Saturday, February 02, 2008

Onion-Cheese Kulcha

On a snow day, an unexpected day off from work, a responsible person would:
(a) start organizing her income tax return
(b) work on her term paper
(c) do some spring-cleaning
(d) ignore (a) through (c) and bake some bread!

No prizes for guessing, unfortunately! Here is the bread I made- a tandoori bread no less (or my version of it, anyway): Onion-Cheese Kulcha. It all started with this tempting article from eGullet. Monica Bhide and Sudhir Seth provide a basic naan recipe that can used as a base for many breads, including an onion kulcha. I don't really know the difference between a naan and a kulcha. Perhaps kulcha is simply a term for a stuffed naan. Perhaps the two come from different regions. If anyone knows, please tell us! In any case, the article is worth a read, and there are pictures of a traditional tandoor oven at the end.

The recipe below is adapted from the onion kulcha recipe in that article. I altered the naan recipe to one that is yeast-based, and with half whole-wheat flour, and omitting the egg (because I had none on hand). I altered the kulcha stuffing to use cheese as a binder instead of potato (had no potatoes on hand is a lean pantry the day before I go grocery shopping). Of course, this last substitution made V's day! Because I made so many changes to the original recipe, I am rewriting it here. But please do refer to that article for pictures of each step along the way.

Onion-Cheese Kulcha

[there was a little tear in this kulcha and you can see the onion peeking through and the cheese oozing through] (Adapted from this article, makes 8 kulchas)
1. Make the dough
(a) In a large bowl, mix together 2 C bread flour, 2 C white whole-wheat flour and 1 t salt.
(b) Mix 3/4 C water and 1/2 C milk in a bowl. Microwave it until it is barely warm. Add 1 t yeast and 1 t sugar to the milk mixture and let it stand for 5-10 minutes or until frothy.
(c) To the flour mixture, add 3 T yogurt and the yeast mixture and mix well to make a dough. Knead the dough for 10 minutes. Place in an oiled bowl, cover and let it rise in a warm spot for a couple of hours.
2. Make the filling: Mix together 1 C (lightly packed) shredded cheese such as sharp cheddar, 1 medium onion minced finely, 3 T minced cilantro and red chilli powder and chaat masala to taste.
3. Preheat a pizza stone to 400F. Divide the dough and the filling into 8 portions each. Make filled kuchas using the same method we use for stuffed parathas (see the eGullet article for pictures). Dab each kulcha with a few drops of ghee and sprinkle with nigella seeds (could use garlic slices or poppy seeds or cilantro). Bake for 10-12 minutes or until the kulchas are puffy and have brown spots.

I served the kulchas with some rajma (kidney bean curry). It made for a very special dinner! When you bite into the kulcha, the cheese is all melty and gooey and the onions are cooked. Now, I don't know if the flavor of the onions came through as much as I would have liked, but the whole thing was quite delicious to say the least.

This onion-cheese kulcha is being rushed over to Radhi as an entry for JFI: Onions.

*** *** "Your moment of Zen"*** ***

Dale rests his head on V's lap as he ponders life, the universe and everything...

This is quite an unusual picture, because Dale is not a cuddly-wuddly type at all. He is a dignified creature who likes his space. This one time he was quite happy to snuggle up!

*** ***Happy Birthday, One Hot Stove*** ***

Tomorrow, this little blog will be three years old! Me and my blog, we are growing old together :) By now I have gotten used to living my double life, shuttling between my roles as a regular person and a food blogger. In real life, I am decidedly not a "people person" and quite prone to being "dark and twisty inside" (as they say on "Grey's Anatomy"). When I write this blog, I am able to relax and slow down; cooking and writing does make me warm and happy and I seem to chirp on endlessly about some recipe or the other. I enjoy my conversations with fellow foodies, through the comments and the e-mails and through connections with other food bloggers. As with all other ventures in life, blogging does come with its hassles in the form of those infernal plagiarizers, and the occasional rude comment or e-mail . But as long as the balance is tilted this way, this blogger will keep on blogging. Thank you, dear reader, for your continued support and encouragement!


