Sunday, February 11, 2007

A to Z of Indian Vegetables: An Invitation

Inviting all food bloggers to participate in the A to Z of Indian Vegetables on One Hot Stove: If you would like to play along with me, here are the details.
For every letter, make a dish with three criteria:
1. The dish should start with the particular letter.
2. The dish should have predominantly Indian flavors.
3. The dish should feature vegetable(s) in a prominent way!
Please note that old posts from a blog archive are not acceptable.
Mail me the permalink (URL) of your entry according to the following deadlines for inclusion in that letter. My E-mail ID can be found in the right side-bar. Get creative and enjoy! Thanks, Lakshmi, for suggesting that I invite participation in this series.

The schedule:
R: May 26
S: June 2
T: June 9
U: June 16
V: June 23
W: June 30
X: July 7
Y: July 14
Z: July 21
My post for each letter will appear on the following day (Sunday).


  1. Great idea, Nupur! I've been enjoying this series, and now will look forward to many alphabetical recipes to share.

  2. That's a wonderful idea, Nupur. Wud definitely like to join you in the A-Z journey.

  3. hi nupur,grt , now we can all travel together ,rather than wave our hands to you from the platform.v good idea. luv,yoma.

  4. Yayyy.....we all get to join in the fun :-)
    D hmmmmm

  5. Nupur,
    I am a new blogger and my son keep asking me why don't I host a food event. I know he is being over enthusiastic and yesterday jokingly I told him that in future I am going to host ABC event where the entries should be based on food starting with a particular letter.
    Today, when I saw your A to Z event, I was quite surprised. What a coincidence. Just thought to share this.
    Definitely try to participate in this wonderful event.

  6. Hi Nupur

    Thanks! Yes, it would be fun joing you for this culinary journey. Ok, so we start with A right or should it be D since you already are done with C? Do let us know.

  7. OK Nupur. Got the idea. Checked your post again and we have to start with D. Will send you a recipe soon.

  8. Hi again

    I was making a list of veggies I could cook with. Have a doubt though, should we go only by the English name of the veggie and/or the Indian name. For instance, I was going through your earlier post - A for Aloo Gobhi. Do let me know?

  9. Nupur,

    I'm a long-standing (but silent) fan :-) Very much enjoy the blag - what a wonderful idea to open it up. Thanks so much!


  10. Hey Nupur,

    I just made soemthign this weekend that I want to blog about and it meets the criteria perfectly for your D- Feb 17th deadline!
    For once I have something to go with :-)
    Will send u my entry soon.


  11. I have the same doubt as LakshmiK ... should we follow the english veggie names or indian names ?would love to participate

  12. Wow, it is wonderful to see that we have some enthusiastic folks here!

    Lakshmi and Krithika, there are no rules whatsoever...just get creative and come up with anything that fits your mood! Anything goes! Already, I have A for aloo, B for "bharli" and C for carrot so you get my drift :)

  13. hey Nupoor that's a great idea and i would very much like to contribute.

  14. Hi Nupur,

    You have a wonderful blog!!


  15. How fun! I've been trying to cook more Indian food, mostly as a way to learn about it. This is perfect for me. Thanks!

  16. Hi Nupur,good to see you back.I just came to know about this event and I would love to partcipate next time since it's too late to come up with D this time!:))
    Will heck back here for the next letter.Happy V'day!:))

  17. hi nupur, what a wonderful idea. Sometimes, the mind goes blank as to what to cook. This event will make this easier I hope. Time to refresh the kG lessons, A for Asparagus, B for Beetroot, C for Carrot, D for ??? Let me try some recipe and send it to you.

  18. hey Nupur, great idea. i'll bring something to the party.

  19. How fun! I have an idea for "R," already—guess I'll have to wait a while for that one. Oh, and "S." I'm not telling what they are. :)

    I will have to peruse my Yamuna Devi book for something beginning with "D" or "E". . .

  20. Hi Nupur,

    great idea!I will see which deadline I can meet.But definitely count me in!

  21. Great idea! Now where can I see a list of all indian vegetables?

  22. hi nupur ,

    i ried making the biryani for crowd as i had friends coming over for dinner and trust me people were licking thier fingers .........oh god it turned out so good and rich looking and rich taste.

    thanks so much for a wonderful receipe

  23. Hi Nupur,
    I want to send my entry for "A to Z Indian vegetables" event hosted by you. what is ur email id.

  24. Prema, my mail ID is nupurDOTkitturATgmailDOTcom

  25. Hi Nupur,
    Great idea!!!I came to know about it today,its too late for all the alphabets but one is remaining ,let me try to come up with a recipe atleast for that last alphabet.hoping to join the crowd.

  26. Hi Nupur,

    How can I see all the recipes posted for A-z series of vegetables on your blog?


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