Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Cooking?

What Bengali dish is being made (rather inexpertly) in the picture below?

Care to guess??


  1. I think it is Sandesh.


  2. Whatever it is, it looks amazing and I hope you post the recipe!!!

  3. Shoojeer halu-ah? Not some lentil thing, is it? The photo could go either way...

  4. is it dhoka??? like with besan and stuff

  5. Is it kalakand ? whatever it is it seems to be a sweet and i can see specs of pista in it. Tried your bong kichuri and it turned out to be great.Can you please post the recipe of appam sometime?

  6. Not a clue! Do tell -- I have so much to learn about Indian cuisine.

  7. dear Nupur it looks like Bengali kalakand to me

  8. Based on my guessing abilities, its a sweet-dish :). Now, may i have a tasting sample, please :-D.

  9. I wish I knew... it does sort of look like a sweet, but seems like those green specks are a little too green to be pistachios and might be green chilli. I've been googling "bengali besan chillies" (which is probably totally off base)but haven't the faintest idea what you've got there! :)

  10. Looks like coocnut barfi....??

  11. Dhana, not sandesh, although that is something I would love to try making sometime :)

    Liz, I did...go check it out! It is vegan!

    Z, nope...not a halwa. But you are is a lentil thing :) partial credit goes to you!

    Yogita, mmm...I love potato burfi but no, that's not it.

    Mitushi, correct! It is dhoka, but made with chana dal and not besan.

    Roshni, the specks are actually green chillies and not pistachio :) Glad the kichuri worked well. I'm afraid I don't have a recipe for appam (the dosa from Kerala). If you are referring to the little flat balls, there is a recipe for instant appey in the archives.

    Lydia, it has been unveiled :)

    Leila, is not sweet at all :)

    Musical, sorry my dear, it is not a is a very spicy-dish indeed ;) I wish you could taste it though!

    Cathy, you are very good at guessing, aren't you? Yes, the specks are green chillies!

    RR, not coconut burfi, although I love that stuff!

  12. Hi Nupur,

    Heard that today is Blogger Appreciation Day. Just wanted to convey that your blog is one of my favorite sites and a source for my cooking. I have been sharing your recipes with friends left, right and center. Do I see any royalties coming my way ;-)

    Keep blogging.



  13. Priya, Thank you so much :)
    But my dear, that is not how royalties work. *You and your friends* are the one who should me sending me royalties...look it up! Thanks for bring it up though, 'coz I'll be expecting a check from you ;)


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