Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog Bites #1: The Round Up

All this month, until March 25, 2010, the first Blog Bites challenge is to use your pressure cooker or rice cooker or slow cooker and try a recipe from another food blog.

Watch this space to see the entries, as they come trickling in. Newest entries are listed first so everyone gets their turn at the top of the post.

March 25. Sayantani made Bread N Butter Pudding from her mother's recipe.

March 25. Hima of SnackORama used her blog revenue to buy herself a cute little anodized handi cooker and now uses it to make ven pongal, inspired by this recipe from Tasty Palettes.

March 25. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food crushes green peas into a delicious curry called nimona, inspired by this recipe from Asan khana.

March 24. Miri of Peppermill explains why "cookah" was one of her daughter's first words and then used her cookah to make moogachi usal, inspired by this recipe from Enjoy Indian Food.

March 24. Inji of My Cookbook Notes makes pal payasam in the pressure cooker using only three ingredients (and none of them is called cardamom), inspired by this recipe from Ammupatti's Thoughts.

March 24. Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj makes a sweet and luscious caramel bread pudding using a rice cooker as the steamer, inspired by this recipe from Poornima's Tasty Treats.

March 24. From My Spicy Kitchen come tales of 3 rice cookers and 3 pressure cookers, and tilapia steamed in mustard yogurt sauce, inspired by this recipe from Indrani.

March 24. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food, who owns the whole spectrum of pressure cooker from the handi to the pressure pan, serves up a comforting bowl of mothaan di khichdi, inspired by this recipe from Musical's Kitchen.

March 24. Manasi of A Cook @ Heart uses rice, dals, jaggery and several other goodies to make a bowl of rich sweet pongal, inspired by this recipe from Tasty Palettes.

March 23. Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes used fresh mint, coconut milk and aromatic spices to make babycorn pulao, inspired by this recipe from Rak's Kitchen.

March 22. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal of Mharo Rajastan's Recipes made uppu pongal, inspired by this recipe from Hot 'N Sweet Bowl.

March 21. PJ of Ginger & Garlic tells us that the rice cooker is an appliance she cannot live without, and proceeds to make a beautiful dish of spiced lentils and rice, inspired by this recipe from FatFree Vegan Kitchen.

March 21. Kanchan of Kitchen Gossip writes about her pressure cooker, her mother's gift, and uses it to make an extravagant vegetable kurma in three easy steps, inspired by this recipe from Rak's Kitchen.

March 21. Shilpa of Thoughts and Pans advances her uncertain relationship with the cabbage by making a delicious and mellow cabbage soup, inspired by this recipe from Seduce Your Tastebuds.

March 20. From Evolving Tastes, we have hearty and healthy whole bean cutlets that are high in protein, convenient and versatile, inspired by this recipe from Vadani Kaval Gheta.

March 20. From SS Blogs Here, we have plump, irresistible Bengali rasgullas cooked in the pressure cooker, inspired by this recipe and video from Manjula's Kitchen.

March 19. Indosungod from Daily Musings uses a fresh onion paste to make mochai sadam in the pressure cooker, inspired by this recipe from Spicy Chilly.

March 19. I made a simple tadka dal in the pressure cooker, inspired by this recipe from Crazy Curry.

March 17. I made ven pongal in the rice cooker, inspired by this recipe from Hot 'N Sweet Bowl.

March 17. From Ruchikacooks, we have a restaurant style fragrant white pulao, inspired by this recipe from Kitchen Tantra.

March 16. Vaishali from Holy Cow! makes a rich, creamy, flavorful slow cooker dal makhni, inspired by this recipe from Veg Inspirations.

March 15. BDSN from Taste Corner used vegetables, aromatic spices and coconut to make a rich navrathna kurma in less than 30 minutes, inspired by this recipe from Solai's True Chettinad Kitchen.

March 15. From This and That, we have an incredible gajar halwa in a rice cooker, made from her cousin's recipe.

