Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Weekend Dog Blogging, Weekend Jabber

Dale at play
When we first got Dale home years ago, we bought the usual assortment of toys to keep him entertained. He ignored them all. We were baffled, until someone reassured us that every dog has at least one kind of toy that they absolutely love, it could be tennis balls, squeaky toys, whatever. It is just a question of finding out what your dog likes. Well, after dropping off wads of cash at pet stores and coming up with toy after toy that was sniffed and summarily rejected, we found *it*. The magical toy that Dale will play with is a rope!


Go see all the pups at play over at Sweetnicks!

And some weekend jabber...

Move over "fast food", slow food is here! I was delighted to find that Slow Food St. Louis has started their own blog. It will be a great resource to learn about interesting foodie events that are going on around here. If I can find some team-mates, I might even participate in their food trivia quiz next month.

I have tried a couple of recipes from blogs with great success recently. One of our new favorites is Spaghetti with arugula and red chili pepper from Karen of Family Style food. Such a delicious and comforting pasta recipe! I loved the slightly bitter taste of arugula paired with the hearty bite of whole wheat pasta.

I also made Chocolate Pudding from Alanna of Kitchen parade/ Veggie venture. Using four pantry staples- cocoa powder, cornstarch, sugar and milk- and about five minutes of your time, you are rewarded with a delicious, comforting pudding! I jazzed it up a bit by layering it with some honey-whipped cream and a berry compote (frozen mixed berries sprinkled with a tablespoon of water and some sugar and boiled for a few minutes until they fall apart into this dark lovely syrup). Our friends enjoyed it very much.

I'm enjoying the participation of fellow bloggers in the A-Z of Indian vegetables. If you want to know what the next letter is and what the deadline is for the letter, take a look at the "Upcoming events" section in the right side-bar.

Finally, a big hug and hearty congratulations to Indira! Her blog, Mahanandi, was voted the "Best Indian Food Blog" for 2006. What an awesome achievement!

We meet again for the round-up and post of the E of Indian vegetables, probably late Sunday night or early Monday morning as I will be out all day Sunday. See you then!


  1. Dale's rope reminds me of one of my cats. Spent a mint at the pet store but what does he like to play with? A big box. He walks in, scratches it to bits, turns around three times (never more or less), then lays down facing out, happy as a clam, watching the world go by. Gotta love animals :)

    Looking forward to "E"!

  2. I enjoy your blog a lot, although your dog is a bit scary. I recently started my own food blog

  3. Awww... Dale, scary?? No way, he's just too adorable for words! I am an avid dog lover, but unfortunately I now live in a dog-unfriendly Manhattan apartment. So I get my doggie fix vicariously...and Dale certainly does his bit to cheer me up!

  4. Hi Nupur,

    How do I find out who hosted a particular letter in your A-Z of Indian vegetable series?


  5. Linda, it is *too* cute to hear about your cat! Animals are really good for non-stop entertainment :)

    Kamini...I'll tell Dale you said that :) what a nice thing to say...and he really is the sweetest guy. Does not have a mean speck inside him.
    We adopted him in Manhattan, you know?! Maybe, just maybe you could adopt a little doggie?? :) It is completely worth it. Meanwhile, come see Dale anytime, in person or virtually.

    Anu, I'm not sure I understand your question. The whole series is being hosted right here on this blog. I put up the round-up for each letter on consecutive Sundays.


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