Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Coriander Rosti...

...or how to kick up brunch a notch!

Last weekend, an old college friend dropped in for brunch and I got a chance to try a bookmarked recipe from Sunita. Sunita's world is a place full of luscious food, images of nature and glimpses of her family life. A visit to her world never fails to cheer me up! Sunita's recipe for Coriander Rosti called for the simplest of ingredients and resulted in the most tempting crispy nuggets (you have to go look at her pictures for yourself).

My minor tweak: I used chipotle flakes instead of pepper to give the potatoes a smoky flavor. One could make many variations of these patties by using red pepper flakes or finely minced fresh chillies or crushed peppercorns as the spice.

Potatoes + Cilantro + Chipotle = Breakfast Potato Patties that will wake up your taste buds.


(Inspired by Sunita's World)
1. Wash two large (I used the huge baking potatoes sold here in the US) potatoes and prick them all over with a fork. Boil them until they are only partially cooked.
2. Peel and shred the potatoes.
3. Add 1 packed cup minced fresh cilantro, salt and chipotle flakes to taste. Mix together.
4. Form patties and place on a sprayed baking sheet. Spray the patties with a little more oil.
5. Bake at 400F for 30-40 minutes, flipping over once in between until the patties are golden and crispy.

These spicy patties are going to MBP: Less is More.

I served the patties with some delicious vegetable-egg squares. You could call them crustless quiche bites- inspired by Kalyn's recipe, which in turn is inspired by another.

My only modification was that I used spinach instead of chard. This is a delicious way to start the day off with a big helping of vegetables; the recipe is endlessly flexible. I have added artichoke hearts before with delicious results.

Both recipes- the rosti and the egg squares- are wonderful to serve on a brunch buffet because they are both bite-sized and portable.

Also on the brunch menu, some hot buttered toast!




  1. Amazing array the potato patties, the quiche bites, the bread toast with butter! I love your work, the food and the craft, all full of art:-) I am sure your food tastes awesome too

  2. Wow, it looks like a fantastic breakfast. I'm going to try those same breakfast squares soon with some red kale from my garden. It's such an interesting plant, supposedly it can be eaten raw, much milder and thinner than regular kale. Haven't tried that but I did make some sauteed kale that was delicious.

    Also I'm amazed at your handicrafts! I never did master knitting or crocheting, although my mother was an expert at both and did her best to teach me!

  3. It's amazing how your knitting projects tie so well with your post :) Cute.

    That sounds like an amazing brunch menu.. both dishes are delicious.

  4. Thats such a quick recipe. I will have to try it sometime for breakfast. That bag is a cutie :)

  5. That has to taste good! Lovely. Like the idea of spinach quiche too. I am sending another one to MBP - Uma's Ragi Dosa:)

  6. Wow, those potato patties are looking scrumptious and best part is they aren't fried!
    Toast with butter works anytime for me, you are getting really good at knitting!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. that looks absolutely amazing! have to make those potatoes! this Less is More has led to so many fabulous ideas!! thanks!

  8. someone is on cooking marathon with MBP this month :) . glad to see this many collections of recipes :) . your posting makes me feel like a mini round up itself :) . that bag is really nice. suits to be in hand of a foodies :D .

  9. Great dishes for a brunch buffet, especially the rosti, which I would try with chives from my garden. And I love the "toast" with it, too!

  10. Everything sounds wonderful. I wish I could eat at your house!

  11. sounds like the perfect breakfast!-will *have* to try these recipes..
    the bag is super cute!! (I love the color combo)

  12. For infusing a smoky flavour, I use a simple Coorgi trick - Make some room in the center of the potatoes and place a live piece of charcoal on an onion peel.Add a drop of oil and cover the pan. More on Coorgi cuisinehere...

  13. Beautiful pictures both, N. The rosti is so simple to make! The spinach quiche looks super! "Buttered toast" is too cute! (Can you tell I like exclamation marks?!)

  14. Yum - your rosti look delicious! I love the idea of a crustless quiche, but I think I'd be tempted to swap something in for those mushrooms - you know me and mushrooms :) This would make a wonderful supper too!

  15. looks fab...and i just love your toast with butter bag!!

  16. That's a great looking brunch. And I got a great recipe for the MBP too :-)

  17. a breakfast of my dreams.

  18. Those patties look so good. Just 3 ingredients haan. Cool. I don't eat eggs, but I do love the buttered toast. How do you do it all? Do you ever sleep???

  19. Shreya, Thank you. The food tasted pretty good...I don't know about awesome :D

    Kalyn, How wonderful to have fresh greens growing in your own garden! I bet your red kale would be wonderful in this recipe (thanks for posting it...such a great recipe).

    Laavanya, Yes, that was a happy coincidence, crocheting toast at the same time I wanted to post this :)

    Shilpa, It really is a quick recipe, as it bakes without supervision. I'm glad you like the bag !

    Sunshinemom, Got your entry...thank you.

    Sandhya, Yes, the potatoes are baked...but could also be made on the stove-top with almost no oil.

    Arundati, I'm glad you think so :) The event is certainly prodding me to look for new ideas.

    Pooja, Yes, I am posting a lot more this month thanks to the event!

    Lydia, Mmm...chives would be perfect in the rosti. I should try that sometime.

    Lisa, And I wish you would visit me!

    Lavanya, Thank you :) I wanted a darker brown for the toast "crust" but had to settle for this color.

    Ramki, Thanks. I admit that I don't mess with charcoal in my tiny kitchen.

    Vani, LOL thank you, my dear. Both dishes are very easy to make and perfect for company.

    Cathy, I'll have to convert you to mushrooms someday ;) Meanwhile, just about any vegetable would work in the quiche. Artichokes are just wonderful (I sauteed frozen artichoke hearts), or perhaps broccoli, or peppers. Anything that would be good in a frittata would work. Yes, it makes for a wonderful light meal.

    Arundati, Thanks :)

    Raaga, Thank you!

    Bee, Wish you were here to eat it :D

    Bharti, I admit I don't sleep a lot these days. It is 4:58 am right now.

  20. Nupur!!!
    This is really a good low cab rotis for a brunch

  21. Oh my gosh, Nupur! It's Toast! I've got to have one. Did you make it? Did you use a pattern?

  22. those potato bite sound fantastic, i like potatoes and eggs for breakfast in the weekend mornings, but i get bored easily. this isn't boring! the toast bag is adorable!

  23. hey
    do you mind posting the knit instructions for the patterns .. that would be really gr8

    thanks a bunch in advance

  24. The rosti looks very good Nupur. I have also tried Sunita's rostis earlier and I added grated zucchini in my version.

    I can't take my eyes off the purse.

  25. The potato patties are calling my name... EAT! me EAT! me. The purse is wicked cute too.

  26. The egg squares look delicious though I don't eat egg, I thought it was spinach vadi at first.

  27. Hello Nupur

    I had tried this out. The taste was fabulous but not so the appearance. I have posted it at

  28. Your Blog is very important for me because this blog has new recipes.

    Thanks thanks.

  29. Anything to do with potatoes, and I am there! I am going to try this yumlicious recipe over the weekend :D

  30. I love your blog and will be definitely trying some of your recipes. We found a great recipe in there a spice crustless quiche bites which I tripled the crustless quiche bites recipe.I have some great recipes from her. Yes your blog really surprise anybody! Thanks once again. Your picture med me hungry. I am going to ask my mom to do it. thank you for posting and sharing it.


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