March 10. Suparna of The Spice Rack surprised herself and delighted me by sending in a non-rice recipe to a rice cooker event- slow-cooked chana masala inspired by this recipe from Jugalbandi.

March 9. An Open Book of Look Who's Cooking Too used an anodized pressure cooker that she got as a wedding gift to make Kerala beef fry inspired by this recipe from  Live to Eat.

March 7. Mints! of Vadani Kaval Gheta creatively used a 16-bean soup mix and a cool looking pressure cooker to make a quick pressure cooker dal inspired by this recipe from Indian Food Rocks.

March 6. Swetha of Simply Homemade Temptations used a big bowl of fresh vegetables to make quick bisibele bhaat inspired by this recipe from One Hot Stove.

March 3. Mokita of My Aromatic Kitchen made a colorful pressure cooked palak masala khichdi inspired by this Foodatarian recipe. (Mokita- there are technical difficulties in accessing your blog. Please contact me if possible). 

March 3. Bala of A Life Journey Together, the proud owner of 4 (!) pressure cookers, made M'chicha, a Tanzanian  spinach and peanut curry, inspired by this recipe from Ambika's Kitchen.

February 28. We kick off the event in style with a pressure cooked collard greens and black eyed peas soup from the radioactive vegan,  inspired by this recipe from the FatFree Vegan Kitchen.


  1. nice event Nupur, will try to cook up something.

  2. Preeti Kashyap- I'm looking forward to it!

    Sayantani- Thanks, I hope you can participate.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the My Legume Love Affair 20 roundup is now live. Thank you for submitting your awesome recipe.

  4. I got the library book "Extrememy loud and incredibly close" ....i just got it today after being on the waiting list for so long..i will read and let u know how the book was...

    Will surely participate in ur event!!

  5. Hi Nupur, nice concept! I wrote a post on my blog about your concept and included the links to the recipes which go with the concept. Pretty simple recipes though. Here is the link to my post

  6. Nupur please let me know do we have to prepare something from Other's blog? My maa makes very good cakes and puddings in pressure cooker. can I also share that?

  7. Sayantani- Yes, that is the entire premise of this event, to look at other blogs and try recipes from them.
    If you would like to know how this event works, check the links in the first paragraph of this post ( to see that the recipe for every entry comes from another blog post.
    Although it can't be an entry for this event, I certainly hope you do post those recipes sometime!

  8. hi there,
    read that there is some difficulty in accessing my blog...
    can u pls chk again and specify what is it?!!
    thanks again.

  9. Mokita- Here is the problem: whenever I try to go to your blog, your blog appears for a couple of seconds, then that window closes and another one pops up with some ads. So basically I am being redirected away from your blog and this has been happening for last 3-4 days. Is it possible your blog is hacked? Or is it just my computer that is having problems with your blog. I have no trouble accessing any other blog or website.

  10. Nupur, thanks for considering my entry. If I post an entry for the next event, it will definitely be based on a recipe from some blog.

  11. Nupur, here is my entry..Coconut milk pulao tried from another blog and it is at

    No slow cookers this time, just a normal pressure cooker, a must in Indian families..

  12. Thanks!
    kinder- swirl and swirl like making a syrup and stirring non stop (Kindrathu is a tamil world) and its just a slang.

    Kali is the sweet made with rice flour and jaggery for celebrating shiva's birthday during the month of december. It is quite tricky to make and you'll need all the sugary support once you finish stirring it :)

  13. Nupur, thanks for including the dal makhani and for giving me a chance to pull my slow cooker out of hibernation :).
    This is such a wonderful event, and I think it's great that you are motivating bloggers to appreciate and enjoy the work of fellow bloggers. Kudos!

  14. Hey Nupur! Just wanted to say thanks for including my post in your event. Cheers!

  15. I should have my post in a couple of days ( thinking of inviting friends for lunch tomorrow and making something)


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