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Less is More: The Round-up!

(Update in April 2023: I went through the post and removed all the broken links. Alas, many blogs no longer exist)

A couple of years ago, blogger Coffee started the Monthly Blog Patrol as a way for food bloggers to cook and learn from each other's recipes. This month, 64 bloggers from all over the world took up a challenge: choose a recipe that has five ingredients or fewer and show us how less is more!

Based on the entries that I have received, I have organized the round-up in a few different categories: you can grab a hot or cold beverage to begin with, and proceed to look at a delicious list of breads, condiments, small meals and entrees, vegetables and desserts, all made using only a handful of ingredients.


A Mug of White Hot Chocolate- pattern adapted from The A Team

White chocolate. Cardamom. Milk. Cardamom-scented White Hot Chocolate.
~ Bharti of Veggie Foodist; inspired by Delhi Belle

Chocolate. Milk. Arrowroot. Sugar. Orange zest. The Nun's Revenge.
~ Pavani of Cook's Hideout; inspired by Food For Thought

Mango. Yogurt. Sugar. Cardamom. Mango Lassi.
~ Siri of Siri's Corner; inspired by Mahanandi

Mango. Yogurt. Milk. Sugar. Mango Drink.
~ Rachel of Tangerine's Kitchen; inspired by One Hot Stove

Hibiscus. Sugar. Hibiscus Cordial.
~ Jyotsna of Curry Bazaar; inspired by My Kitchen Treasures

Pomegranate. Ginger. Honey. Pomegranate Juice.
~ Shreya of Mom's Cooking; inspired by Samaikalam Vanga

Cucumber. Yogurt. Ginger. Mint. Chaat masala. Cucumber Cooler.
~ Bharti of Veggie Foodist; inspired by Chatkhor


Sliced Bread- pattern adapted from Crochetville

Flour. Yeast. Basic Basic Basic Bread.
~ Arundathi of My Food Blog; inspired by Siri's Corner

Flour. Yeast. No-Knead Bread.
~ Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen; inspired by Jugalbandi

Flour. Yeast. Tomatoes. Onions. Herbs. Ladenia.
~ Renuka of Fusion; inspired by Tangerine's Kitchen

Flour. Yeast. Rosemary. Focaccia.
~ Meera of Dindin Tonight; inspired by Delicious Days

Flour. Potato. Yeast. Margarine. Laadi Pav.
~ Vaishali of Holy Cow! inspired by One Hot Stove

Flour. Yeast. Onions. Sugar. Pepper. Caramelized Onion Bread.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Baking Bites

Atta. Potatoes. Cumin seeds. Green chili peppers. Cilantro. Aloo Paratha.
~ vb of feed yourself; inspired by Manjula's Kitchen

Whole wheat flour. Potatoes. Cilantro. Cumin. Green chillies. Aloo Paratha.
~ Priti of Indian Khana; inspired by A Mad Tea Party

Pizza crust mix. Tomato sauce. Oregano. Baby Spinach. Cheese. Twirly Whirly Pizza.
~ Curry Leaf of Experiments, Emotions, Experiences with Food; inspired by Madhuram's Eggless Cooking


Strawberry- pattern adapted from Pezdiva

Strawberries. Sugar. Lemon. Cloves. Strawberry Jam.
~ Mandira of Ahaar; inspired by Arabic Bites

Blackberries. Sugar. Lemon. Blackberry Sauce.
~ Joy of The Spiral of Seasons; inspired by Kitchen Parade

Tomatoes. Raisins. Jaggery. Lemon juice. Tempering. Tomato Oambal.
~ TBC of The Budding Cook; inspired by Arundathi's Food Blog

Green tomatoes. Onion. Green chillies. Cumin. Tempering. Green Tomato Chutney.
~ Raaga of The Singing Chef; inspired by Flavors of Indian Rasoi

Sun-dried tomatoes. Fresh tomato. Chillies. Tomato Thokku.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Delectable Victuals

Onions. Red chillies. Tamarind. Onion Chutney.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by The Budding Cook

Chillies. Mustard seed powder. Lemon juice. Turmeric. Raita Marcha.
~ Rajitha of Hunger Pangs; inspired by Kajal's

Toor dal. Tamarind. Red chillies. Cumin. Turmeric. Kandi Pachadi.
~ Sireesha of Mom's Recipies; inspired by Daily Meals

Sesame seeds. Toor dal. Cumin. Coriander seeds. Red chillies. Nuvvullu Podi.
~ Bharti of Veggie Foodist; inspired by Sailu's Kitchen

Peanuts. Onion. Red chillies. Tamarind. Tempering. Peanut Chutney.
~ Anita of A Mad Tea Party; inspired by Mahanandi


