Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Diwali!

Tomorrow Indian homes everywhere will celebrate "Diwali", the festival of lights...
This is a traditional earthenware diya that I lit for diwali...I wish everyone everywhere a wonderful festive season and a year filled with peace and happiness, and good food and good friends...everything that makes for a rich life.


  1. Happy Diwali Nupur! I'm looking forward to your Diwali-special recipes :)


  2. Happy Diwali, Mika!

    Faffer, Happy Diwali! These days I am so busy at work that I am wondering if I will get a chance to make any Diwali recipes but we shall see...maybe I will celebrate a late diwali next weekend :)

  3. Happy Deepavali, Nupur.

    Earthenware diya is just beautiful.

  4. I love your earthenware diya. Happy Diwali, Nupur!

  5. Happy Diwali Nupur! I assume this marks just the beginning of the festival - how long does it last?

  6. Just came across your blog.. definitely know where to come for recipes now! Happy Diwali from South Africa :-)

  7. Happy Diwali to you too. Found your blog vis a google image search for Diwali. Will visit again.. you are a foodie too eh?
    Also Gharge? Wow I haven't heard that word in ages. You aren't a Maharashtrian by any chance are you? Not that it matters but since it's a Marathi word am asking. Thanks..later..

  8. Happy Diwali Nupur! Delicious recipes and Wonderful Diya with a Wonderful smile.

    Wish you a very happy Diwali and a marvellous new year to come...

  9. Shubh Deepawali Nupur...

    Just came across your blog when am searching Diwali image...

    Now I know where should I go if I want to search delicious recipe...

    Pls send me a note if you want indonesian recipe also...

  10. Wish u a happy Diwali! n wishes for such a Sweet blog.
    - from Kerala :)

  11. hello nupur
    happy diwali & new year


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