Wednesday, June 27, 2007

RCI Maharashtra: Round Up Part I

Welcome to the round-up of Regional Cuisines of India: Maharashtrian Cuisine event! We have one hundred and forty three dishes that have been sent in from all corners of the Indian food blog world. I am so touched by the overwhelming and enthusiastic response to this event! Many thanks to Lakshmi K for coming up with the idea of exploring the regional cuisines of India, and for giving me this opportunity to play host this month. Some of the entries have been sent in by people who know and love Maharashtrian cuisine, and who are generous enough to share beloved family recipes. Some of them represent forays into trying something new and unfamiliar, and enjoying the similarities and differences of Maharashtrian cuisine with the other cuisines of India. You can expect to read about fond memories, learn more about Maharashtra, find new recipes to try and feast your eyes on some gorgeous food photography to top it off!

In an attempt to make this round-up a useful resource for anyone exploring Maharashtrian cuisine, I have divided the entries into different categories that will be presented in three parts. My usual round-ups are quite verbose, but I promise that these are going to be visual feasts instead!
Today, Part I starts off whetting our appetites with some snacks and light meals, and then we embark on two day-trips: one to the busy cities for some spicy street food, immediately contrasted by a trip to the rural countryside for some earthy fare.

Any plagiarizers lurking around, be warned! All pictures are the sole property of the bloggers who sent them in as entries. Do not copy!

Sweet and savory snacks are often made in large quantities and kept at hand, to be served at tea-time, offered to guests and packed into lunch-boxes as a treat. These snacks are especially made and shared during the festival of Diwali.

Madhur Chivda: Anjali of Anna Parabrahma

Bhakarwadi: Asha of Foodie's Hope

Bakarwadi: Kolhapuri style: Nupur of One Hot Stove

Besan Laadu: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Lonavala Chikki: Anjali of Anna Parabrahma

Pantry staples can be creatively turned into dozens of heavy snacks and light meals. These are very versatile dishes; they can be enjoyed as light one-dish meals, or served at brunch or tea-time.

Sabudana Wada: Tee of Bhaatukli
sabudana wadaTee

Homeopathic Wadas: Bhags of Crazy Curry

Sabudana Vada: Hima of SnackORama

Khekhda Bhaji: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Kothimbir Wadi: Meena of Memories of My Mom's Kitchen

Suralichi Wadi: Anupama of Food 'N More

Funke/ Waffole: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Ratalyache Pohe: Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi

Poha Series: G V Barve of Add Flavor
Bhatatecha poheGVB

Sabudana Khichadi: Manasi of A Cook At Heart

Sago Medley: Mandira of Ahaar

Sabudana Khichdi: Sailu of Sailu's Food

Upma: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Gavhachya Saalacha Upma: Madhuli of My Foodcourt

Vari Tandoolachi Khichdi: Trupti of The Spice Who Loved Me

Pavacha Upma: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Thalipeeth-Raita: Sia of Spice Corner

Thalipeeth: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Sabudana Thalipeeth: Manasi of A Cook At Heart

Street Food is as spicy, colorful and alluring as the Bollywood movies themselves! Here are ways to recreate this delicious pop culture at home.

Bhel-Puri: Prema of My Cookbook

Aloo Tikki: Vani of Batasari

Utterly Butterly Delicious Pav: Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi

Vada Pav: Aarti of Aarti's Corner

Vada Paav: Nav of Memories and Meals

Misal Pav: Pooja of Khana Pina

From the bright lights and the buzz of the city, we go to the rural countryside which brings us its own earthy humble fare.

Pithla: Madhuli of My Foodcourt

Pithla-Bhakri: Swapna of Swad
jowar bhakri Swad

Full-fledged Maharashtrian Meal: Priyanka of Lajawaab

Simple Summer Meal: G V Barve of Add Flavor

Rustic Maharashtrian Thali: Mahek of Love 4 Cooking

A spin on the farmer's lunch: evolvingtastes of Evolving Tastes

I will be back with some components of the main meal. See you then!


  1. wow...140 dishes...simply great Nupur...I am sure you must have had a tough task sorting everything...great job in writing this....can't wait to check out all of them...

    I was planning to get an Index on the Indian Regional cuisine, I guess yours can be nice start for the first one.


  2. a whole lot of recipes to try out.. nice collection..

  3. wow! lovely array of dishes & you have categorised them so well with such apt captions!

