetable crisper, we have carrot bhaji, palak methi masoor dal, kaddu ki dalcha, raw banana fritters, kale wadis, vegetable cheese balls and two versions of ennai kathrikkai or stuffed eggplants, a dry preparation and a curried one.

I don't know about you, but Indian-style spicy pickles are the star of my pantry; I dollop them on everything. And here we have an instant cut mango pickle.

Let's end on a sweet note- gulab jamuns made from scratch.

As an aside, it is very freaky that every day, 2-3 of the participants seem to make the same dish (like the 3 lentil soups yesterday and today's double helping of kadhi pakora and stuffed eggplants). Of course, each recipe is unique but...are we mind readers or what?!

*** *** ***

So it has been quite an eventful day at the headquarters of One Hot Stove. There's a major plumbing problem with the kitchen plumbing in our building. To make a very long (and highly boring) story short, the wall between the kitchen and the living room now has a scary gaping hole with exposed pipes. The water has been shut off. Everything is covered in a thick layer of white dust from construction material. I went to work and escaped the chaos. V has the week off to relax(!) and got to deal with the situation all day (and probably the next couple of days as well). Instead of cooking up the lovely recipe I had planned for tonight, we dined on Vietnamese take-out.

But the marathon must go on! Luckily, I took a pic of my brunch yesterday and here it is.

Recipe #3 is Korean Pancakes, and they can be whipped up in minutes from pantry staples. Regular all-purpose flour, rice flour, egg and cold water are whipped into a batter, shredded veggies are tossed in for good measure, and you have crisp pancakes, ready to be dipped into a sauce bursting with umami-ness (or it is umamihood?)

The inspiring recipes were from here and here.

Here's how I made it.

Whisk together
-½ cup rice flour
-1 cup AP flour
-1 egg
-splash of soy sauce
-shredded vegetables (I used scallions and carrots)
-ice-cold water as required to make a smooth batter

Make thin pancakes, flipping to get both sides cooked.

Don't skip the dipping sauce, it makes the dish.

Simply mix chili sauce (I use sambal oelek), soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey, toasted sesame oil to taste.

I'll be back tomorrow, with or without a kitchen! :D


  1. I've been looking for good Korean pancake recipe for a while.. Your's looks simple enough to make. Will try.. Good luck with getting back your kitchen soon.
    Btw great job on compiling all the recipes everyday.. Lovely round ups Nupur..

  2. Hope the kitchen worries are solved soon Nupur. Lovely round up and 7 days are going so fast we are almost there at the finish line..

  3. Did Maiyya's (B'lr) know these are Korean! Their vegetable dosa is like this minus egg. I would have enjoyed it if not on the South Indian speciality restaraunt's menu. Context counts for me I guess.

  4. Gud to see the daily updates of the marathon!

  5. Just posted my day 5 recipe- Phew!

    I completely sympathize with the whole plumbing problem. There seems to be a leak in some pipe running under the floors- so we are going to have serious 'situation ' tomorrow too- with people ripping the carpet etc..so not looking forward to that!

    The pancakes look so yummy and uttapam-y!

  6. what a nightmare...hope you get back to normal flow soon. even though i signed up for the marathon, its b who's been running so far. need to pick up the baton from her -else there may be war :)

    pancakes look great. maybe right for tomorrow!


  7. Similar to our ghavan, just use of maida instead of rice flour !

  8. Oh No! Nupur.

    This Korean pancake is a cousin of our oothappam perhaps? Perfect for a what to cook for dinner day!

    Excellent roundup as always. Can't believe we are on the final leg, it was great fun but I am ready for taking a breath.

  9. Korean Pancake looks more like our Maida dosai. It got to taste good with the sauces!!

  10. You are a brave soul to plod on despite the kitchen incident ! Great round up and tasty pancakes ! I am lookin forward to a new year finale.

  11. Wowwie, I had read somewhere that Korean food is very tasty. Wanna make this soon, looks very nutritious and tasty.

  12. I've always wanted to try these, and never had the gumption. As usual, you make it sound easy.

    Hope your kitchen troubles are over in the blink of an eye!

  13. Nupur,
    Great round ups and it is being great fun participating in the marathon....I can't bieleve we are near the finishing line so soon.... Lovely recipe....have bookmarked it.....

  14. Nupur,
    Looks like technical bug has hit my comp again..i was typing the comment and it got posted :((
    Anyways.... Hope your kitchen gets to normal soon and looking forward to your next post.....

  15. Hi Nupur! The pancake looks delish. Hope you get your kitchen back to function soon. I am in St. Louis this week and wanted to say Hi!


  16. happy new year nupur

    am catching up with my blog reading and enjoying your recipes recently - and I was just looking at the spring onions this morning wondering what to do with them - I think I might have an answer here - thanks

  17. This sounds delish!

    A very Happy New Year too.


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