Monday, November 13, 2023

NaBloPoMo Day 13: Games

I'm a huge fan of word games. If I have people around to play with (does not happen often), then Codenames and Scrabble are my favorites. But typically it is solitary word games that keep me engaged on a daily basis. Every so often, a new game comes on the scene and one that really created a splash during the pandemic was Wordle, now with its umpteen versions like Quordle and Octordle

I found yet another game NYTimes recently and now have gotten into the habit of doing it with my first cup of coffee in the morning. It is called Connections, and here is an example. You get 16 words and you have to create 4 groups of four.

Connections Game in the NYTimes

I did it but my results were not particularly great. The hollow cylinders category tripped me up as I thought it was about skinny long things and included words like rope and cigarette in it. It is a fun game and can be quite tricky, especially if you're not well versed in the names of bands and sports teams and other obscure (to me) categories.

Of course my favorite solitary word game of all time is the Crossword puzzle. We think they have been around forever but apparently the first puzzle only appeared in 1913. I do (try to do) the ones at the back of the New Yorker- they cycle through puzzles that are beginner level, lightly challenging, moderately challenging, and very challenging. 

I read an interesting chapter on crossword puzzles in the book The Puzzler by A.J. Jacobs and maybe it was a coincidence or maybe I was just inspired to try harder, but I finished a very challenging puzzle for the first time ever. (Usually, the magazines are littered with my half-done and abandoned puzzles.) The clue for 33 Across- "Hollow, deep-fried bread" was the first one I filled in- Puri :) 

Cryptic clues are the ones that are most satisfying to crack, but they are not as popular in American puzzles, and also I am terrible at them ha ha. 

Words are such fun! 


  1. Have been reading your blog for ages and glad that you are posting this month everyday. Quordle Wordle is loved by my kids and me too. This connection thing sounds interesting. Will surely try .

    1. Thanks for reading the blog! I think you will enjoy the Connections game. It is simple but clever.

  2. Loving this NaBloPoMo series even if I don't comment on all the entries. I too love word games of every kind, particularly crosswords. I'm hopeless at the cryptic ones, though, and I do have to resist the urge to consult Google when I'm stuck! Connections is fun as well, and Wordle too.
    Hope Duncan is doing as well as he can. Tell him Roger says hello :)

    1. Hi Kamini- thanks for reading along! Yes, an occasional Google consult is not the worst thing, I'm especially bad with celebrity/movie star names. Glad you like Connections too.

      Duncan is chugging along. The tumor keeps growing but he still seems okay so we are watching it one day at a time.

  3. Nupur, my day starts with doing wordle and connections. Love them. Recently got the board game version of wordle and loving playing with friends and family!


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