Thursday, December 24, 2009

Recipe Marathon: The List of Runners

Starting tomorrow, we kick off a countdown to the new year with a recipe marathon.

From the 25th to the 31st, each of these 25 29 bloggers have signed up to post 7 recipes on their blogs. That's 203 recipes; this is going to be a fun week for me!

Here they are, in the order in which they signed up-

Anna Parabrahma: Anjali

Home Cook's Recipes: Lavi

Food for Survival: Unpredictable

Daily Musings: Indosungod

Soup and Dessert: Radhika

Cook's Hideout: Pavani

The Singing Chef: Raaga

Susvaad: Ramya

Blink and Miss : blinkandmiss

Malabar Spices: Mallugirl

Soulful Creations: Abbhirami

Pieces of paper, squiggly lines: Lavanya

My Foodcourt: Madhuli

Seven Spice: Sonia

Food, Travel, Books and More: Vinaya

Konkani Foodie: Ashwini

Ruchikacooks: Ruchikacook

A Homemaker's Diary: Sayantani

Le Chaim: Mathangi

Kitchen Gossip: Kanchan

Out Of The Garden: Linda

The World according to Rujuta: Rujuta

Kiss the cook: Manasi

Asankhana: notyet100

Cooking with Koki: Koki

Siri's Corner: Siri

Eats, Eats & Eats: Sheetal Kiran

Ruchii: Madhu

Jugalbandi: Jai & Bee

I have 9 recipes to go with my own countdown; I'll be back later today with an experiment in baking that is going to change the way I bake bread for ever.


  1. Nupur - Is it too late too join? I would love to participate. let me know..:).

    All the best to rest of the runners.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Siri- I'll include you. Happy Holidays to you too.

  3. Warming up!! Waiting for the Bread Experiment post..

  4. thnks Nupur ,..i am already on with my first post,..hope up wth you all soon happy hostin,..;-)

  5. Thanks Nupur.. I'm sure this is going to be fun.. I think I'm ready.. Happy holidays to you, V & Dale.

  6. 182 recipes! That will be more that what a normal cook book will offer..I dont have to break my head for most of 2010 about cooking something new. Waiting for the post about bread and drafting my first post for the marathon..

  7. Hi Nupur,
    I would like to join in ,if its not too late. Some how i missed your post on event announcement.
    Please let me know.

  8. Madhu- I have included you.

    Sheetal Kiran- OK, you are on the list.

    OK- that's in. The list is closed and I'll accept no more entries!

  9. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's delicious posts :)

    Happy baking!

  10. Thanks a lot Nupur. Will starting cooking now :)

  11. This seems very exciting :)
    Looking forward for soo many recipes in just 7 days :)

  12. Nupur,
    I signed up twice last week through your form. I never got a confirmation that the mail went through. If its not too late, I'd like to join in.


  13. Jai- My apologies- no, the message did not get through last week even once. I'll definitely add you to the list- sorry the contact system is not working well.

  14. Happy Holidays to you and your family !
    I appreciate all my fellow bloggers in coming up with recipes for marathon. I would love to participate and I am not sure if I will be able to keep up to the commitment.
    My wishes to all the participants and hopefully will participate someday.

  15. Oh my!!How did I miss this announcement!!Wish I had seen it before...

  16. Nupur, happy new year!! I said i would but i didn't even go online for 10 days!! Sorry, really wanted to clean up my plate.:))) can i do it now?


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