Friday, November 09, 2012

I Love Lists

I'm sitting here making lists. They're my way of keeping things under control. I have a grocery shopping list, a list for other things we need to buy (new home stuff like a guest bed and a rake), and there's a long to-do list for this weekend. There's something so satisfying about crossing things off a list- you feel so self-satisfied and productive somehow.

I love reading lists too. When I see a blog post titled "5 ways to...", "7 ideas for...", "10 things that...", you can bet I'll click through and read it. I need to work on more list posts for this blog! Meanwhile, on this Friday night, here is a list of 10 inspiring and informative posts from other blogs that will leave you listless no more.

1. Tiny Buddha: 6 powerful questions that will change your life forever
2. The Simple Dollar: 100 things to do during a money-free weekend
3. Happiness Project: 7 ways to be happier at home
4. Apartment Therapy: 5 DIY play kitchens
5. Unclutterer: 8 ways to cut clutter from your communication
6. Young House Love: Momma's closet (7 tips)
7. The Kitchn: 15 tips for better weekly meal planning
8. Flypaper: 100 "must read" picture books
9. Apartment Therapy: 25 green cleaning recipes
10. Cooking with Siri: 100 favorite Diwali recipes

Are you as fond of lists as I am? 


  1. I love lists you said, somehow it makes me feel like I'm in control ! Have a great Diwali !

  2. oh yeah! started with packing lists when i was going to hostel... now i have lists for everything... sometimes i will wake up from my sleep and make a list if i am having a particularly stressful day

    1. Packing lists! So useful- and I still usually forget to pack something. Yes, lists do help you sleep better by removing thoughts onto paper.

  3. I absolutely love making lists and a teeny weeny satisfaction when I strike off task from it :-). Thanks so much for the mention of my post.

    Wishing you a very Happy Diwali. May god bless you and your family with loads of joy, good food and good health as well.


    1. Thank you for the sweet wishes, Siri, and wishing you the same! Did you make all 100 treats from your list??

  4. Great post, Nupur! Have you read "The Checklist Manifest" by Atul Gawande? I think you will enjoy reading it.

    1. Yes, I did read it and liked it very much. Makes perfect sense to use lists for everything, groceries to brain surgery.

  5. Hi Nupur,
    Am a big fan of your blog, and follow it regularly. And am so glad that for November, you will blog everyday!
    I understand one generally does not post their blog links in the Comments section. But I wanted to share a blog post I wrote on making lists:

    Making lists makes things a lot easier - in terms of planning, and having extra time on hand. I absolutely understand if this comment has to be deleted since I give my blog's URL here.

  6. Loved the links. I gotta try the Tiny Buddha one soon - kinda stuck in limbo about certain things. That just may provide the clarity I need. Thanks, N! Happy Diwali to you all!


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