Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Adaptation Edition Round-Up, and Your Chance to Vote

Here they are- bloggers taking on the challenge, adapting the recipes of other food blogs to fit their own tastes and their own needs. A recipe is a mere suggestion, a starting point, a source of inspiration, how it evolves is up to the cook.

I hope you enjoy reading each post, that you discover new blogs and find new recipes to try. At the end of the round-up you can put in a 
vote for your favorite entry.

Snacks & Condiments

We kick off this round-up on the right note with an ode to adaptation written by Maya of Palate Ticklers. She adapted super-crispy potato wadas from Holy Cow! and added some soft bread to the potato mixture to make her version of potato tikkis.

Indosungod of Daily Musings adapted mint vadai from A Peek Into My Kitchen, adding more green goodness in the form of spinach and coriander leaves to make spinach and mint paruppu vadai to be shared over a chat with good friends.

Shilpa of Thoughts and Pots adapted carrot masala vada from Sailu's Kitchen and used a variety of dals and some spinach to make her version of dal vadas.

Here at One Hot Stove, I adapted crustless spinach, onion and feta quiche from Baking Bites to a muffin pan format and used broccoli and cheddar to make broccoli mini quiches.

Jayasri Ravi of Samayal Arai adapted onion paneer calzones from My Diverse Kitchen, adding quinoa and soy flours to the dough and tofu and peas to the filling to make a unique version of calzones.

Purnima of Fantasy Cooking adapted spinach and feta pockets from Foodie's Hope and used puff pastry squares instead of crescent rolls to make spinach feta puffs.

Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes adapted Chinese-style chapati noodles from Dishes from My Kitchen and made an Indianized version of egg chapati noodles.

Anaamica of A Slice of Life adapted masala puri from Aayi's Recipes, using some store bought ingredients and changing some spices to make her own version of masala puri.

JK of The Gujju Ben Cooks (a  newly minted food blogger; this is the first recipe she has posted) adapted Tarla Dalal's handvo from Mitho Limdo and used the batter to make handva uttapams instead.

Piya at Indian Food Court adapted bean guacamole from One Hot Stove and used chickpeas and fresh mint to make her version of minty guacamole hummus.

Umm Mymoonah of Taste of Pearl City adapted asparagus chutney from Health Nut and used white asparagus, tomato and seasoning to make a South Indian style asparagus chutney.

Main dishes

Nithu Bala of Nithu's Kitchen adapted chow-chow varuval from Geetha Achal and modified it with sambar powder and oats to make chayote fry.

Suparna of The Spice Rack adapted Punjabi aloo from Tasty Palettes and added some okra into the mix to make restaurant-style Punjabi aloo bhindi.

Harini of Tamalapaku adapted peanut-sesame sauce from Veggie Platter and used roasted chana dal instead of peanuts to make a new masala base and this carrot beans peas gravy. She also adapted pineapple gojju from Veggie Platter to make a very innovative strawberry gojju.

Preeti Kashyap of Relishing Recipes adapted paneer kofta curry from Kitchen Tantra and used mozzarella cheese instead to make a delectable cheese kofta curry.

Sonia of Seven Spice adapted sarson da saag from Mahanandi, skipped the mustard greens and used tofu instead of paneer to make palak da saag.

Jaya Wagle of Desi Soccer Mom adapted palak paneer from Mahanandi and blended in some tips from a vah chef video to come up with her version of palak paneer.

notyet100 of Asankhana adapted an incredible chana recipe from Eat and Dust and made it sans potatoes and cooked a Bengali thali with recipes from Bong Mom's Cookbook and Kichu Khon.

Denny of Oh Taste N See adapted lamb stir-fry from Live To Eat and used chicken and scallions instead to make bell pepper chicken fry.

Niloufer of Kitchen Samraj adapted babycorn pulao from Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes, using thin vermicelli noodles instead of rice to make mint n babycorn vermicelli pulao.

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes adapted coconut milk vegetable pilaf from Ruchikacooks and made her own version of coconut vegetable pulao.

At SS Blogs Here, SS adapted methi-avarekalu rice from Aayi's Recipes and took the beans-in-pulao concept to make chawli vegetable pulao.

Meera of Enjoy Indian Food adapted vangi bhat from Holy Cow! and switched up the base grain to make this innovative vangi quinoa instead.

