Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog Bites #1: Cookers

Monthly Blog Patrol, fondly known as MBP, was one of my favorite blog events. The idea was to choose a theme each month and make a recipe using another food blog as the inspiration. Coffee of The Spice Cafe started this event, and there were many fun rounds, including One Pot Wonders, Say Cheese and Street Food. I myself hosted one edition here, Less is More, for recipes using 5 or fewer ingredients.

But I don't think this event is still going on, and Coffee seems to be taking a break from the food blog world. So using her event as the inspiration, I'm starting a similar event right here on One Hot Stove.

I'm calling it Cook the Blog Blog Bites (minutes after posting this, I changed the name of the event). The idea is simple: each month, we will have a fresh theme. Look around your favorite blogs, scroll through your bookmarks and find a recipe (or two, or several) that fit the theme. Try them out and report your results.

Some of the most successful dishes I make have come not from cookbooks or celebrity chefs, but from my fellow bloggers and my hope is that this event will showcase that spirit of generosity with which we share our best recipes and secrets with each other.

On to the first edition...

Blog Bites #1: Cookers

Pressure cookers
Rice cookers
Slow cookers

Many of us own one or more of these appliances. My own experience is that I often own something but don't know all that the appliance is capable of and don't use it to the fullest. Each of these appliances is designed as a time-saver, so I bet we would all benefit by discovering some new recipes to make. So this month, find a recipe from another food blog that uses one of these appliances and try it out. I have a vested interest in this theme, because I just bought a rice cooker this morning and I am excited to test drive it :D

If you don't own any of these appliances, I would seriously ask you to consider purchasing a pressure cooker; it saves so much time and fuel. But I understand this is a limitation of this theme, and I promise the next theme won't need any special appliances.

The Rules

1. From now until March 25, try a recipe from another food blog (not a recipe website, not a cookbook, but a blog) that fits the theme of the month, i.e., uses any of these common kitchen appliances: pressure cooker, rice cooker or slow cooker. In your post, feel free to write about the brand of your appliance, what you like and don't like about it, link to recipes you have already posted using that cooker and any tips you have for using it. You can send in as many entries as you like.

2. Write a post telling us about the recipe you tried (with a link to the recipe on the other blog), a picture of your dish (preferably right in the cooker you used) and a link to this announcement.

3. Please do not copy recipes word for word from another blog- that would be very wrong. If you want to note the recipe on your blog, re-write it in your own words, with whatever modifications you made to it. Or just give us the link to the original so we can find the recipe there.

4. Send me a link to your post, either by leaving a comment on this post, or using the contact form. I don't a picture or any other information, just the URL of your entry.

Blog Bites will have a running round-up. Look at the top of the right side-bar and click that link to see new entries popping up all month as they are posted. On March 26th, I will post a final round-up organizing the entries properly and hopefully, making it a resource for people looking for new ways to use their pressure cookers, rice cookers and slow cookers.

If you have ideas for themes for the months coming up, leave a comment. With so many blog events, many themes have been done over and over, so I am trying to think of new and interesting themes that will get y'all cooking.

I hope many of the food bloggers will participate- thank you and let me know if there are any questions.


  1. Nupur,
    I like this idea a lot. Will surely try to participate. Happy hosting :)

  2. The good old pressure cooker is pretty versatile, slow cookers are pretty great too and there are cook books out there dedicated to slow cooler recipes that taste great. Meat lovers (people who love lamb and chicken will be happy). I am not sure what you could do with a rice cooker other than the obvious... I have cooked Indian pulao in it (pan fried masalas and veggies then cooked then with rice in the rice cooker). I saw a chef making a choc-beetroot cake in a rice cooker on tv. I am not game enough to try that. My mum cooked (baked umm..) cakes in pressure cooker once.

  3. Great idea.. I've to start using my slow cooker, maybe I can put it to good use for the event.

  4. Nupur, love the idea! In fact, even I liked MBP. I am glad you are starting this new event inspired by MBP. I will patrol the blogs to find a recipe to go with this theme and will try to send you an entry.

  5. Nupur, thats an excellent idea! And a nice theme for a start.

  6. You're right - the one recipe I make again and again is a version of your Lubna Polo and its a winner every time (even without those dried limes!)

    So, let me look to inspiration to some other blogs and see what else I can come up with

  7. Ooh! great idea! I wish I had a crock pot, have always wanted to try slow cooking. I will definitely participate.

  8. I was so excited to see the post.I love the MBP event, as it gave us the chance to explore all other blogs with a purpose.I was wondering about what happened to theat event and even mentioned about it in my last post.
    This is a nice idea, will surely participate.

  9. I saw this right after posting a recipe I made tonight from the fat free vegan blog using my pressure cooker! must be providence :) here's my entry:

  10. sounds like a very interesting event.. count me in!

