Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little Things, BIG Excitement

Every few months, Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness does exactly that; spreading happiness all around by hosting an event called Blogging By Mail. The premise is a simple one: bloggers are secretly assigned someone to send a box of treats to, and in turn get a box of treats from another blogger. This time around, BBM had the theme "Little Things".

My "secret Santa" was Marye from Texas Kettle and Cup, a blog about (what else but) tea and coffee. Marye also writes another blog called Baking Delights. I opened her box and here's what tumbled out...
Coffee: Fair-trade Whole Bean Espresso
Tea: Berryblossom white tea and "Herbal Revive"
Chocolate: Dark chocolate with orange and spices and Dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds!

Two ways with Chipotle: Chipotle Pepper spaghetti, and a bottle of chipotle granules. Now this is going to be well-used in my spice-lovin' kitchen!

Pretty baking cups in cheerful spring colors.

Herb seed packets: Lime Basil and Cilantro. I'll be planting these soon! Cilantro is my very favorite herb, and the lime basil sounds heavenly.

Anise-Lavender goat's milk soap: I have to say this is a most unusual and almost intoxicating fragrance, spicy and floral all at once! It perfumed the whole box, in fact, and I am sure the postal carrier wondered what was in there :)
Plus, a set of bright note-cards and a magazine to relax with.

I loved everything in the box, but this is the very very best: home-grown organic pecans, from the native Texas pecan trees in Marye's own backyard! We had never even seen pecans in the shell, and to get home-grown ones...I feel so lucky. I will be using them in many ways; Marye's Maple Pecan Donuts look so tempting, don't they?

Thank you so much for putting together this generous and delightful package, Marye! I know you were busy dealing with real life challenges like floods on your property and it means even more to me that you took the time to send me these goodies.

To Stephanie: one BIG hug for all her work in putting BBM together!

My package went to Everyday Vegetarian.

See you in a few days!


  1. I am so glad you liked it! I felt so bad that it was late! I hope the soap didn't make the chocolate taste funny!
    Let me know what you do with the pasta..It is fantastic with a cream sauce...:)
    I am SO glad you liked it.

  2. Lovely! Marye sure has put together an awesome list of things! i especially am in love with the pasta, the home grown pecans and what did ya say:ANISE-LAVENDER soap!! OMG, that must be one really refreshing fragrance! Really very sweet of her. And you are one lucky girl :).

  3. Lucky girl... do enjoy everything on our behalf too :-)

  4. Lovely goodies, Its such a wonderful gesture and hope u were absolutely thrilled.
    Home grown pecas look absolutely delicious!!!

  5. Wonderful parcel Nupur! Those Pecans do look lovely, me neither; have never seen them in their shells. They sure found a perfect home with you.

  6. Wow i do think you must have felf like christmas, with all these wonderful goddies.

  7. Nupur, thats truly exotic! Unique soap! Goats milk soap is new!! Lovely to see pecans and that too u got home -grown! Wow..lucky!

  8. What a great box! Zum soaps are the best and they always have nice scent they use essential oils and not fragrance oils, so the scents have more depth. Lucky you!

  9. Nupur, WOW so many gifts, you deserve it! I have a quick question on your mom's secret masala. Does she use the big black cardamom or the small green one? Silly question, but does she remove the skin of the cardamom ?

  10. What a wonderful package! Sure looks like Marye picked every item especially for you :)

  11. A beautiful package of gifts!

  12. Wow Nupur, such wonderful goodies, you deserve it, enjoy them!

  13. What beautiful gifts!! Enjoy! :)

  14. That is quite a treat! Enjoy!

  15. Marye, LOL no no, the soap perfumed just the wrappers and the chocolate tastes perfect! I tried the chipotle granules on some simple pasta in a cheese-tomato sauce and it added such incredible flavor. Your package could not have been better tailored to my tastes :) Thank you so much!

    Musical, that anise-lavender combo has "musical" written all over it, na?! I truly am lucky!!

    Raaga, If you lived closer, I would have shared in person with you ;) but I'll be sure to think of you as I am gobbling these goodies :D

    Padmaja, the pecans do look fantastic, right? I am saving them until next month...then I will have time to really use them well.

    Indosungod, now I have to figure out how to get them out of the shells :D I hope I can use them well!

    Happy Cook, it sure did...I was like a kid thrilled with my presents :D

    Purnima, you are so right...many of these things are new and exotic to me too!

    Laura, "depth" is exactly is just such a glorious and real scent! I can't wait to try the soap.

    Cathy, I know...I was wondering if she is a mind-reader :) I am definitely thrilled!

    TBC, it sure is!

    Namita, I just have started to enjoy them little by little. I tried the chipotle granules and they are fantastic!

    Kalai, thanks!

    Cynthia, it sure is a treat :)

  16. those are lovely goodies u have got nupur. enjoii!!! .. its such a cute concept to share 'Little things'..:D


  17. The Taquitos look delicious Nupur, maybe I'll try them with black beans and corn. And my! Aren't you one lucky gal - what a wonderful package! :)

  18. wow chilli spaghetti!? amazing. your blog is ace btw

  19. What a wonderful selection of goodies.


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