Monday, August 24, 2009

Good Times

Kanchan from Kitchen Gossip gave me a sweet award and asked me to list 7 interesting things about me. Instead, I'll share 7 interesting things I did this weekend, in pictures.

1. Read a book
and started another book written in a similiar vein

2. Finished knitting a scarf
Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf by Veronik Avery

3. Went to the Farmers' Market and bought a vegetable I've never cooked before
Can you guess what it is?

4. Tried a new recipe
Molly Wizenberg's Banana Bread with Crystallized Ginger and Chocolate: recipe can be found on various blogs

5. Watched 2 episodes of Foyle's War on DVD
I saw the Foyle's War series first on PBS, and I think it is the most scintillating detective series ever made. Intelligent, sensitive and studded with poignant moments and gentle humor. We have been borrowing episodes from our library and each episode is a treat.

6. Picnicked at a local winery

7. Watched my favorite dog enjoy himself at the picnic

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

I'm off on a work-related trip this week, so I'll be back in 7 days or so.


  1. so much in 1 weekend. Where do you find the time?

  2. Oh that scarf! Is the same pattern as the green one u did? it looks lovely!

  3. that's one action packed weekend!! am loving that dog and that loaf... overripe bananas in the fruit bowl are calling!!

  4. Wow, that must have been one helluva weekend.. I absolutely love the scarf colour. Is that veggie a spaghetti squash?

  5. I love that scarf. I'm going to have to cast one on soon :)

    The vegetable looks like a spaghetti squash. I hope it is, as I love those!

    You may have done more over the weekend than I have all month. It's pretty inspirational.

  6. Hi nupur! You did SO much in a weekend, wow! I think you are a fast reader, thats wonderful!

    Can you tell me where you get these beautiful bandanas for Dale? He looks so handome and is totally enjoying himself!


  7. Nupur,

    Indeed a very intersting weekend.Love your knitting

  8. LOVE Foyle's War...
    I think that's a spaghetti suash, yes? I like to bake them & serve with butter, salt and smoked paprika on top.

  9. I went blueberry and peach picking last weekend and worked my heart out in my garden. Your knitting is terrific. I have yet to start knitting something new for this winter. Maybe I'll start with the scarf. Lovely pattern BTW.

  10. Such a pretty scarf Nupur! Same as everyone else, my guess for the new veggie is spaghetti squash. Have a good trip!

  11. Love the scraf. My mom loves this kind of stuff..will show it to her. She will be very happy you did that!:) Have a safe trip.

  12. The scarf has turned out really pretty!

    The vegetable is Spaghetti Squash. What did you make?

  13. Sounds like a really action-packed weekend. The scarf is a lovely colour. And the banana bread looks scrumptious.

  14. Nupur,
    Beautiful scarf, delicious bread,Love Foyle's war(someone suggested @my library and was not disappointed at all although watched only 2),and is it Spaghetti Squash??

  15. Anonymous- I always have time for things I love doing.

    SJ- Yes- it is the same pattern, the green one is mine and this one is for a friend. It is a terrific pattern!

    Arundati- I had overripe bananas too- hence the scramble for a new recipe to use them :)

    Preeti- You are absolutely right- it is a spaghetti squash :)

    radioactivegan- The scarf pattern is wonderful- a joy to knit. Yes, it is a spaghetti squash :)

    Pri.- This book is a very easy read, actually. I don't buy the bandanas myself for Dale, he goes to the groomer and they occasionally send him back with a new bandana. By now he has more than 20 of them :)

    Pavithra- That's what weekends are for ;)

    Sreelu- Thanks- I love knitting :)

    Diane- Good to know that you love Foyle's War too! Your way of cooking spag. sq. sounds absolutely delicious.

    Garden Dreamer- Fruit picking and working in the garden sounds relaxing and wonderful! This scarf pattern is one of my favorites :)

    Cathy- Your guess is correct :) I hope you had a nice weekend too!

    Nags- Thanks!