  1. Bestlooking kulchas...should have been equally tastier too. thanks for sharing

  2. Dear Nupur,congrats and may you and your blog go on for a long, long time to come :)

    I dont always leave comments, but I always have an eye out for your latest post. I love your writing and your recipes. All the more now that I find out you're a lot like me - reserved in real life but well capable of babble on a blog! :)

  3. Ah! there Nupur you finally gave into your cheese craving, the kulchas look delicious. I thought Dale had that contented feeling after snacking on those kulchas :)

    Happy Birthday! Loved the ride and ready for more.

  4. Yours, Shyam's and Inji's are the only blogs i follow, for your style of writing. And, for some reason, i always had this feeling that the three of you are reserved in real life. Good luck, Nupur! I absolutely adore your blog.

  5. Congratulations! I love your blog and your writing style. Recipes are brilliant, and they always come with such clear and interesting commentary. I hope you continue to be inspired and share with us for a long time to come. You are an inspiration!

  6. Nupur,your kulchas look so tempting...I've never made them ...probably the time has come :-)...thanks for the recipe...and wish you all the best for many more years of blogging...I'm glad to have known you :-)

  7. Happy Birthday to 'One Hot Stove' and congratulations Nipur, for completing 3 years..:) All ur posts are a pleasure to read and also a treat to watch all ur declicacies!

    Onion Cheese Kulcha looks yummy..:)

    ~ Siri

  8. Three years!!! Congratulations, and thank you for the most wonderful introduction to Indian cooking.

  9. Nupur...I still remember the day when i was looking for a certain Konkani recipe (Ghashi) and i was googling on the internet, I came across your post "One Hot Konkani Sunday" - I loved it and that introduced me to Mahanandi and the likes - then came my fascination with blogs etc. I cannot believe your wonderful blog is going to be 3 years old! Awesome! Great going. What can i say. i still look at your A to Z of marathi cuisine and keep trying stuff from there... All the best dear Nupur!
    And kulcha looks delicious - i once tried an onion kulcha at a party that was just yummy! except they had stuffed onion and grated paneer - i'm goign to try this with the onion and grated paneer - i can just imagine the taste with delicious Rajma! I have everything i need - will let u know how it turns out!

  10. Congratulations Nupur, i discovered your blog just recently and really liked it :-) I started visitng your blog from just a few months before..
    The kulchas look lovely, i like to bake breads, all kinds, and it makes me very happy. I had made a slightly different version of stuffed naans a few days ago. Will give these too a try..
    Thnx for sharing!

  11. Hey! Happy Birthday to 'One Hot Stove'. I could immediately connect to the fact that one could really be "dark and twisty inside" and food blogging can make one relax. I am quite like that too. You have a great blog here! Keep up the good work! Best wishes for the years to come.

  12. Congratulations, Nupur! I've been reading through some of your older entries, and while every one of them is great, I really believe you are getting better and better as the years have gone by! Like fine wine!
    As for heart goes out for him. The poor fellow must be worried sick that his tax returns for his earnings from acting and modeling will never get done - might as well snuggle up to V to see if that will remedy matters.

  13. What a tasty and comfy meal for a snowy day! The heavenly aroma of bread baking probably made for a very cozy apartment too :) Congratulations to you and happy birthday to One Hot Stove - you've done (and continue to do) such amazing things here Nupur. Your blog and your friendship have been a joy to me and I look forward to many more years of both!!

  14. 3 years is really along time and hence a great achievement! Congrats :) I wish I could also reach that milestone one day..:) Btw, Dale is getting cuter day by day :))

  15. Hi Nupur,

    Happy 3rd birthday. Nice birthday present, yummy looking kulchas. I dont really know the difference between naan and kulcha, but we always had kulcha with chana. Kulcha chole always go together. Naan we have with chicken, or dal makhnai etc.

