Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick Zucchini Dosas

In Spring this year, V and I became the proud custodians of a 12 feet by 5 feet garden plot in our local community garden. We were hoping for beginner's luck and dreaming of bumper crops of eggplant and methi but let's just say that I am thankful we have the option of buying our food. Between our rookie mistakes and the voracious squirrels, the poor plants did not stand a chance. There were plenty of hilarious moments, like when our more experienced garden neighbor pointed out that the one plant that was growing well and that we were watering desperately was, in fact, a weed. And then we had asparagus growing, which is wonderful, except that we had never planted any. 

V remains persistent in his gardening efforts and now he has been getting us herbs from the plot, and picking a modest amount of okra every day. We saved the okra for a few days and made a delicious gojju with it this weekend, using the incredible gojju powder sent by my sister's ma-in-law. 

Generous (and more experienced and successful) garden neighbors have been sharing their bounty with us. That's how we ended up with what must have been one of the biggest specimens of summer squash in the state of Missouri. Even after using it for a couple of stir fries, I had a large portion of this monster left over.

So one morning at breakfast, a huge heap of the summer squash was shredded and tossed with salt to draw out the moisture. Then I stirred in some salt, onion and spices, and enough chickpea flour and rice flour to make a batter, and made us some filling, savory dosas in a matter of minutes.  

You can use any summer squash or zucchini in this recipe, or cucumbers, or a combination of the two. I never bother to peel the vegetables unless the peel is too tough and stringy. While making dosas, I love to sprinkle them with sesame seeds for extra flavor and texture; this is the way cucumber dosas were always made when I was growing up. 

Summer Squash Dosas

  1. Shred the summer squash into a large bowl. I started with about 3 packed cups of shredded summer squash.
  2. Add a small minced onion, 1 tsp. cumin seeds, a pinch of turmeric, red chili powder or minced green chilies, and salt to taste. Add some minced fresh herbs like cilantro or chives if you have any on hand. 
  3. Let the squash sit for 10 minutes to draw out the water. You won't need any additional water for the batter because these vegetables have a very high water content. 
  4. Add scoops of chickpea flour and rice flour (in about equal amounts) until you get a pancake like batter. 
  5. Heat a cast iron (or non stick) griddle. Ladle batter into the center. Now, using wet fingertips, spread the batter around to a thin dosa. You can spread the batter with the back of a ladle but I find that wet fingertips work much better. With a tiny bit of practice, you'll never risk burning your fingers. 
  6. Drizzle oil around the edges. Sprinkle sesame seeds on the surface. Let the underside get brown and crispy. 
  7. Flip over the dosa and let the other side cook.
The dosas are wonderful on their own or with your choice of a dry or fresh chutney. We enjoyed them with peanut chutney. 

I'm excited to share some personal news with you: I'm 7 months pregnant. If all goes well, V and I will have a little one in late September. Summer temperatures have been off the charts this year in St. Louis (and in much of the US) and light meals like these are perfect for me.

Have a lovely rest of the week, everyone! 


  1. BIG Congratulations Nupur! What wonderful news!!

  2. Hearty congratulations on the BIG news. Hope you are doing well in the mid west high heat. Take care.
    We are having the same experience with plants in our house, we've no clue what we are doing, but as long as the plants survive and give us some veggies, I guess we are happy.
    Making dosas with squash is new to me, but sounds delicious. I could probably use Lauki too, right?? That's the plant I have growing right now!!

  3. Hi Nupur,
    first my heartiest congratulations - wishing u a happy delivery and a lovely bundle of joy cradling in your arms - welcome to motherhood ! A few days back I saw your blog featured in the supplement of ' The Hindu and was delighted ! way to go gal -The zucchini dosas look good and I make cucumber dosa almost the same way !!

  4. Congratulations Nupur, thats wonderful news !
    Have made cucumber dosas, but with rava, this sounds like a nice idea...Take good care of yourself !

  5. Congratulations on the good news! That dosa looks delicious.... it is a nice idea to add grated veggies in it

  6. Congrats !!! Take care.

    Can't agree more on the gardening. I got a plot too, and sureprised with the food supply.

    Enjoy !!


  7. Congrats Nupur! Take care and eat well!

  8. So, so, happy to hear your good news!

    :) about the gardening efforts. Maybe you can take tips from the more successful gardeners and get around those pesky squirrels. The ones on our Gulmohurs get to half our grapes...