Open-Faced Summer Sandwich with Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Dill Pickles- pattern adapted from Craftbits

Snacks and Appetizers

Rice flour. Moong dal. Ajwain. Red chilli powder. Rice Flour Rings.
~ Trupti of Recipe Center; inspired by Talimpu

Puff pastry. Khari Biscuits.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Enjoy Indian Food

Rice flour. Buttermilk. Red chillies. Tempering. Mor Kali.
~ Laavanya of Cookery Corner; inspired by Tasty Palettes

Urad dal. Chillies. Ginger. Curry leaves. Medhu Vadai.
~ Nags of Edible Garden; inspired by Tasty Palettes

Leftover rice. Besan. Chillies. Mustard seeds. Rice Bites.
~ Richa of As Dear As Salt; inspired by 365 Days of Pure Vegetarian

Paneer. Herbs. Yogurt. Green chilli. Onion. Hara Paneer Tikka.
~ Neha of Tasty Recipes; inspired by Tongueticklers

Brunch and Light Meals

Sago pearls. Peanuts. Sugar. Potato. Tempering. Sago Khichdi.
~ Sia of Monsoon Spice; inspired by One Hot Stove

Poha. Jaggery. Tamarind. Tempering. Gojavalakki.
~ Sunshinemom of Tongueticklers; inspired by Mane Adige

Thin pohe. Coconut. Jaggery. Pohe Masala. Kalavalele Pohe.
~ Mints! of Vadani Kaval Gheta; inspired by Aayi's Recipes

Rawa. Cucumber. Flax seeds. Cucumber Pancakes.
~ Meera of Enjoy Indian Food; inspired by Konkan World

Millet flour. Rice flour. Ragi Dosa.
~ Sunshinemom of Tongueticklers; inspired by Essence of Andhra

Rice. Plantains. Plantain Dosa.
~ Suma of Veggie Platter; inspired by Recipe Junction

Rice. Ripe bananas. Methi seeds. Banana Bread Dosa.
~ Anita of A Mad Tea Party; inspired by Recipe Junction

Bananas. Whole-wheat flour. Baking powder. Milk. Maple syrup. Whole-wheat Banana Pancake
~ PG of My Kitchen Stories; inspired by Delectably Yours


Tamarind. Onions. Green chillies. Sugar. Pachipulusu.
~ Sireesha of Mom's Recipies; inspired by AkshayaPatra

Toor dal. Tempering. Tamarind. Jaggery. Goda masala. Amti.
~ Miri of Peppermill; inspired by The Cooker

Rajma. Onions. Tomatoes. Chilli powder. Dhaba Da Rajma.
~ Bharti of Veggie Foodist; inspired by Gopium

Basmati rice. Cumin. Bay leaf. Cinnamon. Cardamom. Jeera Rice.
~ Priti of Indian Khana; inspired by Illatharasi

Cooked rice. Onions. Lemon juice. Tempering. Garnishing. Lemon Rice.
~ Illatharasi; inspired by Niya's World

Whole wheat pasta. Canned tomatoes. Sun dried tomatoes. Garlic. Chickpeas. Pasta with Chickpeas and Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce
~ Bek of I Digress; inspired by One Hot Stove and Delectable Victuals

Flour. Eggs. Milk. Oregano. Spaetzle.
~ Nidhi of Sizzling Bites; inspired by Arundathi and Chez Teddy

Tilapia. Chilli powder. Tamarind. Turmeric. Fish Fry.
~ Priar's of Sena's Rasoi; inspired by Samayal Ulagam

10 simple South Indian dishes and 10 three-or-less curries from fellow bloggers
~ Ramki of One Page Cookbooks


Rad Radish- pattern adapted from BitterSweet

Arbi. Chickpea flour. Coriander-Cumin powder. Red chilli powder. Amchoor powder. Bhuni Arbi.
~ Rashmi of Delhi Belle; inspired by Anna Parabrahma

Asparagus. Almonds. Lemon juice. Asparagus Amandine.
~ Mrs. Ergul of Mrs. Ergul in the Kitchen; inspired by Closet Cooking

Beet. Carrot. Lemon juice. Orange juice. Walnuts. Beet and Carrot Salad.
~ Evolving Tastes; inspired by Chocolate and Zucchini

Bitter gourd. Chilli powder. Baked Bitter Gourd Crisps.
~ Cham of Spice-Club; inspired by Place for Authentic Indian Food

Broccoli. Onion. Garlic. Milk. Cream. Cream of Broccoli Soup.
~ Neha of Tasty Recipes; inspired by The Random Ramblings of a Working Mom

