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RCI Maharashtra: Round Up Part III


Today we wrap up the round-up of the Regional Cuisines of India: Maharashtrian Cuisine event!
Part III completes the meal, with some protein-rich entrees made of dals and beans, eggs and meat; then the staples, breads and rice dishes, and finally, we end on the right note with an array of sweet treats.

Any plagiarizers lurking around, leave now! All pictures are the sole property of the bloggers who sent them in as entries. Do not copy!


One of the pillars of the meal: dishes made with lentils and beans, both split and whole.

Varan-Bhaat & Amti-Bhaat: TC of The Cooker

Varan: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Katachi Amti: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Vatali Dal: Sandeepa of Bong Mom's Cookbook

Varan Phal: Dhana of Fresh Kitchen

Masoor Dal with Goda Masala: Madhu of Ruchi

Soybean Usal: Asha of Foodie's Hope

Moogachi Usal: Richa of As Dear as Salt

Matkichi Usal: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Sprouted Beans Usal: Indira of Mahanandi

Chawlichi Amti: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Chavli Amti: Hima of SnackORama

Ragda Patties: Deepika of From My Kitchen

A representation of the range of flatbreads found in Maharashtrian cuisine.

Ghadichi Poli: Tee of Bhaatukli

Phodnichi Poli: Tee of Bhaatukli
Phodnichi Poli

Jwarichi Bhakri: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Tikhat Mithachi Puri: live2cook of Live To Cook

Masala Puri with Tendli Curry: Kajal of Kajal Dreams

One of the staples of the main meal- everyday meals contain plain boiled rice, but a festive occasion like this one calls for a variety of flavored rice dishes.

Masala Bhath: Suma of Veggie Platter

Masala Bhath: Srivalli of Cooking for All Seasons

Lagnacha Masale Bhaat: Manasi of A Cook At Heart

Masala Bhath: Roopa of My Chow-Chow Bhath

Mixed Vegetable Pulao: Cathy of My Little Kitchen

Vangi Bhat: Raaga of The Singing Chef

Vangi Bhaat: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Khichdi-Kadhi: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Goley Bhat and Kadhi: Archana of Tried and Tested Recipes

Phodnicha Bhath: G V Barve of Add Flavor
Podnicha bhathGVB

A typical way to serve eggs as an entree.

Egg Curry: Asha of Foodie's Hope

Two dishes with mutton or goat meat; I have often heard that Kolhapur district in Maharashtra has the highest per capita meat consumption in the whole of India.

Kolhapuri Mutton: Srivalli of Cooking for All Seasons

Ghati Mutton: Deccanheffalump of The Cook's Cottage
Ghati Mutton

There is no separate dessert course in the traditional Maharashtrian meal- sweets are simply served as part of the thali. Nevertheless, I have collected all the sweet dishes into one category for easy reference. You will find the sweet bread and rice dishes included in this section.

Ukadiche Modak: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Ukadiche Modak: Priyanka of Lajawaab

Modak: Dhana of Fresh Kitchen

Karanji: Viji of Vcuisine

Sabudana Kheer: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Shevai Kheer: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Shrikhand: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Amrakhand Puri: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Amras: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Shikran Poli: TC of The Cooker

Kelyacha Shikaran: Anjali of Anna Parabrahma

Shikran: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Bharleli Keli: Asha of Foodie's Hope

Gulpoli: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Puran Poli: Coffee of The Spice Cafe

Puran Poli: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Sanjachi Poli: Anjali of Anna Parabrahma

Amba Khava Satorya: Anjali of Anna Parabrahma

Sakhar Bhaat: TC of The Cooker

A heartfelt thank-you to each participant for their delicious entries! Events such as these bring attention to recipes that might otherwise be restricted to one single community. Several people were enthusiastic enough to send multiple entries, and I specially want to mention Aarti and G V Barve for sending in a couple dozen entries each! They shared their love for Maharashtrian cuisine so generously.

It was interesting to see the dishes that got multiple entries- it says something either about the popularity or the iconic nature of the dish. The award for the most popular dish in this round-up (with four entries) goes to Masale Bhaat, the spicy rice and vegetable dish that is the star of the traditional Maharastrian wedding feast, and is also served on many other special occasions.

Some other popular dishes (three entries each) were Sabudana Wada and Sabudana Khichdi, two tasty and clearly, crowd-pleasing dishes made with sago pearls; and two desserts that are in stark contrast to each other. Shikran, sliced bananas in milk, is as home-style and comforting a dish as you could hope to find. Modak are delicate stuffed dumplings that are usually reserved for specific festive days; they can take years of practice to perfect.

Like exploring Indian regional cuisines? Head over to the blog As Dear As Salt, where Richa is hosting the next month's RCI. The theme will bring a smile to the face of every lover of Indian food: Punjabi Cuisine!


  1. Beautiful round-up Nupur! Yr pictures again are as beautiful as the entries. The time you have taken for this meticulous effort shows. Kudos!

  2. Hi Nupur that was a fabulous roundup.especially i liked your photos for the titles of each category..wonderful..great work and a big thank you to you too!

