Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog Bites 5: Sandwiches and Wraps

We've had a couple of tricky, off-beat themes for Blog Bites in the past editions, but this month, the theme is as simple and straightforward as can be- Sandwiches & Wraps.

These foods are on my mind because summer is here in its full sticky sultry glory, along with the annual quota of picnics, trips and vacations. Lighter meals are perfect for eating on the go, great for lunch boxes and easy on the body when the weather gets too hot.

The theme of sandwiches lends itself to a journey around the world to sample, say, English cucumber tea sandwiches, Indian chutney sandwiches, classic American grilled cheese and Mexican tortas. Burgers and hot dogs are also included, and our delightful vada pav is definitely part of the deal. Similarly, wraps are an opportunity to travel the globe, trying recipes for burritos, frankies, kati rolls and falafel-stuffed pitas, to mention just a few of the possibilities.

You don't have to stick to classic combinations from particular cuisines. Sandwiches and wraps are also the perfect vehicle for summer produce, to use up leftovers and to create new flavor combinations using whatever you have on hand. You could also try to find recipes to replicate sandwiches and wraps you love eating in restaurants and fast food chains.

This theme is pretty broad and you are welcome to use your imagination to interpret it. For instance, you could try recipes to make sandwich bread from scratch, or to make rolls (pav), or to try making your own sandwich spreads, such as preserves, nut butters and home-made mayonnaise. You could even try making sandwich dhokla as a savory treat. For a sweet treat, sandwich cookies would hit the spot, as would ice cream sandwiches.

It is easy to fall into a rut when it comes to sandwiches and lunch ideas, so here is a chance to look though your bookmarked recipes and browse the archives of your favorite blogs, and find new favorites to add to your repertoire. As long as your recipe clearly ties in with the theme of Sandwiches & Wraps (and is inspired by another blogger, of course), it will be included.

The Rules

  1. From now until July 25, look through your favorite blogs and try out recipes that fit the theme Sandwiches & Wraps. The recipe has to come from another blog. This is the whole premise of the Blog Bites event, so please turn to other blogs for inspiration.
  2. Write a post telling us about the recipe you tried, with the following: (a) A link to the recipe on the inspiring blog, (b) A link to this post announcing the event (c) Picture of your dish.
  3. Please do not copy a recipe word for word from another blog- that would be both illegal and unethical. Either re-write the recipe in your own words, or simply add a link to the recipe. One of the reasons I am hosting this event is to promote the idea of cooking from blogs while giving them due credit.
  4. Please make sure your entry meets all the rules above. Then, send me the link (URL) of your entry, either by leaving a comment on this post, or using the contact form. You can send in as many entries as you like.
  5. I will acknowledge the entries you send in by leaving a comment on your post and thanking you for the entry within 2-3 days. Check back on July 26 to see the round-up.

Thank you for your participation!


  1. let me try to participate in this one :)

    Would your rice paper rolls be OK?

  2. This is just the thing I need! I am always stuck in a rut for sandwich and wrap fillings but can now source them all from this event!
    Maybe I'll do an entry too... :)
    - Neha S.

  3. jacquistylewithjacquiJune 28, 2010 10:23 AM

    aw-chh! let me see what i can create cos i love sandwiches.

  4. Its almost as if you knew I was on a Sandwich diet :) I will have to find something now!

  5. I have two great recipes bookmarked and I am going to try and send those this time. Love the theme.

  6. Nupur, a wonderful idea, Will surely participate, I have quite a few of such recipes bookmarked, so now is the time to try them out :)

  7. hey ,its a lovely theme again..pls do count me in...have so many bookmarked recipes..

  8. nice theme, Count me in, Loved the beautiful chrochet

  9. Oh my gosh I love that little crochet sandwich at the top, so cute!!

  10. Hi Nupur,
    Can you tell what kind of bread you've used in the shredded cheese sandwich picture? Also, where could I find it?
    Thanks, Swati.

  11. Raaga- Yes, the rice paper wraps would fit into the theme.

    Rachana- That's why I thought it would be appropriate :)

    Neha S.- I'm always looking for fresh sandwich ideas too.

    bhagyashri- A sandwich diet sounds mighty tasty to me!

    Mints!- Great, looking forward to your entries.

    Priya- Sounds great!

    sonu-Glad you like the theme.

    Niloufer Riyaz- Thanks!

    Megan- Thanks :) it was a fun little project.

    Swati- It is a crusty roll, not sure what the specific name is, you can find it wherever fresh bread is sold like bakeries and the bread section of good food markets.

  12. Is that really shredded cheese filling in the sandwich? Looks more like small pieces of rice stick noodles and some greens..I am inspired to send a vietnamese style entry....:-)

  13. Thanks to this theme, one of my drafts finally got posted!

  14. hi Nupur
    i am new to food blogging, have bookmarked many, will send in my entry. Crochet is beautiful

  15. Looks so good and inviting...

  16. Hey Nupur.. this BB theme sounds like fun. I often make burger patty from other blogs. But I am a bit busy this month, will see if I manage to churn out anything suitable. Hope new job is going well. Cheerio.

  17. Hi Nupur,

    Here is my entry for the event.

    This by the way is a wonderful summer theme. I hope I can come up with a few more recipes before the deadline.

  18. Hi Nupur,

    Here is my entry for the event..

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful theme..


  19. Hello Nupur,

    Here is my entry for the event..

    Love the theme..

  20. Hi Nupur
    lovely theme
    this is my entry

  21. Hi Nupur,
    Nice Theme. Had questions, is it ok if the recipe comes from some youtube video and not from a blog?
    I guess that should be fine, isnt it?


  22. Tanmaya- The recipe has to come from a blog. You Tube video recipes are not eligible for this theme. Thanks!

  23. Hi Nupur,

    Here is entry for the event...

    Thanks for hosting.


  24. Nupur, here is my entry for this event: Cheese Pesto Sandwich with Veggie Pattie and Veggies

  25. HI Nupur,

    Here is my first entry for BB5...

  26. Nupur here is my next entry:

  27. Hey Nupur.. I just posted Lettuce Wraps Not sure if those qualify for this theme. Feel free to decide either way. Cheers!

  28. Hi Nupur

    This is my entry

    I hope Non veg recipes are ok?


  29. Here's my entry:

    Happy eating!


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