Steph of Stephfood adapted a South African stew called tomato bredie from Fork Spoon Knife and used seitan instead to make a vegetarian version of tomato bredie.

Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe adapted tofu in a tomato ginger sauce from Mostly Eating and used red peppers and cayenne pepper to make her version of tofu cooked in a tomato, lemongrass and ginger sauce.


Bala of A Life Journey Together adapted mango peda from Red Chillies and scaled it up to feed 40 hungry folks with her mango pedas for a crowd.

Anaamica of A Slice of Life adapted jaangri from Tamalapaku using saffron instead of food color to make picture perfect, golden jaangri; she also explains the difference between jalebi and jaangri.

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal of Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes adapted kalakand from Mahanandi for a Mother's Day treat.

SS of SS Blogs Here started out wanting to make finger millet cookies from Aayi's Recipes but ended with these tasty brown pittye laddoos.

Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen adapted and translated a South African recipe to make South African crunchies with the added goodness of whole wheat flour and flaxseed.

Kanchan of Kitchen Gossip adapted biscuit pudding from Collaborative Curry and used molten chocolate instead of cocoa powder to make her sweet treat.

Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes adapted bread machine mango bread from Stories of an Indian Kitchen to a hand-kneaded format and added some sweetness and chocolate chips to make mango chocolate chip bread.

At One Hot Stove, I adapted strawberry bread from Vintage Victuals, halving the recipe and adding some whole wheat goodness to make a loaf of strawberry quick bread.

At Look Who's Cooking Too, the blogger adapted Pear Bread from Smitten Kitchen, having the recipe, adding walnuts and using oil instead of butter to make a Pear Walnut Loaf.

Soma of eCurry adapted mini lemon bundt cakes from Sunita's World to fit a round cake pan and used a dreamy strawberry cream filling to make strawberry lime cake, the sheer incarnation of Spring.

Mints! of Vadani Kaval Gheta adapted chocolate cake from The Cooker by converting them into a cupcake format and spiking them with hazelnut flour to make hazelnut chocolate cupcakes; a wonderful way to enjoy the hazelnut flavor that she loves so much.

Aquadaze of Served with Love adapted a cinnamon chocolate bundt cake from Passionate About Baking and gave it the citrus treatment to make this stunning chocolate orange bundt cake.

At Cooking With Koki, she adapted opera cake from What's For Lunch, Honey?, simplified it, made the flavors her own and created a Mickey Mouse layer cake for her son's birthday.

Jagruti of Joy of Cooking adapted mango panna cotta from Cooking Pals and traveled for miles and miles to buy agar agar flakes and make her vegetarian version of alphonso mango panna cotta.

Anjali of Anna Parabrahma adapted express mango ice cream from Jugalbandi and used real dairy cream to make the last hapoos ice cream of the season.

Katie from Making Food and Other Stuff adapted “Fudge You!” High-Protein Chocolate Cake (LOL at that name) from Chocolate-Covered Healthy and made some modifications to come up with protein-packed chocolate brownies.

In turn, Lori of What Runs Lori adapted the two recipes above and made her own modifications to come up with protein brownie cakes to satisfy a sweet craving after a big helping of salad. And so the circle of adaptation goes on...

Readers and participants, you all get a chance to vote for your favorite post from all these beautiful entries.
  • Please choose ONE favorite post from the ones above, based on how closely it fits the adaptation, how tasty the dish looks and how well the post is written. 
  • Then tell me your choice in a comment on this post, or via the contact form if you want to vote anonymously. If you want, tell us what you liked about that particular entry.
  • My own entries are not eligible for this little contest.
  • I will tally the votes at 6 AM Central Time on May 312010 and the winner will get a surprise gift from me. 
Check back tomorrow for a home-style dal recipe.


  1. Hey Nupur.. really nice round-up. Thanks for hosting! Is another one coming tomorrow?

  2. Lovely collection of recipes, pics and stories. Awesome roundup!

  3. As always a mindblowing roundup, Nupur. Kudos on the theme too-- love all the cross-pollination between the blogs! :)

  4. Nice roundup Nupur. I am proud to have been a part of it. I have never done the voting part before but will visit as many as I can and then vote.

  5. with so many entries this round up must have been difficult Nupur. kudos to you for making it look so systematic.
    my vote goes to Indo's spinach and mint paruppu vadai...thats what i call green goodness to the max.