  9. Congratulations, Nupur! I feel so happy for you although I've never met you (hopefully that will change one day). Take care, stay cool, and enjoy these very special days! Lots of love to Dale as well - he will soon be an older brother, whether he wants to or not!

  10. Woohooo! Congratulations Nupur. Wishing you a safe pregnancy and a happy healthy baby. :)


  11. Congratulations on the big news! You are already feeding your little one great food judging from these dosas :)
    I really feel for your allotment misfortunes. I tried cultivating zucchini on my garden once... The only tiny zucchini that we proudly managed to grow, was eaten overnight by a fat snail!

  12. Wonderful news; I'm so delighted for you. Wishing you a safe and EASY time of it all!

  13. Congratuations! I'm so envious of the vegtable plot - I'd love to have one one day - and these dosas look really tasty.

  14. Great, great news Nupur. Very excited for you and V and of course Dale who now has to do the most adjusting I guess :-D

    Take care and eat well

  15. Many congratulations to V and you, and best wishes for a new chapter in your lives!! You'll both make fabulous parents!

  16. Congrats on the big news!

    Really nice use of summer squash in this recipe. I love dosas, but have never made them. You've made the whole process clear and intuitive - I like that. Thanks.

  17. Great news Nupur... Hearty congratulations!!

  18. Congratulations Nupur!! It is very kind of you to share the news with your readers. Good luck to you and V in the coming months! Your adventures in the garden plot were extremely entertaining. Born with two black thumbs, I can empathize and I feel certain that if I had a plot it would have all the failed plants in the entire garden.

  19. Congratulations

  20. Congrats, Nupur!! I'm thrilled to hear the great news. All the best for a safe and happy pregnancy and delivery!

    The squirrels have been attacking our tomatoes. Any tips?

  21. Nupur,

    Congrats to you an V on the baby news!

    Also glad that you have your own garden to cultivate this year...


  22. Congratulation Nupur! Dale will be protective gaurdian :)

  23. Yay! Congratulations Nupur :) This dosa recipe sounds very interesting. I have used cabbage before (especially in Adai, lentil dosa) but never thought about using squash. Will have to try it :)

  24. Congratulations Nupur!! This is great news. Take good care of yourself. Dale gets a bonny buddy home :)

    Gardening your own veggies is a skill and takes time esp in US. Loved the Zucchini dosa. Looks yummy!

  25. Congratulations, Nupur and V! Hope the next few months go smoothly for you. I am sure I will enjoy reading witty/well-written posts about the joys of parenthood. After all, parent hood must be similar to gardening in a way :)

  26. How wonderful Nupur, wish you a lovely pregnancy!

  27. hearty congratulations Nupur, wishing you the very best. do you know the sex of the baby ?

  28. Congrats dear..

    The dosa looks great & healthy..

  29. That's a wonderful news Nupur! Heartiest congratulations to you and V.

    I too planted methi for the first time this year in trays in my balcony, and I got pretty good yield (4-5 bunches so far). I got okra seeds, but never planted them as I later thought it would be too big for the balcony.

  30. Congratulations to both of you! Here's wishing all of you a safe and happy rest of the pregnancy and delivery!

  31. many congratulations nupur and V...much love....

  32. Great news Nupur. Hope this blast of heat is not troubling you too much.

    It is tough but you have to share your vegetables with rabits, moles, voles, groundhogs... We have a fence to keep the deer out and a smaller rabit fence to keep the rabit out and I am still battling ground hogs. Don't get discouraged, you will find an optimal solution where you share some with the creatures and take the rest.

  33. Congratulations to you and V, Nupur!! Soo happy for you guys :)

    Another awesome way to use up summer squash, this recipe is! And even better, it is almost instant dosa! :)

  34. First off, a big hug and hearty congratulations to you and V on the awesome news!

    I've been trying my hand at gardening but got off to a late start.. nevertheless it's so exciting. Love the squash dosas

  35. You know I read the first line of your post, "V and I became proud".... and just assumed that's what you wanted to say in the first place. Imagine my pleasant surprise when you ended on that note :)
    Congratulations and good luck. I am sure you and V will make wonderful parents.