Carrots. Chillies. Peanuts. Lime juice. Tempering. Carrot Salad.
~ Neha of Tasty Recipes, with inspiration from Spicy Chilly

Carrots. Peas. Tempering. Kasuri methi. Tomato. Gajar Matar.
~ Ashima of Tummy Times; inspired by Taste Buds

Capsicum. Moong dal. Cumin seeds. Onion. Garam masala. Bharwan Simla Mirch.
~ A&N of Delectably Yours; inspired by Aayi's Recipes

Collard greens. Red chillies. Asafoetida. Soda bicarb. Kashmiri garam masala. Collard Greens Haak.
~ Enjay of Purplesque; inspired by A Mad Tea Party

Kohlrabi. Chana dal. Phodni. Tomato. Sugar. Simply Spiced Kohlrabi.
~ Manisha of Indian Food Rocks; inspired by Happy Burp

Lotus roots. Khoora kharam. Lemon juice. Baked Lotus Root Chips.
~ Dee of Ammalu's Kitchen; inspired by Jugalbandi

Mushrooms. Eggs. Cumin seeds. Turmeric powder. Red chilli powder. Spicy Egg Mushroom Rolls.
~ My Spicy Kitchen; inspired by What's For Lunch, Honey?

Okra. Toor dal. Pepper. Simply "Delicious" Okra.
~ Meera of Dindin Tonight; inspired by Tasty Palettes

Okra (vendakkai/lady's finger). Red chilli powder. Coriander powder. Turmeric. Tempering. Vendakkai Vadakkal.
~ Radhika of Tickling Palates; inspired by Cooking 4 All Seasons

Plantain. Red chilli powder. Turmeric. Tempering. Vazhakkai Curry.
~ Radhika of Tickling Palates; inspired by Saffron Trail

Plantain. Coconut oil. Vegetable oil. Red chilli powder. Baked Plantain Chips.
~ Madhuram of Eggless Cooking; inspired by Jugalbandi

Potato. Sesame seeds. Red chilli powder. Turmeric. Tempering. Bangala Dumpa Vepudu
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Masala Magic

Potato. Cilantro. Chipotle. Coriander Rosti.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Sunita's World

Potato. Chilli powder. Garlic. Potato & Garlic Roast.
~ Cham of Spice-club; inspired by En Vittu Virundhu.

Potato. Bread slices. Red chilli powder. Cumin powder. Coriander leaves. Aloo Tikki.
~ Jayasree of Experiments in Kailas Kitchen; inspired by Sindhi Rasoi

Radish. Chillies. Tempering. Lemon juice. Mujj Chatin.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by A Mad Tea Party

Spinach. Corn. Cumin seeds. Mustard seeds. Spinach with Corn.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Arundathi's Food Blog

Spinach. Rice flour. Urad dal. Red chillies. Mashed Spinach.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Saffron Trail

Summer squash. Garlic. Lemon juice. Vinegar. Grilled Marinated Summer Squash.
~ Joy of The Spiral of Seasons; inspired by Kitchen Gardeners International

Tendli. Garlic. Red chilli powder. Tamarind. Tendlya Talasani.
~ Rashmi of Delhi Belle; inspired by Enjoy Indian Food

Vegetables. Soy sauce. Sesame seeds. Sesame oil. Pepper. Roasted Vegetables.
~ Abbhirami of Soulful Creations; inspired by Kalyn's Kitchen


Vanilla Cupcake with a Cherry on Top- pattern adapted from BitterSweet

Wheat flour. Jaggery. Ghee. Cardamom. Nuts. Thambittu.
~ EC of Simple Indian Food; inspired by Mane Adige

Broken wheat. Sugar. Cardamom. Lapsi Halwa.
~ Alka of Sindhi Rasoi; inspired by The Cooker

Wheat flour. Almonds. Sugar. Ghee. Rose water. Aate ka Sheera.
~ Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi; inspired by

Yogurt. Sugar. Cardamom. Saffron. Almonds. Shrikhand.
~ Sangeetha of I Googled, I Saw, I Cooked; inspired by Aayi's Recipes and 365 Days of Pure Vegetarian

Milk. Condensed milk. Cardamom. Saffron. Oranges. Orange Basundi.
~ Nupur of One Hot Stove; inspired by Bong Mom's Cookbook

Mango pulp. Cream. Gelatin. Sugar. Mango Cream JellO.
~ JZ of Tasty Treats; inspired by Aroma

Almond butter. Sugar. Khoya. Cardamom. Almond Butter Laddus.
~ Madhuram of Eggless Cooking; inspired by Soul Food

Dates. Nuts. Dates Ladoo.
~ Priti of Indian Khana; inspired by Delicious Journey into Vegetarian Food

Besan. Ghee. Sugar. Cardamom. Raisins. Microwave Besan Ladoo.
~ Manasi of A Cook @ Heart; inspired by Bhaatukli

Ricotta cheese. Condensed milk. Cardamom. Saffron. Burfi.
~ The Cooker; inspired by Bong Mom's Cookbook.