  6. Great roundup!
    I am sad though because I have a nice post, written in my mind! about Adaptations. too bad I could not make it!
    i will read thru the recipes for a vote.

  7. Nupur, lovely round up, will go through the recipes one by one as there are a lot. I have the same question as SS, do we have another round-up coming tomorrow? meaning is this just the first part as in that case, I will wait till tomorrow's to vote :)

  8. wonderful roundup !!! too many entries to vote ..

  9. Hi Priya and SS- This is the entire round-up, all entries are included here.

  10. Ok, sounds good. This is a lot of entries already! Actually I meant to ask whether you have another edition of "blog bites" ie #4 coming tomorrow or anytime next month. :) Cheerio!

  11. Hi Nupur,

    thanks for doing a wonderful round up. There are so many lovely entries, making this a very difficult one to vote. I am going through each one of them, and will vote very soon.

    On a side note, the link to Aayis recipe is not working in this part of the roundup - "Anaamica of A Slice of Life adapted masala puri from Aayi's Recipes, using some store bought ingredients and changing some spices to make her own version of masala puri.".

    Just thought I would let you know, so that you can fix it.

  12. Awesome round up Nupur...glad I took part in this beautiful event..

  13. all dishes looks delicious and yum.....great job dear...u hv done it so neatly...keep it up

  14. Hey, cool roundup
    Theres soo many great recipes but I would say that Joy of Cooking's Alfonso mango Panna Cotta stood out for me. Simply because it is a vegetarian dish and I know that agar agar flakes are so hard to get - not to mention expensive too. Adapted very well from the blog that she chose it from.

    so my vote goes to jagruti :)

  15. Beautifully worded and brilliantly segregated entries! Glad,cd participate..wd get a chance to read it though only on Sunday, our weekday.. shall surely vote. THanks for the lovely event n idea.

  16. SS blog here- Yes, I just announced the new theme.

    notyet100, Preeti Kashyap- Thanks!

    Vaishali- That's what I love too, we all seem to learn from each other and that's what it is all about.

    Jaya Wagle- Thanks for participating and I hope you can read most of the entries and vote for your favorite!

    Sayantani- Thanks for your vote- appreciate it!

    Sangeetha- We'll have future editions; participate whenever you can, we love having you :)

    Pavithra Srihari, Nithu Bala- Thanks

    Denny- Thanks for pointing that out, have fixed it :)

    Jagruti- I'm glad you participated too!

    Sanyukta- Thanks

    Chanel- Thanks for voting!

    Purnima- Thanks for participating and do vote when you get a chance.

  17. I loved preeti's cheese kofta curry! My daughter is for sure gonna love it! Her pics made me drool and her thoughtfulness to concoct such a lovely dish when she didn't have paneer was motivating!

  18. Lovely roundup. My vote goes to Kanchan's biscuit pudding adaptation.

  19. I loved Min't Chocolate hazelnut cupcakes, just because I love a good cupcake and Mint's did an awesome job making them vegan. :) Haven't gone through all the entries but so far hers stand out.

  20. Awesome roundup, my vote goes to Umm mymoonah's asparagus chutney..

  21. I would like to vote for Preeti Kashyap's Cheese Kofta Curry.

  22. Hi!
    Whew so many adaptations .My vote goes to the potato tikkis made by Maya of Palate Ticklers.This is our all time favourite and my lil daughter loves them.

  23. wow this shows so much about how blogging works - so much great adapting around the web and this is how new recipes develop - I want to vote for so many but will give my vote to Kanchan's biscuit pudding sweet treat

  24. My vote goes to Niloufer's vermicelli Pulao..

  25. I would like to vote for Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen. I cannot believe she actually took the trouble to translate the recipe, and then adapt it to make it more healthy. This is a wonderful event, and I love to have been a part of it.

  26. Busy weekend. So haven't really got a chance to see all the entries yet. But won't be able to go through all today either. Terrific turn out.

    As much as I have seen, my vote goes for Swathi's Zesty Kitchen for the translated recipe and subsequent adaptation. Cheers!

  27. Hi Nupur, what a lovely round-up so many recipes, I am sorry I couldn't do it this time too.., I have not been doing well again, migraine attack and a very busy schedule!!, I think after turning 40 is nicely rubbing of on me with my health!!., slowly I need to look into everybody's blog!!


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