  11. What a neat idea! I have some rice cooker recipes which I don't see on any blog. These recipes are hand-me-downs from mom and aunts. Is it okay if I write out this recipe (and the result) on my blog as an entry for this event?

    About themes, I am always on a lookout for good microwave recipes. How about a theme on microwave? I remember my 'dohal jevan' held on koujalgi poornima where the theme was white. All dishes were white and we had some interesting dishes. How about a theme based on the color?

  12. Amruta- Looking forward to your entry!

    Pavani- I don't own a slow cooker at all, but have seen people using it for all kinds of recipes. I hope you can participate!

    myspicykitchen- Thanks, I'm looking forward to see if bloggers like this event.

    Mona- Thank you!

    Miri- Oh, you make lubia polo in the rice cooker then?

    Sangeetha- Thanks!

    Sumi- I so agree- I loved the whole "exploring blogs with a purpose" too.

    radioactivegan- YAY Thanks so much!

    PJ- I can't wait to see what you make!

    Anamika- The event is all about cooking from blogs, but it would be fantastic to see these recipes from your mom and aunts so please do send them in.
    I like your ideas for themes, but there is already a food blog event devoted entirely to microwave recipes (do you know about it, it is called "microwave easy cooking", I think, and you will see hundreds of microwave recipes in the round ups from that event), and there is also an entire event devoted to color, called Food in Color. So those themes have been done :)

  13. Hi Nupur - so nice to see u write in my comments space.
    Rice cooker basundi is very easy - my mum used to do it (rather did it may be twice or thrice) when we newly purchased rice cooker (about 12-14 yrs ago?) Just put milk and switch ON the cooker - ie keep it on the 'cook' mode without the lid on.. the milk comes to a boil after abt 20 mins - just keep stirring occasionally - say abt every 20 - 25 mins to avoid it sticking to the bottom and getting burnt. It takes about an hour or so - but results are spot on! U can see the milk turn pink - and it smells lovely - once u see the desired consistency, add sugar and other stuff like charolya. But beware! the milk continues to cook even after u switch off the cooker - under its own heat and further thickens quite a bit- so adjust your timings accordingly. hope this helps!

  14. Hey Nupur...

    Nice theme..will definitely participate... ......

    Congratulations!!! on being such a great volunteer...U inspire many people...

  15. Nupur, sorry, I didn't know about the microwave theme. Thanks for letting me know. I am sure I will find some great recipes.

    I will definitely post an entry for Blog Bites event.

  16. let me start by scouting around yours...

  17. I miss MBP and it was so much fun. Thanks was kickstarting the idea again as Blog Bites Nupur. I added the event details to my events page -


  18. I was so excited by your idea, but I don't have a cooker :( I adapt a lot of the Maharastrian recipes I make to be made with a cooker and I always steam my idlis in a big stock pot. For your round-up, would it count to make a cooker recipe but without using the cooker?

  19. Nupur,
    I just posted something that fits this event, but not from other blog. Does it qualify, if yes, let me know and I'll link it back to your event and send.

  20. snehal- Thanks very much, this is something I am going to try very soon! I appreciate you taking the time to describe the method to me.

    BDSN- Thanks

    Anamika- Thanks, looking forward to your entry.

    Raaga- And I'm looking around your blog for T&T :)

    Siri- I was going to come over and request addition to your events list, but you beat me to it. Thank you so much for listing this event!

    Gabi- Sure, I don't want the lack of an appliance keep you from participating. So if you use a cooker recipe as long as it is from another blog, I'll certainly count you in.

    BangaloreBaker- I'm so sorry, but the whole premise of this event is that we look around other blogs for recipe ideas. So your entry won't qualify, but it looks really good, and I hope someone else cooks it and sends it in :)

  21. Nupur,

    Here is my dish:

    I am back in St. Louis this week!


  22. hi nupur,
    here is my entry
    inspired frm this one


  23. An interesting theme and event! I think your event round ups kicks me to become active again. :D
    Let me think what can i can send you for this event. Yes, I am in. :)

  24. hi nupur,
    just rectified my blog as per the instructions...
    find my recipe on


  25. That's a awesome idea Nupur!!I love my pressure cooked and own a rice cooked but just use it [rice cooker] to steam rice.Well hope i get ideas for that too from other blogs.Will surely send in something.

  26. Hi nupur,

    would you accept seafood recipes for this event?

  27. myspicykitchen- Yes, seafood recipes would be fine, as long as the inspiring recipes comes from another blog, and as long as a cooker is used.

  28. Hi Nupur here is my entry for your blog bites
    I made Bisibele Bhaat from your blog as an entry.

  29. My Entry:-

    I have used a tradition heavy bottom pan as a cooker. Let me know if that qualifies.

