Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another day, another curry

Hello, December! Don't tell me you're here already!

I go through all kinds of food phases on a regular basis. A few months ago, it was the turn of whey smoothies and so I stocked the freezer with bags of fruit. Several smoothies later, the enthusiasm fizzled out and a bag of frozen mango chunks (from Trader Joe's) has been languishing in the freezer.

Last night, I was looking for a simple dish to serve with some sprouted matki pulao and found the perfect thing. As Nags suggested, it is a typical South Indian dish, from Kerala to be precise.

Recipe #31 is Mango curry, inspired by this recipe on Arundathi's Food Blog. Sweet chunks of mango are cooked with a spicy coconut paste, then the heat is turned off and yogurt and tempering is added to finish off the tasty sauce.

I followed Arundathi's recipe quite closely:
1. Cook ripe mango chunks in some water, turmeric, red chilli powder, salt.
2. Stir in a paste of coconut, cumin, green chillies and simmer some more.
3. Turn off the heat. Gently stir in yogurt.
4. Finish with a tempering of mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and fresh curry leaves.

So simple and yet full of complex flavors! If you are a fan of sweet-spicy tangos, this recipe is for you. I've seen similar recipes with pineapple too.

30 more recipes to go this month- stay tuned!


  1. simple yet delicious. You have an eye for these things Nupur.

  2. Mango kalan!! You are making one favorite of mine after another!!

  3. I'm making matki sprouts as we talk... the sprouts should be ready by tonight... you're a mind reader!

    I made the bread pudding too.

  4. this sounds very appetising. If you would like to try a variation in this curry. You could replace cummin with coriander seeds & eliminate yogurt. Its a goan delicacy version of this curry.

  5. Nupur.......

    Gr8 receipe......

    Heartiest Congratulations on "One Hot Stove" being nominated for 'Best Indi Foodblog' category in Indibloggies 2008 ......

    I just voted for your blog....

    Best Wishes

  6. My husband adores both mango and curry, so this is sure to be a favorite with him.

  7. Oh Mango! I would love this , i am sure.I will make this, M does not like coconut, but I have a feeling that this will work.

    Congratulations OHS, for being nominated best Indi blog, voted for u!

  8. Just found out from the comments above about onehotstove being nominated for 'Best Indi Foodblog' category. voted for u!

  9. Voted for ya! :)now do i get to taste this curry ? :)

  10. Love the variation for the mango curry using a ripe mango. Mmmm, mouthwatering.
    Congratulations on "One Hot Stove" being nominated for 'Best Indi Foodblog'. So proud of you!!!

  11. mango curry! interesting idea.

  12. indosungod- The simple recipes are a win-win situation, right? :)

    musical- I can read your mind, mwah ha hah (can you hear my evil laughter?) :D

    Raaga- This is so baffling that across the globe, virtually the same dishes are being cooked...weird! But fun!

    Pooja V- Thanks for sharing the Goan version, I'll be trying it for sure!

    Rekha shoban- Yes, this was new to me too.

    rujuta- Thanks for your vote!

    Lydia- It is very different from the restaurant concept of a curry, but very flavorful!

    Manasi- He does not like coconut?! That eliminates half my cooking repertoire! Thanks for the vote :)

    Nikita- Thanks for the vote!

    Abhi- So now do we need bribes, do we? :D

    Namita- I was happy to see the ripe mango in the recipe too; most recipes call for raw mangoes which are nowhere to be found around here. Thank you, my dear!

    PJ- And tastes great too!

  13. ooh- this is like mango morkootan/mor kozhambu..I made this once long ago..should make it again soon. yum!


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