Coconut flakes. Egg whites. Flour. Sugar. Lemon zest. Coconut-Lemon Macaroons.
~ Bhags of Crazy Curry; inspired by Alpineberry

Flour. Butter. Sugar. Cocoa powder. Chocolate chips. Granny Boyd's Biscuits.
~ ovenhaven; inspired by Amanda

Digestive biscuits. Peanut butter. Sugar. Butter. Dark chocolate. Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares.
~ Sowmya of Creative Saga; inspired by Lisa's Kitchen

Greek yogurt. Sugar. Vanilla. Frozen Yogurt.
~ Alanna of Kitchen Parade; inspired by 101 Cookbooks

Plums. Sugar. Lemon juice. Arrowroot powder. Heavenly Plum Sorbet.
~ Priya of Live to Cook; inspired by Simply Recipes

Whipping cream. Lavender blossoms. Chocolate. Egg yolks. Sugar. Lavender Chocolate Pots de Creme.
~ Suganya of Tasty Palettes; inspired by The Well-Seasoned Cook

Chocolate. Avocado. Maple syrup. Orange juice. Decadent Chocolate Avocado Pate.
~ Richa of As Dear As Salt; inspired by Diet, Dessert and Dogs

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Summer is coming to an end, and so is my vacation. My days of leisure are soon to be replaced by some serious work and study, so this will be my last post for a while. I am going on an extended blogging break. I'll be a food blog lurker for a change ;)


  1. Hi Nupur, what an amazing round-up!! I so love the pictures, they are so beautiful and perfect for the catergories. Congrats to all the winners:-)
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  4. The knitted stuff is so pretty. Best of luck for your work and study, Nupur!

  5. Shreya, Thanks! I will miss blogging too :)

    Jayasree, I did make these knits; the sources acknowledge where I got the patterns to make them.

    uvrao, Thank you for participating.

    Sra, Knitting food is fun :D Thanks for your wishes.

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    Wish your family a great 2009. You seem to be missing too. Are you on a break from cooking :)

    And what fantastic knitting you have done

  108. Dear Nupur, wish you a fabulous 2009! Hope you are doing well!

  109. Hi nupur, I came across your blog ages back when I googled for some recipe - dont recall which one tho. And eversince, I would come by ever so often. Needless to say, you have an awesome blog and I must say, I do miss not having anything new to read here.

  110. Nupur, a very happy new year to you and yours! May this be the best one yet! :-)

  111. Hi again, Nupur. Don't mean to bother you...But just wanted to convey that you are really missed. Hope you are doing great. Enjoy your break. Best wishes, Meera

  112. Hi again, Nupur. Don't mean to bother you...But just wanted to convey that you are really missed. Hope you are doing great. Enjoy your break. Best wishes, Meera

  113. Hello Nupur, how are you? No updates for long time? Hope all is well and you will be back soon. :) Happy New Year!

  114. Hi Nupur, that's a marvellous collection of craft pieces on this post. As always, a pleasure to visit your blog. Cheers!

  115. Hey Nupur! Just came over to say hi. Hope you are doing well and your studies are going well too. We do miss you. Take care and best wishes!

  116. Hey Nupur ! come back soon, our stoves are missing urs badly !! :) hope u r doing well..


  117. Dear Nupur,

    I know, I haven't tried everything or even most of the things listed on the hot stove, but I still miss not seeing any new posts!

    Hope all is well, and the blogging will resume some time soon. Perhaps with the new year (Gudhi Padwa), you might choose to come back to the hot stove!

    Best Regards.

  118. hey are you doing?? hope you will be back to blogging soon...wish u the best for all the studying you are doing :)

  119. hey Nupur,

    Your recipes are cherished and you are missed. Enjoy your extended stay-away!


  120. Hi, Nupur

    When you said you were on an extended break, I didn't think it would be so long. Good luck with your work and studies... Looking fwd to seeing you back very soon as the summer is couple of months...


  121. Nupur,

    Just wanted to say that I miss your posts so much!! I keep coming back here every week, hoping for a new one and to try out a recipe you have :-) I hope you are doing well and that maybe (fingers crossed) you will be back to blogging sometime. Cheers.

  122. hi nupur...
    First time in your blog... Wonderful crochets.. Amazing round up!!


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