  30. HI Nupur first time on your blog..would love to take part in this event..can i send in non veg stuff as well?

  31. hi nupur,
    it is first time that i have tried baking a cake in pressure cooker... and to my surprise it was a big success. find my entry at-
    this wud be my second entry. i was reading comments to this post of yours and read what some guy nick had written... that his mom used to bake cakes in cooker... so i just had to try and experiment and actually the cake came out so good i was tempted to enter it into blog bites.
    Hope u dont mind it.

  32. An Open Book- Yes, that would be fine.

    Mokita- Thanks for the entry. I am trying to add it to the round-up but I'm having trouble accessing your blog. When I go to your blog, the page gets redirected to some other site. I have tried multiple times, can you please check if there is some problem with your blog?

  33. Hi Nupur,
    Here is my entry

    Trust its fine.

  34. Hi Nupur,

    I have lurked here for a while now. :) You have a very nice blog.

    Ok, I also thought about event ideas and all I can say is.. wow.. there do appear to be tons of events out there.. This is a difficult task finding new ideas for events! :) That events link of Siri's is great. We are spoilt for choice! Its a tough job thinking of new ideas.. that are also already on other people's blogs.

    Anyway, good luck with hosting this cookers party. I will try to send in something soon too.

    Happy cooking!

  35. Hi Nupur
    Great theme and idea!
    I will try something and send it to you.
    I would like to invite you to participate in
    My first on going event in my blog

  36. Hey Nupur,

    One thing that struck me as a theme, maybe its been done, I don't know.. am mentioning the thought here anyway - Make a dish from another blog, but change one major ingredient to create a variation. ex: Palak Paneer becomes Aloo Palak becomes Green Rice becomes Palak Chicken becomes Green Egg Curry... etc. Spices might not change too much, but one ingredient is totally changed to get a new dish.


  37. ss- I really like your idea! And no, I don't think it has been done before. I have a theme in mind for April, but I'll use your idea for May. Thanks for sharing it!

  38. Hi Nupur, here is my entry:

    It's based on a recipe from my cousin. She doesn't have a blog, so there is no link to the original recipe.

  39. Hi Nupur,
    I haven't seen a any semi homemade event.I know some foodie might frown at the mention of this. A lot of us can't do everything from scratch. So, it will be nice to see bloggers use a little help and cook up a totally smashing dish. Hope this helps.

  40. susvaad- It is a nice idea! The only thing is that I don't think it will be very easy to find recipes on other blogs that fit this theme; most of the recipes I see on blogs are made from scratch. But you should consider hosting an event with this theme- I'll participate :)

  41. Hi Nupur,
    I am off travelling to india starting tom but i really want to participate in this cooker event. Since i do not have time to try recipes from other blogs, i am sending you a link to some cooker recipes in my blog. Let me know if thats okay...

  42. Semi-homemade dishes inspired by blogs may be possible if we ourselves came up with some ready-made substitutes for scratch items mentioned in a blog. Ex: Biryanis on a blog might fry onions at home. However you can buy ready-made fried onions and use those in biryanis! I read this somewhere while browsing through blogs.. I had never known that readymade fried onions exist till I read that. Would save me atleast 10 minutes of chopping and frying onions in future!

  43. Here is my entry:

    That's all I need to do, right? Thanks for hosting this event!

  44. Hey nupur .. here comes my entry too !

    I wanted to prepare the Kurma for long .. thanks for this sweet reminder in form of your event:)

    Waiting next theme !

  45. Hey Nupur
    first time on your blog and liked this event...I'll try and send it mine...

    cheers and do visit me if you can..I am hosting my first event..

  46. This a wonderful event Nupur. Happy hosting. I got in here at the last moment, will send in my entries from the next event onwards.

  47. Hi Nupur,

    Wonderful Idea, here is my entry for this challenge:

    As I used the recipe from the blog word by word, I did not feel like copy pasting similar thing in my post, so I just gave a link of the original recipe.

    Please let me know if you need anything else. I used a rice cooker to cook rice/dal for pongal.

    ~ Priya

  48. Hi Nupur...thanks for this beautiful event, here comes my entry for this month's blog bites..I choosed babycorn pulao from Raks Kitchen as the whole cooking went on Pressure cooker, hope this entry is prefect for ur event..Thanks


  49. Hi Nupur,
    Here's my entry. I made mothan di khichdi from Musical's kitchen.

    Here's the link -

  50. Nupur, here is my entry.

  51. Hai! Here is link of my recipe for Your beautiful event:

  52. Hi Nupur,

    Here is my entry for Blog Bites. I made a Pal Payasam (Kheer) with a pressure cooker.

    -- Inji

  53. Hi Nupur,
    One more entry from me -


  54. Hi Nupur thanks for letting me know that I can participate with my Mom's recipe. here is the one

    Hope am not too late. Happy hosting and would look for the round up.

  55. Of course, in very small kitchens, you can do without a traditional oven altogether - microwaves become more powerful and versatile every year. You could conceivably use a sharp microwave oven to cook all of your meals, although certain top chefs might dispute the quality of the food!


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