    Madhuli- Your mom knits too? I hope she likes it.

    Musical- The squash will have to wait until I get back from my trip :)

    Preeti- Thank you- the banana bread really was delicious.

    Shri- Thank you! and yes, it is spaghetti squash :)

  16. Your posts are always interesting- such a delight to read, Nupur! :) Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
    Mine was not too bad either-
    #Went and saw Julie & Julia-finally! :D
    # Bought a new (to me at least) vegetable from the Indian store and cooked with it
    # Had some good eats at the desi snack place
    # Got a whole bunch of books from the library

    BTW, that scarf of yours looks so pretty, as does everything else on your Flickr page.

    I'd never heard of Foyle's war- will make a mental note of it so that I can get it from the library the next time.
    Have a safe trip!

  17. Wow, Nupur, you manage to pack in so many things in one weekend! The scarf is so gorgeous, and the color is so pretty. Looks like Dale had a good time at the picnic too, he looks so handsome in that blue bandana. You have a good trip and looking forward for your new post.

  18. I had known only the Cook in you , but you are a very interesting person! Cool !!
    u have got a new follower :)

  19. Awesome Nupur!

    I just love your blog and the brilliant pictures!

    I liked the Grapes-on-vine pics and mighty Dale showing off his blue scarf!

    Have a good week ahead!


  20. hi nupur, you enjoyed the whole week then, the scarf looks great, love the colour, vineyard mmm.., you are lucky, photos are excellent, Dale seems so relaxed, never seen a spaghetti squash, never heard of that veggie, never seen Foyle's war, made a note of it. have a lovely week ahead...

  21. 27, 2009 10:51 AM

    She reads cool books! She knits! She shops! She cooks! She likes great TV series! She has a very adorable dog! What does she not do?

    How is that Handmade book, by the way? I'm always on the lookout for good DIY and handmade books.

  22. You had too much fun on the weekend. Now please do slog ;-)

  23. Planning to experiment with Ethiopian Food?

  24. TBC- Thank you, my dear! Sounds like you had a great weekend too :) So what did you think of Julie and Julia? And what was this new mystery vegetable?

    Namita- Dale loves going on walks and he absolutely enjoyed exploring the vineyards. Later, he found himself a shady spot and took a nap.
    I'm in love with that scarf pattern- I want to make many more :)

    Kanchan- Thanks!

    Ashwini- Thanks, and I hope your week is going well too!

    jayasri- thank you :)

    Mari- LOL stop teasing me!! I'll tell you what- I don't make adorable cookies :D
    The Handmade book is a quick and pleasant read. The author gives her tips and experiences for raising chickens for eggs, keeping bees, baking, sewing etc.

    Bong Mom- Oh I'm trying to earn my weekends, yes :D

  25. Awesome post!! It quite an inspiration that you find time to do so many things during your weekend.

  26. Great photos Nupur -- that scarf is amazing! You have a flair for handwork :)

    Enjoy your trip!

  27. Nice read as always! your posts are engaging and encouraging. I felt like managing my time bit better :).
    I loved the scarf colour and pattern.

  28. what a wonderful weekend - we have been watching repeats on foyle's war on the telly and agree it is such a great detective show - I love how it has small historical details

  29. I love spaghetti squash. I like it baked, usually I do it in the microwave until it is soft. Then I scrape it out, put hot tomato sauce on top and sprinkle with some cheese- usually pecorino romano. hmmm. So light and tastey.

  30. Hey Nupur,
    I have been reading your blog for a long time now but this is my first post. It just amazes me how many things you manage to do and I wish I could do the same. Please tell us how do you manage to do so many things? I would love to see a post where you write about you, things you enjoy and most importantly how do you manage time. You truly are a super-girl. Way to go!

  31. Nupur, the scarf looks so pretty. and dale is looking very handsome there :-)

  32. i love Foyle's War!!!
    Have you watched Poirot or Ms. Marple - you might like them too -


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