    - Ashwini

  36. Nupur,
    That's FABULOUS news! Congratulations to you and V and your family! Thanks for sharing the news with us. Please take good care of yourself. I can't wait to read about your bundle of joy when (s)he arrives.


  37. So excited for you! We all look forward to welcoming your little one into the world.

  38. Congragulations Nupur.

    Wishing you a safe delivery and a healthy baby.


  39. Oh Nupur, I am soooo glad for you!!! Congratulations!!!I have been devoted fan of your blog and crochet for the longest time. Soo happy for you and your hub and hope everything continues to grow well.

    This year was our second attempt at a vegetable garden and we were much more successful than last year (when we sowed carrots, tomatoes, corn, broccoli and all we harvested was one lone sad cherry tomato. LOL). We've had a bumper crop of monstrous zucchinis, lettuce, arugula and heirloom tomatoes (my new love). I've been making zucchini everything from zucchini chocolate cake to zucchini dosas (konkani dodak - uses roasted rava and buttermilk). Your peanut chutney looks yum!! I have to look for the recipe through your archives. You guys will be experienced gardeners by next summer :-)

  40. blinkandmiss- Thanks!

    Pavani- Thank you! How fun that you have lauki growing, it has been ages since I cooked with those. I do think they would be perfect in this dosa.

    Priya Sreeram- Thanks! I have absolutely no clue about The Hindu feature though, this is the first I am hearing about it :)

    Arch- Thank you! Yes, I've seen cucumber dosas with rava and even with idli rava; my parents always make them with rice flour. I like mixing rice flour and besan.

    Madhu- Thanks! It is more like grated veggies with a bit of flour to hold it together :)

    Shitu- Thank you! Were you surprised by the high or low food supply? :D

    Meghana Bhuskate- Thanks!

    Anita- Thank you so much! Aww- you are sharing the garden bounty with squirrels too?? I've asked for advice but no one seems to have any ideas that really work, somehow.

    Kamini- Thank you- I keep hoping you'll come to St. Louis someday soon (maybe give a dance or music performance) and we'll all get to hang out. After 10 years of being the only child, Dale is definitely going to need some time to adjust!

    Sowmya- Thanks!

    lacaffettierarosa- Thanks a lot! Yes, zucchini is easy to grow, they say, but not for all of us. I have better luck making friends with gardeners who then share their zucchini ;)

    Niranjana- Thank you :) Something tells me the chances of this being EASY are slim to none ;)

  41. Corina- Come garden in my plot- it needs some attention, seriously!!

    BongMom- Thank you so much! Yes, I fully expect Dale to give us some dirty looks for bringing a pup home.

    Neha- Thank you for saying that, we intend to give it our best shot :)

    Kitchen Riffs- These are one kind of dosas, instant dosas, probably the easiest to make for a dosa novice. The traditional dosas are a little more involved.

    Krithi's Kitchen- Thanks!

    Inji- Thank you! Oh, don't give up- gardening is mostly a matter of trial and error and experience.

    Soujanya- Thank you

    Kalai- Thank you so much! And listen, you want NO gardening tips from me, of any kind, trust me on this :)

    Bruno- Thank you! How are you?? I need to come find you for some garden tips because it is not going so well :D

    Anjali- Thanks! Dale thinks all tiny creatures of any species are pests so we'll see what his reaction is :)

    Sharan- Thank you! Squash and cucumbers work very well because they literally melt into the dosa- so delicious.

    Ashwini- Thanks :) Dale is a loner so it will be interesting to see what he thinks.

    GourmayMasala- Thanks!! I am crossing my fingers that I am better at parenting than I am at gardening :)

  42. Manasi- Thank you so much!

    Sreelu- Thanks! Yes, the ultrasound says it is most likely a baby girl- YAY!!

    Nitha- Thanks

    Amruta- Thank you! Our methi sprouted well but then never grew after that and withered away :( Okra is growing almost 5 feet tall, so I can see how it might not be the most suitable for the balcony.

    alka- Thanks!

    Nikita- Thank you!

    arundati- Thank you my dear.

    indosungod- Thanks! The heat is making me very thankful that I have A/C both at work and home. Yes, we have negotiated a truce with the garden creatures and so far they are leaving the okra alone (famous last words?)

    Manju- Thanks! Yes, this is an instant dosa, can be made in minutes.