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  4. Well done! I agree with Madhuli - your photo titles heading each section were a really nice touch.

  5. Fantastique, Nupur! I want to try that fiery Kolhapuri mutton right now...and some of the other dished I didn't have a recipe for! Great roundup. Thanks a lot.

  6. This is like a cookery book !
    I liked the photos you have given for each category.
    Well done Nupur and lots of thanx :)

  7. WonderfulRound up!!! Nicely categorised.. this is a cook book!!!

    P.S: just a word abt the jhatpat appey , that I made for our lunch box,I heated them for 30 secs in the MW, so they tasted nice, of course they had lost the crispiness, but very edible!!

  8. Oh honey, this is so totally bookmarked!

  9. Hi Nupur,
    Excellent Round up.nicely catagorised to refer to the recipes easily.Appreciate your efforts.Thank you so much .Durga.

  10. The category names are excellent and so are the photos that go along!
    Great roundup! Thanks for all your efforts.

  11. Suganya, thanks so much for the kind words...coming from an excellent photographer like you, it means a lot!

    Madhuli, I have to say your "gavhacha cheek" post was something very new and interesting for me!

    Nirmala, I was getting hungry writing it :)

    Cathy, I'm glad I decided to go with that idea...I was quite excited about doing it that way :) Thanks so much for participating...that was very exciting for me!

    Anita, your two entries are certainly on my must-try list!

    Archana, I hope many people get a chance to use these excellent recipes :)

    Manasi, I have more on the appey theme coming experiments with the appry pan, so stay tuned ;)

    Cynthia, glad you like it!

    Durga, thanks for the kind words!

    TC, my Marathi is quite a bit shaky, so I was rather nervous about the category names...hoping that Marathi-speaking readers are not laughing at me :)

  12. Nupur, will be saving the entire roundup for sure. This is a wonderful Marathi Pangat, presented oh so beautifully!

  13. Nupur,
    That's a beautiful round-up. You have put in so much effort for making it so useful and enjoyable!

  14. I think I can cook at least for a month without repeating the same dish ever again. What a fabulous array of the entrees!

    Thanks very much for hosting the event, Nupur. I can see how much time and effort you have put to get this finished in such beautiful way. Really phenomenal!

  15. A neat presentation and shows your hard work Nupur. Excellent roundup. Viji

  16. Great Job Nupur, your efforts in getting this fabulous round-up is tremendous...your categorization is simply great....must've spent lot of time in getting this done and what a job!..Kudos to you...and of course to all the participants....this has been a great show...


  17. Hi Nupur!
    Hats off to you for the work done!!! Great work!

  18. nupur - you have been tagged!

  19. so many wonderful recipes. makes me hungry. now you can sit back and relax. you did a great job.:))

  20. amazing display of recipes....looks like it was too much work....hats off to you

  21. stop shop for all food Maharashtrian! Thanks for taking the time to categorize the entries.

    BTW, the photo with the 3 dals has Toor and Chana labels transposed.

  22. What a fabulous round up Nupur!!Thanks so much for all your hard work organizing those many lovely recipes! I can't wait to get cooking :)

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  24. Thanks, everyone, for your kind and encouraging words!! I am so glad you enjoyed the round-up!

    Vidya, you are very observant! That was silly of me :) It is going to be a pain to correct...but let's see if I find the time to do it.

  25. nupur, loved the roundup. stupendous effort. but i loved your pictures most of all. great composition and clarity.

  26. A fantastic spread!!!! And what a round up! It was so nice to see your addition of categories and the way you highlighted with your touch. :)It does involve a lot of efforts!!! Kuddos to you girl! :)

  27. Nupur,
    The entire maharashtrian round-up is an absolute feast for the eyes! I always enjoy reading your blog becoz you have a very expressive way with words and a beautiful presentation style.

  28. what an amazing job! I love how you divide each post into sections, and announce them in the beginning, thus making it easy to find recipes.
    i'm really impressed.

  29. I am so glad mentioning me on your RCI-round up..So nice of you Nupur..Thanks....masta aahe.. ani kaai? ek vidache paan ani supari:)

  30. Wow! Awesome list!!

  31. Aga Nupur, Haa event mhanjhe ekdum superhit. sagle photo baghoon itki bhook laagli thankfully swayampak jhaalela hota tyamule laghech jevaylaa bastaa aala. Your blog has gone straight into my favourites. haa event kelaya baddal dev tula khoop punya deyil

  32. hey,
    first of all: Awesome pics!!

    Tondala eekdum pani sutale. Ghara pasun lamb rahate na..tyamule aapale padartha aajibaat khayala nahi milat..pan neverthless atleast pictures ni aaj pot bharale. truptichi dhekhar pan aali (pan haluch bare ka!) :P

    anyways great job! :D


  33. हे सगळे पदार्थ बघून तोंडाला पाणी सुटलं. किती years झाले, साबूदाणावडा खाल्ला नाही. कारण तो नीट जमतील नाही.पण आता करावासा वाटतो. कारण हे सगळे फोटो बघून अगदी आताच खावासा वाटतो. Thanx a ton


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