Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Mr. Dalu had us good and scared for a couple of days. He refused to eat, refused to walk and sat around looking mournful. Then today all of a sudden he's back to his usual self, as if nothing ever happened. I'm feeling exhausted though.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving Thursday seemed to come out of nowhere. We're going over to a friend's home for a Thanksgiving gathering. I just pulled out two dishes from the oven, one with chocolate pecan pie and the other with a biryani.

The weather is in the 70s here and sunny! I remember we had snow in St. Louis on Thanksgiving two years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who celebrate it. I'm very thankful for this cozy corner on the web where we can gather and swap stories and share a bite every now and then.


  1. So, so, so happy to hear Dale is doing better. Happy Thanksgiving Nupur!


  2. i am glad Dalu dada is well! Warm hugs to him!
    Stay that way Dalu bhai!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, enjoy your dinner.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to yoou too Nupur.

  4. Glad Dale is fine! Happy thanksgiving to you all, N.

  5. Nice to know that Dale is back to his normal self. Healing thoughts for buddy Dale. Happy Thanksgiving Nupur! Get some rest.

  6. So glad that Dale is better! I can just imagine the stress and worry on top of everything else you are dealing with.

  7. Many more love and care to Dale .. happy thanksgiving to all of you ...

  8. So glad to hear he's better! Hope you had a good holiday yesterday.


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