    Laavanya- Aww- thank you :)

    Ashwini- Thanks!

    Mamatha- Thank you very much! I'm sure the baby will make guest appearances here just like Dale!

    Lydia- Thank you :) I am so grateful for all the good wishes.

    Uma- Thanks!

  43. Congratulations to both of you ..have been a long time reader of your blog ..and although i dont know u personally i am truely happy for you.wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy and baby.

  44. Congratulations Nupur! Thanks for sharing this wonderful news with your ardent followers. Even though we haven't met you, know that we swear by your blog!

    ... And thanks for the recipe :)

  45. Oh, I am so happy for you both! Lots of love here from the (very cool) west coast.

  46. I am so happy to hear the news about the baby coming. And I have no doubt that this will be a talented and beautiful child!

    Don't give up on the gardening; it does take some practice to figure out how to harness mother nature, but well worth it!

  47. Zucchini dosa sounds wonderful. never have thought of it.

  48. What a wonderful news!! Congratulations! Really happy for you.

  49. Well well - onehotstove will be one hot mom I am sure. Safe and happy thoughts your way!

  50. Hello Nupur,

    Congratulations to you and V on your Big news. Hope you have it easy.

  51. Great news Nupur! Take good care of yourself!

  52. Congratulations Nupur. All the best, and i hope you have a smooth and safe delivery. My lill one is Sept born too, a beautiful month, and beautiful children ;)
    Your recipe came just in time. A friend grew OBESE zuchini's in his allotment, and have given us one!. I have no idea what to do of such a massive one,so alongwith adding it in pasta's, casseroles,, well here is one more thing i can do!

  53. Hey Nupur..congratulations to you and happy for both of luck and take care..

  54. Dear Nupur,
    Heartiest Congratulations..Its great piece of news...I am extremely happy for you and ur husband..Hows ur health? Do take care of urself..
    Best Wishes for your delivery and to the good health of u as well as ur bundle of joy...
    Take care

  55. Dear Nupur,
    Congratulations!!Great news!! have been following ur blog from more than 5 yrs. do keep trying and updating new recipes in future tho the frequency wld be less with the little one around but we all wld understand and wait... All the best!!

  56. Congratulations to you and V!! Have you been having any specific food cravings?

    Have a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery!

  57. It is the high suppy actually. I planted too many seeds, wasn't sure about my skills... I also started with compost, I think that helped.
    I am planning to be more careful with the fall planting :)

    You might already know this :-)

    Jugalbandi have a great list of garden blogs

    Below are some which I follow

    Take care. [Mainly enjoy sleeping]


  58. Hello Nupur.. a long time follower of your blog, your PAV BHAJI just rocks on in our world here in Kuwait. Dont comment much here, but this time I will. Congratulations and hope you have an easy time for the rest of your time and best wishes for a safe delivery.

  59. So happy for you Nupur!! Huge congratulations to both of you, looking forward to welcoming the little one in September! I guess it's only appropriate that this news brings all your long time but non-commenting readers who all feel like they've gotten to know you out of the woodwork to wish you the very best :) Cheers, and thank you for all that you've given us over the years!

  60. Congratulations Nupur. Have lurked on your blog for many many years now.

    I've used plenty of your recipes and they are always a crowd pleaser - kothimbir vadi & Maa choleyan ki daal, being our favourites.

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and best wishes for a safe delivery and healthy baby.


  61. Heartiest congratulations, Nupup! How exciting for you!!

    This recipe reminds me of 'kakadicha ghavan'. Looks very tempting - espcially since the squash in my garden's just at the brink of harvest =).

  62. Congratulations Nupur and V! Delighted to hear my fav food blogger is having a baby girl. Wishing you the very best.

    Take care,

  63. I was going to comment on the yummy zucchini dosa- but once I read the big news all dosa thoughts went out the window. Oh MY God Nupur!!! How excitingggg!! lots of hugs!!!! It is so funny- I don't really know you in real life, but when I read the great news, I felt a lurch (in my stomach) of personal excitement and happiness.
    All the very very bestest for the rest of the term and the delivery..*crossing my fingers and toes for you*..
    Oh and Congratulations to you and V!!..:)

  64. Heartiest Congratulations to you and your family ! Have a safe third trimester and a safe delivery :) Best Wishes !

  65. Hi Nupur,
    Congrats:) .Love your blog for all ur recipes and shorcuts..

  66. congrats nupur and best wishes for your mommyhood sharing your personal news was very sweet and altho' i have been a silent reader of yr blog for a long time..i wanted to convey my heartfelt wishes to you for this delicate new beginning :)

  67. Congrats babes ! Very exciting news :)) Take Care :)

  68. Congrats Nupur,
    How exciting :-) Enjoy every moment of life now..good rest and sleep. They become luxury when lil one is here :-)

    Take care,

  69. congrats and best of luck, Nupur!

