Saturday, August 15, 2009

Questions, Questions...

I've got questions, do you have the answers? ;)

A) What ingredient formed the crust on these onion rings?


B) What are the two main ingredients in this veggie burger?


C) This one is off-topic. I'm going to Boston for a long weekend, so gentle readers, do you have any suggestions for must-see, must-do, must-eat things in Boston? I don't eat seafood so the chowda is out.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! Answers to the first two questions will be posted on Sunday night.


  1. Nupur, Here is the absolute must-eat you have to do when you are in Boston: In the Italian part of town (Northend, on the green line) there is this out of the world pastry shop called Modern pastry shop. You'll spot it quickly enough, the line goes out of the door. Also, you have to try the foccacia/pizza at Upper Crust (Beacon Hill). I'm skipping the guessing game, no good at that ;)
    Have fun in Boston and say hello to all!
    Love, Shoots:)

  2. hello one hot stove,

    I was looking for indian recipes and chanced upon your blog. It is wonderful!
    If you're going to boston, try this cupcake place- its called "Sweet" and is both at harvard square and back bay. It is absolutely delish!
    Also, the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum has a wine and cheese hour every third thursday, it is a wonderful way to walk through and browse art- if that's your cup of tea.
    There is a fabulous falafel place ( very hole in the wall-like most amazing food :-))near fenway.
    Boston is a wonderful city, hope you like it!

  3. Are those onion rings baked? Crushed kettle chips?

  4. The freedom trail ( and if you get tired with all the walking, take a break and hit up the taverns.

  5. Hi Nupur:

    My recommendations for must visit places for food in Boston and Cambridge are:
    - Toscanini’s or Christina’s for ice-cream
    - Emma’s Pizza
    - Aquitaine or Metropolis Café in the South End for weekend brunch
    - Sel De La Terre (Long Wharf location) for sandwiches to go while near the waterfront
    - Rangzen Tibet restaurant on Pearl Street in Cambridge
    - L’Espalier or Oleana for a special dinner (both have vegetarian tasting menus)
    - Flour Bakery for their sticky buns
    - LA Burdick for hot chocolate and chocolate

  6. Panko in the onion rings and somehow (maybe the shape) I suspect cauliflower in the burger patty and potato.

  7. A) Panko

    B) Oats & Brown Rice

    C) Never been to Boston :(

    Have fun in Boston Nupur!


  8. Nupur. Enjoy Boston. Your culinary curiosity will be satiated there!

    I suggest if you like tea, to go to Harvard square and try Tealuxe. It's a small shop, but you can get teas from everywhere there. It's my favorite place!

  9. Hi Nupur, I think the crust for the onion rings is rice.
    And I guess the two ingredients in the burger are soy granules and chopped onion.

  10. -Tamarind Bay in Cambridge or Brookline for Indian food (this is not the run-of-the mill stuff!). Chef Wali is a pupil of Sanjeev Kapoor and has some excellent dishes.

    -Elephant Walk for French-Cambodian in Cambridge ... lots of veggie options - remember to get the spring roll here

    -If you are in mood for Afghani food, go to Helmand.

    -Finale exclusive dessert place in Cambridge or Natick ... a must visit!

    -And as Sameera said, Rangzen.

    Ok now to your pics - here come the wild guesses ...
    A- Coconut??
    B-Potato and Corn??

  11. panko (Japanese bread crumbs) for Onion rings.

    Oats in burger?

  12. is it semolina ?

  13. Nupur Please see julie and Julia movie..for some reason I thought of you when i saw that movie (amy adams)


  14. Boiled/Cooked Rice for the onion rings ant boiled potatoes and onion for the veggie burger...

    I love ur blog..i chanced upon it...and I have tried few of ur recipes and they have turned out quite nice...


  15. Hi Nupur

    Cooked rice for the onion rings and boiled potatoes and onions for the veggie burger.

    I just chanced upon your blog and tried few of the recipes posted ...they really turned out good...keep up the good work


  16. beans (rajma type) in the burger... I'm tempted to say coconut in the batter for the rings...but I know I'm wrong :)

  17. 1. cornflakes.
    2. potato.
    a question for you now : i can never get my onion rings to crisp and stay that way. how do you fry yours?

  18. hi nupur,
    the main ingredient that forms onion ring crust is vermicelli.
    and two main ingredients in veggie burger is black eyed peas and kidney beans.

    good day and have a nice trip.

  19. Bartley's Burgers in Harvard Square (Red Line - Harvard Station) is AWESOME for burgers. I highly recommend the "Tom Brady"! Also, Charlies Kitchen on Eliot St. in Harvard Square has AMAZING food and a great atmosphere. I was just at Charlie's on Thursday and got a cheeseburger and onion rings for under $5. Also, if you are at all crafty, Windsor Button Shop on Temple Pl. is a GREAT resource for yarn, buttons and other crafty items. The young girl at the counter can be a bit surly (I think she may need a sandwich), but the rest of the people there are awesome and so helpful.

    I hope you enjoy your trip, Boston is a great place!

  20. dont have answers to ur qestions but the platter looks yum,..

