Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Bites #3: Adaptation

Blog Bites is an event where we cook from other blogs, with a different theme for each month. The credit for this month's theme goes to SS who blogs here

She shared her idea on this post where I was asking for suggestions for themes, saying 
"One thing that struck me as a theme, maybe its been done, I don't know.. am mentioning the thought here anyway - Make a dish from another blog, but change one major ingredient to create a variation. ex: Palak Paneer becomes Aloo Palak becomes Green Rice becomes Palak Chicken becomes Green Egg Curry... etc. Spices might not change too much, but one ingredient is totally changed to get a new dish."
I liked it, so that's the theme for this month: Adaptation. As in modification, alteration, adjustment and interpretation. Most of us who like to cook do it already- changing recipes around to suit our needs and whims. In ecology, adaptation is the way organisms learn to fit in better with their surroundings. In the home, adaptation helps the cook to do  their best within the environment of their own kitchen.

So choose a recipe from another blog and give it your own spin.

There are many ways you could adapt a recipe- By making a meat recipe vegetarian or vegan to suit your dietary needs. By making a recipe eggless because you don't eat eggs. By replacing nuts or gluten in a recipe because of food allergies. By substituting ingredients that are not available where you live. By adapting fried food to a baked format or adding whole grains to a recipe for a healthier alternative. By adapting a cake recipe into a muffin format for portion control. By adapting a small-scale recipe to a large scale to feed a crowd. The adaptation does not just have to mean swapping out ingredients; it can be any sort of change in the recipe.

There are endless possibilities so let your imagination run free!

The Rules
  1. From now until May 25, try a recipe from another blog and adapt it in some way. That's the theme of the month- Adaptation.
  2. The recipe has to come from another blog. This is the whole premise of the Blog Bites event, so please turn to other blogs for inspiration. 
  3. Write a post telling us about the recipe you tried, with the following: (a) a link to the recipe on the other blog that inspired you, (b) a link to this post, (c) a picture of your final dish.
  4. Please do not copy recipes word for word from another blog- that would be both illegal and unethical. Either re-write the recipe in your own words with the adaptation, or simply tell us the modifications you made. One of the reasons I am hosting this event is to promote the idea of cooking from blogs while giving them due credit.
  5. Please make sure your entry meets all the rules above. Then, send me the link (URL) of your entry, either by leaving a comment on this post, or using the contact form. 
  6. You can send in as many entries as you like.
I will acknowledge the entries you send in by leaving a comment on your post. Check back on May 26 to see the round-up. We'll ask readers to vote for their favorite entry and I will send that participant a gift.

Thank you for your participation!

Dale's Tales
So I had the brilliant idea of baking dog treats. I have many dogs in my life- Dale is the resident pooch but the two neighbors who I am very close to and meet on a regular basis are also owned by dogs, and I am on a first-name basis with dozens of other dogs in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I chose this recipe for
pumpkin peanut butter treats (do read the post for the incredible story of the blogger's dog). This would be an example of adaptation (theme of this month's Blog Bites event) because (a) I used cooked carrots instead of pumpkin and (b) adapted the dough-making to a food processor instead of a stand mixer. 

  1. Chop 3 medium carrots into large chunks. Cook in a small saucepan with some water until the carrots are tender. Let them cool.
  2. Place the carrots in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a metal blade. Puree them.
  3. Add the following to the food processor and made a stiff dough (dribble in water, but only if required): 2 cups whole wheat flour, half cup old-fashioned oats, 2 eggs, 3 tbsp. peanut butter, sprinkle of salt
  4. Roll the dough and cut into shapes or diamonds. 
  5. Bake at 350 F until they are dry. 

With great enthusiasm, I offered a freshly-baked treat to Dale. He sniffed it, turned his head away, refused the treat and walked away to his bed.
I've never been so humiliated in my life. The dog who loves to gobble half-eaten, discarded, moldy muffins from the sidewalk refused to eat my baked goods.

My ego recovered only after I gave a bag of treats to Shanti, my friend's husky, and watched her gobble them down.