  70. Congratulations Nupur! Take good care of yourself! :)

  71. Nupur,

    Congrats to both of you and love and blessings to the little charm!!!

    I have been following your blog for a while and couldn't resist to write after reading the big news.

    I have tried several of your recipes and happy to share that each one has turned out well. Thank you and take care!

  72. Heartiest Congratulations!!!! I have followed ur blog regularly for the last 4 years and love it so much!!! Thanks for being so generous with all that you have shared here over the years. When I read the good news I was sooooo happy!!! I can't wait to see the baby's pics wearing ur hand woven creations. Lots of exciting times ahead!!! Wishing you both the best of parenthood! A big hug to you for sharing this lovely news with us & lots of love to the bun in the oven!!! :) Take Care.

    - Priti

  73. Congratulations Nupur, V & Dale dada!! What wonderful news!
    Take good care, specially in this horrid heat. Enjoy the rest of the pregnancy, this is the BEST phase :)
    Loved reading aout ur (mis)adventures in the garden plot! hehehe! watering a weed :) too good!

  74. Congratulations! Dont know you in real life, but from what little I have known about you from this blog I am pretty sure that you will make a great mom:)))

  75. Congratulations Nupur :-)!

    And I totally laughed at your gardening mishaps (not laughing at you - your (mis)adventures are *totally* things I can see myself doing!)

  76. Roshni- Thank you!

    Gayatri- What a nice thing to say- thanks!

    Diane- Thanks, and I might catch the next flight to the west coast :)

    Kalyn- Thank you so much. And I am even more impressed by your garden now than I ever was; gardening is certainly both an art and a science.

    Nithu- It is quite common to mix flours and vegetables to make instant dosas and all the combinations usually come out well.

    Meera- Thank you!

    Vishakha Parvate- I am one "hot" mom now :D as in hot and sweaty in this blistering heat wave!

    AA_Mom- Thank you :) I am not counting on easy but hoping for doable!

    Arati- Well, I hope your prediction for Sep babies comes true :) and of course babies being as unpredictable as they are, I can't even be certain that this baby will come in September! I hope you get a chance to make this zucchini dosa.

    Madhuli- Thank you!

    Rujuta- Thank you very much!

    Resham- Thanks, I plan to go with the flow and keep life in balance- blog and baby and all.

    Shvetha- No food cravings at all, I am eating quite normally actually. Thanks for the wishes!

    Gauri Gharpure- Thanks!

    Shitu- Excellent- I hope your garden continues to give you bumper harvests. Thanks for the useful links!

    Anonymous from Kuwait- Thanks, and I am so glad you enjoy the pav bhaji recipe. Just made it yesterday for the 100th time in my home :)

    Shuba- Thank you so much; yes, it is very nice of everyone who's taking the time to wish me luck!

    Arathi- Thank you, and I am so glad some of those recipes have been favorites in your family as well.

    Snehal- Yes, it is very similar to kakdiche ghavan except I have no idea what the proper recipe for that is, this is just what I threw together on the spur of the moment :)

    Rupa- Thank you so much, very sweet of you to say that :)

    Lavanya- First of all, thank you very much, that is so SO touching that you are sending me good wishes across the miles and feeling excited for me.
    And secondly, I know what you mean because I feel just the same way when my online friends announce any happy news in their life- it is the loveliest thing about being connected in cyberspace.

    Chhaya- Thank you!

    Anonymous- Thanks to all the lovely readers who are sharing their congratulations anonymously- I appreciate your good wishes!

    Kanchan- Thanks!

    Mina- I'm too excited to sleep much ;)

    sra- Thank you very much!

    Anu- Thanks!

    Raat Rani- Thanks so much for the wishes and for taking the time to write a note :) I'm so glad the recipes are working for you!