  21. answer to A - looks like rice

  22. Nupur,
    Saturday morning try to get to Haymarket. Huuuge outdoor fresh food, veggies, fruit,etc etc market. My husband says if you get tired, stop at Al Capone's for a "slice". He recommends the cheese pizza. Fanuel Hall is nearby for shopping and this is walkable (as long as you're not carrying 30 lbs of produce & stuff). Other places to see Boston Common, Little Italy, Chinatown.
    Check out the Boston Vegetarian Society webpage
    for everything veggie in the area.

    You are going to have such a good time!!


  23. panko on the onion rings.
    burger: potato and lentil.

  24. Coarse rice flour for the onion rings.

    Potato and soya granules for the veggie burger.

  25. rice is for onion ring and vegetable patties and bun are two main ingrediants in vegee burgur. thanks

  26. vermicelli on the onion rings and soya and onions in the burger

  27. If you're up for at least one touristy thing, I really enjoyed the Boston Duck Tour.

    Great City ... have fun!

  28. Hi Nupur,

    Don't think I've left a comment here before but I'm a long time lurker. :) Love your blog!

    Boston's a beautiful city. I hope you enjoy your trip here. The duck tour is a great way to get to know the city in a short time. The Beacon Hill area and the North End are both very rich architecturally.

    Food-wise, here are some of my favorites -- Oleana (great veg. tasting menu), Ten Tables (2 locations), Helmand (Afghani), Toro (tapas, great veg. paella), Emma's (pizza)... For some great cheap eats, try Anna's Taqueria (multiple locations), Pho Pasteur (in Chinatown), and Rod Dee (Thai).

  29. Onions rings-firast I thought Panko, then thought....looks like coconut! Veggie burgers-dahl and potatoes.

    Boston-must stop in to Elephant Walk for French-Cambodian in Cambridge and my absolute favourite spot is the East Coast Grill has simply the best spicey offerings.

    We're SF foodies but Boston has some awesome spots to eat. Be sure and walk the Freedom Walk and tote along a camera.

  30. 1. Crushed Cornflakes or Coconut
    2. I see a wheat grain like ingredient in the photo. And Nutrela maybe ?

    BTW, since you are an avid book reader, here's a recommendation - 'The Hindi Bindi club'. Got it from the library and I am hooked.

    Enjoy your Boston trip.

  31. breadcrumbs
    2 ingredients - potato and cabbage

  32. 1. is it the Panco bread crumbs?
    2. Tofu and potato?

    Have fun in Boston and thank you for posting such wonderful recipes!

  33. No idea about the burger, Is the crust on the onion rings made from Panko?

  34. HI Nupur-

    I am a big fan of your blog .Never got around to leaving a comment until now though.

    Have a gr8 timein Boston !

    To answer your question:

    1) Panko?

    2)Nutrella and beetroot?


  35. Cornflakes for the onion rings?
    Sweet potato and umm... veges(hah!)?
    Hope u have a LOVELY weekend!

  36. Onion Rings - Bread crumbs powder
    Burger - Potato, Beetroot and Egg binding.

    At Boston do visit, Capecod, Duck Boat Ride, Harvard campus. I know only these places :)

    Have fun and get some foodie pics!


  37. Both recipes bookmarked.. Thanks... I am bookmarking your bookmark project! :)

  38. The Onion rings look good. I love Ellie Krieger's recipes. I have tried her Mocha Cake, Quiche, Grilled Zucchini with goat cheese, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and everything was delicious.

    Being a Bostonian, my recommendations are -
    (1) Aquitaine and Union Bar and Grill in Boston
    (2) Upstairs at the Square in Harvard Sq, Cambridge
    (3) Fire and Ice in Harvard Sq, Cambridge
    (4) Dante at Hotel @Royal Sonesta
    (5) Top of the Hub for magnificent views of Boston city
    (6) Mantra - Indian French fusion food
    (7) Mikes Pastry - Northend
    (8) Masa Grill
    and the list can go on and on!
    Enjoy your trip to Boston.

  39. In Boston, try this place called Miracle of Science - they have a great veggie burger which comes with a chutney-like sauce. Very good. Their menu is nerdy - set up like a periodic table for the elements (think chemistry class).

  40. Coconut in the rings? they don't sound right, but thats what it looks like to me!

  41. Awesome, Nupur! I just got back from a trip to Boston. I used to live there and it was quite a nostalgia filled trip for me :).

    Here's some of the must-see, must-do things:

    Food: Boston area has the best ice-cream places: Toscanini's and Christina's. And the best tea-shops: Tealuxe and Dado Tea for the starters. And for nostlagia sake, i love Diesel cafe'. Also try Finagle a Bagle, they have good bagles, i like their Jalapeno bagle and some of their bagle sandwiches are good :). I absolutely second everyone's recommendation of Helmand and Fire and Ice. You'll find some good Thai food places too.

    Books: Since you love books, go to Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner if possible, hands down the best bookstore, ever!

    I reommend long walks in Boston Public Garden and Boston Commons. You may like to do the Freedom Trail. Walks around the Memorial Drive/Charles.

    Are you planning on a Duck Tour? Might be worth it, takes you through a lot of site-seeing :).

    And if you have enough time, you may also like to squeeze in a trip to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.

    God! there's sooooooooo much more to do there. You'll have a great time!

  42. I concur on going to the Haymarket! There is a great foodie tour of the North End includes samples
    Bring an extra suitcase for foodie finds!


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