Here's Shanti: how beautiful is she? She has a very petite build as huskies go (her growth is stunted because she was malnourished as a pup, before my friends rescued and adopted her), and has one brown eye and one gray-blue eye. Such a doll. And she eats my treats, thank goodness.

When I first heard her name, I was very intrigued because Shanti is a popular Indian name and her parents are not from India. Turns out they have many friends from India and they liked the meaning of the name- it means "peace". They wanted this sweet dog to know some peace and joy once they adopted her.

Interestingly, all the dogs I know have been rescued- some of them are purebred dogs and others are one-of-a-kind mutts. All have been cast away and homeless at some point in their lives. But that's history; they are now living in homes surrounded by love and care. For me, the way a pet comes into a person's life matters a great deal. People who bring home shelter dogs/ street dogs (or cats or other pets) are very special to me.

And with this post, I send my love to the gorgeous
Lucy, she of the golden fur, who is recovering from a difficult surgical procedure. All ye dog lovers, please send healing thoughts her way!

I am off on a short vacation, so things will be a little quiet around the blog for a few days. I'll be back on May 4th with the results of the
blog bites contest- please keep on reading the fantastic entries and voting, and have a great weekend. 


  1. Enjoy your vacation, Nupur! Will try to come up with something for BB #3.

  2. Sounds like lots of fun. The adaptation is something I do a lot. How funny the way you described your dog refusing your treat! Peace, Stephanie

  3. Hey Nupur.. There was no need to credit so much and so clearly, yaar! :D I didn't realize you might quote my comment up there. Next time I will use more professional phraseology! ;) I like that you have elaborated on so many possible adaptations. Thanks for hosting these events! We are having good fun here participating! Have a good break!

  4. Dale seems to be quite particular about his likes and tastes. Have a great vacation!

  5. :) Funny about Dale and the treats, but don't lose hope yet! Lucy used to hate carrots too-- until about a year ago when she suddenly started to eat them. Strange, those dogs!
    And I can vouch that your treats were loved very much by my three wagging tails. Thanks!
    I like the adaptation theme-- something I do all the time as a vegan cook. Will definitely come up with something.

  6. I think Dale was showing his appreciation for you by refusing the treat so there is more for you :)...I am sure that's what he is thinking in his little doggie brain. Because that's what I think my infant is doing when he spits his dal rice, that I painstakingly cooked and mashed for him, right into my face.
    Btw the treats look delish! Can I make them for myself?
    Belated happy returns!

  7. Shanti loves these treats more than her other treats. She's so lucky to have such a wonderful neighbor, Dale, who has a mommy that is so sweet!
    Have a wonderful vacation!

  8. Sending healing thoughts to Lucy (she seems darling)

    I am going to try and participate atleast in this version of blogbites- missed the last one inspite of having ideas AND

    Enjoy your vacation!

  9. It is always such a pleasure to read your posts, Nupur! Honestly, I come here as much to read your posts as for the recipes. Dale might be having one of his 'i hate carrots' days (I do); offer him another day and he might gobble up the entire plate (or even better, tell him Shanti loves it and thats got to bring some possessiveness to make him like the treats :D)

  10. Loved the theme. I will be cooking something up :)

    Funny Dale! But Shanti got more because of him ;) I suddenly have three pooches in my life. We dont have one of our own but we happily dog sit them. One just left for her own home this Monday and we are missing her.
    Lots of love to Dale, Shanti and Lucy!!

    Enjoy your vacations.

  11. Ha ha ha .. Dale makes me smile always ... the way your mentioned "I've never been so humiliated in my life." :D funny !

    He must be expecting many more pampers till he obliges to eat the goodies.

  12. My neighbour has the cutest labrador called Doginder :) and he was an abandoned pup.

    I am not comfortable with the idea of having a pet at home... so I guess there will never be a question of where mine came from :)

  13. Dale= smile!!!
    Shanti is SO beautiful!
    I hope I can make something. he last month was crazy and this one promises to be the same, planning a trip to India.. hopefully it will all work out.

  14. Dale and my dog Duke(also a Lab rescue) will make a fine pair! Duke is also very finicky- so when I read about Dale's reaction, could not help giving my Duke a hug and telling him he had a mate in St. L.