    Priti- Thank you very much :) I don't know if people want to see baby pics plastered on a food blog but I am sure baby will make appearances every now and then!

    Manasi- What- the pregnancy is the best phase? Why didn't someone tell me before :D kidding- thanks for your wishes!

    Archana- Oh laugh away- we couldn't stop laughing at ourselves either :) oh well you can either laugh or cry at your own incompetence, right?

  77. A big congratulations your way, Nupur! What a great news.. enjoy the journey (I am sure you will) :)

  78. Dear Nupur,

    Hearty Congratulations to you and Vasant from all of us here in Madison :) we are very happy for you!


  79. Congratulations Nupur and V!!! That is indeed wonderful news, so happy for you both :) Loved reading your gardening stories, homegrown veggies just taste so good! Take care !

  80. Congratulations to you and V, Nupur!

  81. hey nupur
    a big hug to you very curious to knw dale dada's reactions to the lil one. i think he'll show bigtime attitude..thats my prediction! keep us posted.
    gud luck girl. tk care n enjoy your full nite sleeps :))

  82. a big congratulations nupur!!

  83. Congratulations Nupur! I am so very happy for you! Like some of the others here I have been one of those 'silent' readers of your blog. I have tried tons of your recipes though and have absolutely loved the results every single time! For being someone who was not much of a cook in the first place, your recipes were super easy to follow and helped me embark on a cooking journey of my own! My husband and I liked the cheese sandwiches, pav bhaji and maa choliyaan di daal in particular. Having a one year old son myself, I can tell you that motherhood is an incredible journey :). Wishing you the very best, both for the remainder of your pregnancy and for your delivery. We are looking forward to seeing some pictures of your little one on your blog! Take care and God bless!
    - KS

  84. i just finished eating this dosa for lunch. thanks for the quick and easy recipe. a blessing for a mom with an active 9 month old as u will soon find out :)
    wishing u a healthy pregnancy and a great time ahead!!

  85. wow, congrats on your community garden plot. Sounds great, love your zucchini dosa recipe and pics both :)

  86. What a wonderful news!! Heartiest Congratulations Nupur! God bless you all.

  87. Congrats Nupur, you'll make a wonderful mom!

  88. congratulations. ive never said hi but come to your blog so so often. this was the perfect opportunity to say hi and i feel so happy and excited for you guys, though i know you only through the blog.
    best wishes nupur!

  89. When I started reading V and I...... I thought you're going to tell us about a baby. I was a little disappointed when it was just a veggie patch :) But you did tell us about the baby... congratulations to both of you!

  90. Hearty congratulations Nupur. I amexcited for you guys!


  92. Congratulations Nupur!!
    Lots of good wishes for a healthy pregnancy and speedy labor!
    My daughter is 2 and now she loves hearing stories about "when she was a baby". Happy to hear that you are having a girl too. You two will be great parents.


  93. Congratulations Nupur. Cherish every single day.. right now and after the baby. B'coz you will soon realise how time flies.

    Yours is the only food blog I keep coming back to. And I am super excited that soon very soon, we will see some easy to prepare toddler foods. :)

    Hope you find the time to pursure your hobbies after the baby too.

    lots of best wishes.

  94. Heartiest Congratulations Nupur.
    I have been reading your blog for a long time and have loved reading it. Being a Maharashtrian, I have been able to relate to many things in you blog.
    Looking forward for the good news.

  95. Great news. Congrats.. And definitely please post a picture of the little one as soon as you are able to.. :-) TC

  96. Congrats Nupur!!!!!! I am due at the same time as well!!! I loved the quick dosas.They remind me of akki roti- i grate squashes and add them to my akki roti.But of course, this recipe is much simpler!

  97. Heartiest congratulations Nupur! Great news n I wish you guys the very best!
    I have cooked lot of things off your blog and have it bookmarked since many years. One of my fav blogs!
    :) TC

  98. Hearty congratulations to you and V! Hope you must be having a good time now and then. Take care. :)

  99. PJ- Thank you- I'm sure it will be an eventful journey :)

    Bala- Thank you- I hope you're all enjoying a fantastic summer! Any plans of visiting St. Louis soon?

    Namita- Thank you so much!

    My Kids- Thanks!

