On this blog, I've worked on two projects, the A to Z of Marathi Food and the A to Z of Indian Vegetables.

This page provides convenient links to posts from these two projects.

The A to Z of Marathi Food
What is Marathi food? I come from the state of Maharashtra on the West coast of India, home to the megacity of Bombay/Mumbai. Marathi is the language of this state. Marathi food or Maharashtrian food is the cuisine of this state. This project was my journey through some of the classic dishes of this state of India. 

B is for Bhendi fry and Bharli Vangi
C is for Chivda and Chavli Amti
D is for Dalimbay bhaat
E is for Egg rassa and Eggplant kaap
F is for Farazbi patties and Fanas bhaji
G is for Gharge
H is for Hiravi chutney
I is for Imperial Cocktail
J is for Jaali chips
K is for Kothimbir vadi and Koshimbir
L is for Lasun chutney
M is for Moogambat
N is for Naaral wadi
O is for Onion bhajji
P is for Pithale
Q is for Quick bhadang
R is for Ratala kees
S is for Solkadi and Sheera
T is for Thalipeeth
U is for Usal & misal
V is for Vaangi bhaat
W is for Waran bhaat
X is for Xtra refreshing Panha
Y is for Yogurt rice
Z is for Zunka

For more glimpses of Maharashtra, see two of my photo essays:
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The A to Z of Indian Vegetables
My first A-Z project was so much fun and so popular with readers that I decided to embark on another stroll through the alphabet. This series explored the extraordinary ways in which Indian cuisines cook their vegetables. 

Starting with the letter D, other bloggers chimed in with their entries so the posts start with links to their entries, followed by my post. 

A is for Aloo gobi (North Indian stir-fry)
B is for Bharli mirchi (stuffed vegetables)
C is for Carrot cashew payasam (vegetables in desserts)
D is for Dum ki arbi ("dum" style of cooking)
E is for Egg-fried rice (vegetables and rice)
F is for French bean fulgobi foogath (South Indian stir-fry)
G is for Gobi paratha (vegetables in breads)
H is for Hariyali tikki (vegetables in appetizers)
I is for Idli with vegetables (vegetables for breakfast)
J is for Jalfrezi vegetables (vegetables, restaurant style)
K is for Kati roll (vegetables and paneer)
L is for Lasuni dal palak (vegetables and dal)
M is for Malai kofta (vegetable dumplings)
N is for Nargisi kebab (vegetables and eggs)
O is for Onion chutney (vegetable chutneys and relishes)
P is for Pachadi with cabbage (salads)
Q is for Quick carrot pickle (vegetable pickles)
R is for Radish paratha (root vegetables)
S is for Spinach amti (green leafy vegetables)
T is for Tomato red pepper saar (vegetables in soups)
U is for Undhiyu (regional classics)
V is for Vegetable cheese sandwiches (mixed vegetables)
W is for Wild mushroom pulao and Walnut cherry kulfi (fungi, fruits, nuts)
X is for eXploration (new vegetables, old ways)
Y is for Yam phodi (vegetables as themselves)
Z is for Zucchini kofta curry