  15. hahaa, i liked the anticlimax of your story - Dale refusing your fresh baked goody - but good girl Shanti made up for it ;)Will see if I manage to make something by these rules and send you :)

    Shanti is quite a looker :)


  16. The baked goody sure looks delicious wt carrot n bake..two words to vouch for its 'healthy' factor :D
    Dale is quite picky like one of my two kids :D Shanti is cute as well!
    Loved ur theme, will try to get into this theme!

  17. Hi Nupur,

    Your pumpkin-carrot treats look very tasty-good enough for a human snack-perhaps with a little sugar added? Dale does not know what he's missing !
    Enjoy your vacation,

  18. Thanks for hosting another blog bites! I love these round ups. It's so much fun and really motivates me to look at other people's blogs for recipes instead of just good reading :)

    I wanted to let you know that I have bestowed on you the great honor of "Sunshine Award" :) You can check it out here, but it basically just means you're awesome! Thanks for some great blogging :)

  19. Dale: :-D

    I like the adaptation theme; for me I always change things around even when I am following a well loved recipe. Here is my link to the cake which I adapted from Sunita's Blog:

  20. hi Nupur, lovely theme, I am in for it!!, I love adapting changes in recipes!, Last one was so great a round-up, A lot of lovely dishes to choose from!!

  21. Anonymous- Looking forward to your entry.

    Stephanie- Yes, adaptation is something I do a lot too, and that's what keeps recipes interesting.

    SS- No need for professional writing; don't feel so self-conscious! And I hope you participate :)

    Preeti Kashyap- Yes, he's very picky- sigh!

    Vaishali- I'm so glad your pups liked the treats, my ego is recovering from the blow :)
    I look forward to your entry!

    Sangeetha- I like how your defending my spoilt dog :D
    Add some cinnamon and sugar and do make these treats for yourself- why not?!

    RandiSue- No, we're lucky to have you for neighbors! We'll be so sorry to see you move away- sob!

    Lavanya- I do hope you participate in this edition :)

    PJ- What a nice thing to say, thank you so much! And guess what, you are absolutely right about Dale's psychology, when he saw his friends eating the treats, he started eating them out of sheer jealousy. Imagine that!

    Mints!- I'm looking forward to your entry- you always make such great stuff.
    How VERY nice of you to watch these pooches, that's one of the greatest gift you can give dog owners because otherwise it is so hard for them to take vacations. But yes, you do miss them when they return home, I know I do too.

    Kanchan- Yeah, right, I'll bake him treats and then pamper him until he eats them :D I sure have nothing better to do!!

    Raaga- Doginder LOL that just made my day! How cute is that? Very sweet of your neighbors to take in the pup and give him a home.

    Manasi- Enjoy your trip to India and participate if and when you can. There will be more editions in the months to come (I hope)! I'll tell Shanti what you said :)

    Reva- Aww, but I bet Duke is not so spoilt rotten! Give him a hug from me too.

    Nandita Iyer- I'll tell Shanti you said that :) she has a crush on Dale but he will have none of it!

    Purnima- I hope you can participate!

    Sonia- Yup, with some sugar and spice this will be perfect for humans too!

    radioactivegan- I just love your entries and I am hoping you'll participate in this edition too :)
    What a sweet award- thank you so much!

    Soma- Thanks for a fantastic entry! You kicked off this edition in a great way.

    jayasri- I'm looking forward to your entry!

  22. hey ,
    It was a nice experience in the prev BB event. I wish to send in our entry for this BB - Adaptation Event
    Carrot-Beans-Peas Gravy would be the entry..

  23. Nupur, here is my entry:

    I adapted Harini's winning recipe from the last event and it came out really well.

  24. THis is such a cool idea! I've never heard of Blog Bites before, but since I am a chronic recipe adapter, this was perfect for me.

    Here's my entry:

  25. Loved the BB themes again, here comes my entry for Mango bread..


  26. Very cool idea for a contest... I think I may be commenting sooner than later on an adaptation!


  27. Again, very cool idea. Here's my entry/link of me adapting the adapted! ;)

  28. Nupur,

    This is my entry.