    Mauli- Thanks :) My prediction with Dale is that he will mostly ignore the baby- he's too busy with his own napping schedule most of the time.

    Neha- Thanks!

    KS- Thanks for the sweet wishes, and for taking the time to leave a comment. I am so glad you are enjoying some of the recipes on my blog.

    Nikita- Thanks for trying the recipe, and for the good wishes!

    Priya (Y) M- Thanks- we do enjoy the garden plot even with our limited success.

    SonaliC- Thank you!

    nandini- Thanks for the sweet wishes!

    Raaga- Thanks!

  100. Sangeetha- Thank you :)

    Anupama- Thanks!

    Anu- Thanks- we will do our best, that's for sure!

    Manali- Thank you- I'm going to try my best to find a balance with work, family, hobbies and the rest of it :)

    Anjali- Thanks!

    TC- Thanks :)

    Preeti Kashyap- Congratulations and best wishes to you too!

    Snehal- Thanks!

    Sonia- Thank you :)

  101. I normally check your blog quite frequently but I guess this time I was one of the last ones to read about your big news!! (lets blame it on my 6 mo. old ;-) Heartiest congratulations and best wishes for every step of the way. Have a safe and happy delivery and happy parenting! btw, your garden story sounds very similar to mine...we finally managed to get a few cucumbers, couple of eggplants and a handful of tomatoes so leaves(which I was told grows almost as ferociously as a weed) is still struggling to live in my yard :( Anyways, lets keep trying!

  102. Congratulations Nupur :) good luck and best wishes.its like someone close to me announced this news!

    The gourd dosa is a master stroke = like a great cheela

  103. Congratulations Nupur, Wish you a happy pregnancy and safe delivery

  104. Congratulations Nupur!!!

    And this recipe is bang on what I need with the zucchinis taking up so much space in fridge.

    Talking of bucket list. Your mushroom pulav is on my list.

  105. Hey Nupur, Hearty Congratulations!!! I don't have a blog, but I regularly visit your blog to keep my hubby's palate happy and also his love for me ;-). With this wonderful news, how about having a RoundUp on pregnancy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Snacks too :-). I am sure you are following some routine. It would be great if you could share them with all moms-to-be :-)

  106. Hi,
    Delurking to say 'Congratulations'. Love your blog and have tried many recipes with success.

  107. Dear Nupur,
    Heartiest congrats. My relationship with your Blog started with gharge...and now this amazing piece of News with zucchini dosas...
    This will be definitely an amazing Experience, enjoy it...

  108. Hey a big fat congratulations to you and V. Hope you are enjoying all the yummy stuff your family sent along with your sis in full gusto! this is the time to eat well without watching calories ;)

    Loved your blog always. I like cooking but I always used to ( and still do) look forward to the hobbies' update on your blog. It will now be interesting to see what you make for your sweetpea. Knitting sweaters? make cotton baby pompoms? sew a cute frock/shirt? WOW. please put up the pics. Best wishes on the labor and delivery. I know your baby will be healthy, beautiful and very talented just like mom :) There are many many good vibes/wishes/thoughts coming your way. God bless!


  109. HI
    I am lakshmi. Congrats. Hope everything goes smooth. My first comment in any blog. Good job and keep it up. I made veg biriyani and now i am ur fan.

  110. Congrats Nupur. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and happy days ahead bonding with the little one. I stopped by to say your zucchini dosa is a hit in my house. I am posting it on my blog. Take care!

  111. Rashmi- Thank you very much for the sweet wishes! And here's to better success with acquiring a green thumb for us both :)

    Miri- Aww- thank you for saying that! My blog friends mean a lot to me even if we have never met in person.

    chefhema- Thank you!

    stringOfPearls- Thanks :) the mushroom pulav is delicious, hope you get a chance to try it.

    Sheetal- Thanks! Is pregnancy food supposed to be something special? Because I just ate like I normally do, enjoyed all the foods I ate before : :)

    Amita- Thank you very much!

    Shivangi- Thank you :)

    Manu- I'll definitely try and post pics of some of the handmade things I have been making for baby. Thanks so much for your sweet wishes!

    lakshmi- I am so glad the veg biryani worked for you- thanks for leaving a nice note!

    Mandira- Thanks for the wishes, and I am so glad the zucchini dosa worked for you :)


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