Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Working on a new look...

Just a little note to say: I just switched to the "new" blogger, and over the next few days, you will see me struggling to change the look of One Hot Stove a little bit, just in time for its second birthday! I want to use the cute woolen Marathi thali as a header symbolizing the regional Indian cuisine that features so often on this blog. Like it? The fact that I know less than nothing about creating webpages is a little bit of a problem, but I am taking it all in stride and treating this as a learning experience. Please bear with me as the blog is under renovation, and as usual, all comments and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Nupur, you have my sympathy and my admiration! I'm struggling with designing a new banner for my blog, too (obviously I haven't gotten there yet...), so I know what you're going through. I do love the woolen thali -- I would try to play off the wonderful colors in it for the background.

  2. Nupur,
    Check out: http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html/
    This might help..I know basic HTML..so u can mail me if u want any help..All the best!

  3. I love the header :) but miss the menu selection on the side panel :(
    All the best to the new look!

  4. Hi Nupur - I like the new banner! Good luck with the remodeling... I've been planning to do that for some time, but haven't gotten very far. I've made the transition to the new Blogger, but would still need to switch to one of the new templates (so I can make better use of labels). I'm ready to be rid of the dots too!

  5. Hi Lydia, that was my plan too, to use some of the vibrant colors of the thali...how do you think the orange background looks?

    Swapna, thanks *so* much for the link and the offer to help...I truly appreciate it!

    Vaish, worry not, the recipe index is being built (I already have the link on the side-bar). I love the "recipe index" of food blogs for easy reference...it is like a handy cookbook :)

    Hi Cathy! It is a bit of work, but worth it! :) I know it took me months and months to get around to starting my little renovation project.

  6. I love the header too.
    All the best with the move, Nupur.
    I didn't know you were back. :) Aloo gobi looks so good.

  7. Nupur,

    Love your blog. Discovered it by accident a couple of months back and have already passed on the word to several of my Maharashtrian friends here in VA. Keep up the good work!

  8. I loved that thali from the time I saw it..glad to see you putting it to good use.
    I'd say background color needs to offset that green better.
    You can also incorporate either that dark green or the background color in the right hand column.
    I can only suggest cosmetic changes after my own experience... am a complete dud with html ;-)

  9. Oooooh.. nice! I want to change the look for my blog too, but am a total flop at it.. had a nice font for the heading and links etc on the right side, but with the new blogger,it's all gone :((
    Once u r thru with this... I'll ask u about changing the font in the header.... if u don't mind...

  10. It looks cool!!!!! Till I read it here... I never realized that it was a woven thali!!!!! Looks so cute. :)

  11. Nupur te keLi che paan kai god aahe! Banner agdi shobhun distoy !

  12. Thanks, RP and Asawari!

    Ashwini, yeah that cute thali deserves to be used! Thanks *so* much for the comment...I never realized how the thali looks black rather than verdant green as it should...need to work on that. Maybe pale yellow would work better? You are amazing with aesthetics :)

    Manasi, feel free to ask me whatever you like...but I warn you that I know *very* little.

    Coffee, yes, it is woven :) too cute when you see it in person...a photo really does not do it much justice.

    Thanks, Anjali! :)

  13. I liked the banner. The thali looks great.

    But I think the yellow in the background is bit bright. Might be a light shade of crème will do. Just a suggestion .

    Good luck with the re-design project.



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