  4. Nupur,

    My mouth is watering :-) I want to eat this stuff... and I want to do that now. Lovely round up :-)


  5. Fantastic, Nupur! And this is just Part I! Gava kadche section is going to be of special interest to me...Looking forward to more!

  6. Wow Nupur! They say 'a picture is worth a thousand words' - these pictures are a 'feast' to the eyesand the write ups are even more interesting - you surely should take to Journalism!

    enjoy your travel time with your parents and be sure to bring back some beautiful pictures of those Kodak moments!

    you have been working hard and now enjoy this well earned break !

    love and

    who is baby sitting Dale ?

  7. Nupur..I am just through the half way, my head is reeling with tempting dishes...:)...I think you should give us some time to take all this in before displaying the next two parts...


  8. Simply amazing!!! A great job Nupur... kudos to you:)

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    Fantastic...and this is just the first part!

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  16. Whoa Nupur, this is a veritable FEAST !

  17. That was a fabulous part I ! I already have a pretty little list if things to try out !!
    Thank you so much for hosting the event and bringing out soo many dishes for us to try. Great job !

  18. Thats an amazing round-up, Nupur! You really are good at this...and 143 entries, WOW!!!!! looking forward to parts 2 & 3...

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    This will be a lovely reference for many!

    Thanks for your hard work Nupur...A lot of time and patience goes into these roundups, and I appreciate it.


  20. Hello Nupur,

    This is the best round-up I have seen so far. Your categorization is really good and the participating recipes are so tempting. Kudos to all the bloggers and you. And congrats on your graduation.

  21. Nupur, I have applaud yr presentation. 143 entries in one shot would have been an overdose. Thanks for categorizing them. It will be easy to refer back anytime later :)

  22. i'd 'forgotten' about so many of these dishes. thanks for this great roundup and resource.

    this event deserves, and has received a really enthusisatic response.

  23. Bravo! Great job Nupur. Too bad I didn't get time to participate, but what a feast your round up is for the eyes! I especially love the category pictures. Brilliant work!
    - Roopa

  24. 140 recipes...nupur aata tula onlien shodhayla nakot recipes....:) they will all be in your blog...

  25. Took a little time of vacation to say thanks to you.It's really a great round up,I can imagine work you have to put in for the round ups.Thank you for that and yes! You do need a break after these!
    I will send W dish on the second week,no problem.Good for me in a way too! Enjoy.

  26. Lovely round up Nupur. Reading this has been speciallly nice since I just returned from Bombay and was feeling extremely homesick .Your blog is truly a wonderful resource.Keep up the good work.

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    What a lovely feast to the eyes. Nice round up.


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    It must have been tough for you to sort out the recipes. Gr8 job. Looking forward for the next part :)

  30. Wow - I knew this was going to be huge, but I never imagined over 140!!! I've only scratched the surface of this first bunch of entries, but I can see there is lots and lots of wonderful food! The way you've done the round-up - with all the photos and the really helpful categorization of the dishes is going to make this the go-to resource on Maharashtrian cuisine!

  31. Nupur, This is a great collection!
    I am a big fan of your blog and recipes.
    Assal marathmole jevan jevlyache samadhan milale!

  32. Nupur, thanks for the wonderfull roundup and great looking dishes to try on!

  33. Nupur,

    great round up, too bad I missed RCI due to travelling. as usual you do a fantastic job on the round ups.

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  35. Mouth watering to say the least! Thanks for putting it together!

  36. So many entries, Nupur -- surely a tribute not only to the cuisine of Maharashtra, but to your warm and welcoming spirit as well! I am at work and drooling all over the keyboard here. Is it lunchtime yet?? :):)

  37. What a fantastic treat this round-up is! Can't wait for the other parts.

  38. Lovely round-up Nupur! Thanks to you and all the bloggers! and to think of it, i just polished off a lunch of thalipeeth and thecha, made by my friend's Aayi! looking forward to more :).

    Love the lil' labels and the jevan pic.!

  39. This’s miraculous round up with lots of variety. Nice post and solid work for this event....really work is very hard so it is very few words to say to you thanks!!!!!!
    So many new dishes for try.:)

  40. Nupur, nice round-up. so many mouth-watering dishes. You have put a great deal of work into this. thank you!!!

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  42. Wow Nupur- What a fabulous job you have done of the round up.
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