  29. Nupur, here ismy entry for this event. I made Kalakand from Mahanandi's Blog. I used regular sugar instead of as she mentioned to add cane sugar.

  30. Hey Nupur,

    Another entry from my side..
    Strawberry Gojju

  31. hai nupur!
    Here is the link of the recipe im sending for you event:

  32. here's my entry:

    Lovely theme!

  33. Hi Nupur, here is my contribution:-

  34. HI Nupur..

    Here is my one more entry..


  35. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog, but in the meantime I HAD to tell you that I burst out laughing when I read about Dale's reaction to the treats you so lovingly prepared for him! The expression on his face is just priceless!

  36. Hey Nupur.. Here is my entry, Chawli Vegetable Pulav inspired by a Methi Avarekal Pulav from Aayi's Recipes. Do let me know if you think it is ok for your event. Cheers!

  37. Hey Nupur ... here comes my entry to your event..
    and I've adapted the recipe from

    So waiting for your round up :)

  38. Hey Nupur,

    Here is my entry for Blog Bite3


  39. Nupur:

    Here's my entry -

    I followed Vaishali's recipe for vangi bhaat

  40. Hi Nupur,
    Are recipes from established websites other than blogs are part of Blogbites.Do let me know, I will then send you my entry.Thanks
    hugs and smiles

  41. Jaya- No, this is for recipes from food blogs ONLY, not for recipes from other food-related websites. Thanks!

  42. Hey Nupur.. One more entry from me - Brown Pittye Unde (Laddoos) These were modified into laddoos from Ragi Cookies at Aayi's recipes.

  43. Hi Nupur, I enjoy reading your recipes and your posts. Here is my entry for Blog Bites # 3. It's the first time I'm writing any kind of blog, so please consider it kindly. It's an adaptation of handvo, that I made into handvo uttapams.

    Here is the link

  44. Hi Nupur,

    Have been an admirer of your blog for a long time. My entry for Blog Bites 3 is here:
    It is inspired from Live to eat's blog post - lamb stir fry with bell peppers and spinach. Thanks for coming up with this event to encourage all bloggers.

  45. Dear Nupur, This is the first time I'm going to participate in your event. I have adapted one recipe from a blog but my main concern is, that blog is in tamil. would you accept the recipe that I've adapted from a tamil blog? let me know..

  46. Nithu Bala- No problem at all, you can adapt a recipe from a blog written in any language. If you can provide the recipe in English (with your adaptations, not word for word translation) that would be very helpful. Thanks for participating!

  47. Thanks Nupur..I'l send you the entry soon..

  48. Hi Nupur!

    Great challenge! Here is the link to my entry in the challenge:
    Adaptation – Seitan Tomato Bredie

  49. Hi Nupur,

    Have been reading your blog for a long time but never posted a comment till I had to send in my entry for your wonderful event, which btw I stumbled upon while looking for kothimbeer vadi. :)
    Here's the link:

    Not quite sure how to send in the click of the entry. Do let me know if you need it in a separate email.

  50. Hi Nupur,nice theme.Here is my entry for the event.

  51. hi Nupur, here is my entry for copy cat adaptation

  52. Hi Nupur

    I love your blog and try so many things from here. No wonder my entry is inspired by another post of yours. here is my entry Minty Guacamole Hummus link is

  53. Hi Nupur, Here is my entry for your event.

  54. Hi Nupur
    Always visit your blog, inspired from it and started a blog in January 2010..First time I'm taking part in your event...

    Here is my entry for your event...

    Thanks a lot...please can you let me know you've got it...

  55. Done that Nupur...thanks!

  56. my entry for ur event

  57. Nupur, my entry for the event:

  58. Hi Nupur,
    Here is my entry to the event. Hope its fine.

  59. Hi NUpur - just catching up on your blog today and have whipped up an entry to this event as I love the theme - hope it is ok - it Tofu in a tomato, lemongrass and ginger sauce at

  60. Here is my last minute entry Nupur:


  61. Good idea to try baking dog treats. I have a site about dog treats but my dog still sometimes turns his nose up at them (not my puppy though - he eats anything!).
    from Ella
    PS - I liked your hexagon afghan too.


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