  16. Dear Nupur,

    Happy Birthday to 'One Hot Stove' .. and heartiest Congratulations to you on this wonderful project !!!

    Thanks to the snow- Loved the yummy Kulcha's.. will try it out soon....
    w.r.t - the guest blog.. yes.. would love to mail u the recipe soon....

    Love to Dale ....

    Keep posting ..
    Leena :)

  17. Nupur -
    Ive been a spectator of this food blogging world through your site for almost a year now. Often looking for what you guys come up with next - and its been very engaging.
    I didnt think I would have a tip for you about anything let alone Nans and Kulchas but I saw this on TV the other day and thought you might want to try it.
    Sanjeev Kapoor used an aluminium cooker upside down on a direct flame to create a "tandoor". He would stick the naan dough (rolled out ofcourse) to the inside of the cooker walls - dab it with a little water to provide moisture and turn it over on the flame. The Naans looked really good. You might want to try it - will give you the nice coloring of a open flame vs the even cooking of an oven.

    Hope you find this useful and I hope to vicariously try this through you :)

    Have a good weekend - sorry you are snowed in. Northeast is cold but snowfree.


  18. Nupur, 3 years of blogging is quite a feat. Each and every post of yours are interesting. And so are your recipes. I am learning a lot from you. Please keep teaching us more :). Hearty congratulations. Onion-cheese kulcha looks similar to my Leek-Stuffed Kulcha.

  19. Happy B'day to One Hot Stove...
    & Congrats to you...

    I really like your style of writing
    & thanks for all the wonderful recipes,keep them coming.


  20. Hooray for three years of One Hot Stove! This looks like a delicious recipe, and what wonderful photos. I can still remember when I discovered your blog when you were writing from New York. (And both times I've gotten to meet you, you seemed charming to me, not at all "dark and twisty!" But I do know just what you mean because I'm also very much of an introvert even though most people don't realize it. Isn't it great that all we introverts can express ourselves through our blogs?)

  21. I can smell it. Its heavenly. Very nice that your recipe is eggless. If I had to try this recipe, I wouldn't have had the guts to omit egg and substitute with cheese cleverly. A wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  22. You know something I am almost relieved that you reveal yourself as an irresponsible person in this post! I always thought of you as the perfectly organized and very responsible person.You are my kind of girl making my kind of fave food. Love it!

  23. HAPPY B'DAY One Hot Stove!!!!!!! Wishing u many more to come!!

    The kulchas look yummy!!! no egg makes it ven more tmpting, I guess I will try and re-create this before my parents join me here, my dad is a strict vege! Thank U

    Dale!! Those melting brown eyes!! Love ya Dale!! Keep warm buddy!!

  24. Happy Three-Year Anniversary, Nupur. I remember seeing you at Cathy's blog, and finally getting the nerve to send you a little hello. Your adventures in the kitchen have been inspiring and delightful, to say the least.

    Is Dale really not the cuddly type? Hard to tell from photos. He's so cute.

  25. Nupur, thats a wonderful looking kulcha...

    Happy birthday to your blog. Wish for many more to come! You were among the first few blogs I came across and I have loved each moment reading through it.Of course, RCI: Maha was my first event..As you may remember I loved every minute of it. Thanks for this lovely treat you give to us through your blog.

  26. Congratulations on completing three wonderful years and here's to many many more!
    Blog on, dear Nupur!

  27. Happy Blog B'day Nupur!
    3 yrs.. thats great.. great job on blogging, writing, recipes & feedback too on other blogs!
    Kulcha looks yum! Its delicious.. wish i could have some! We love onion kulchas & its an sure order every time we are at an Indian restaurant.

  28. three years of fantastic blogging? that's quote an achievement. congrats. there's not one post of yours i haven't enjoyed.

    my fav ones are those with dale in them.

  29. Hey N, you make us all warm and happy too with your posts and recipes. Yours was the first food blog I came across and it still is a source of my inspiration. Hope you keep blogging for many many years to come.

  30. Happy B'day to such a lovely hot stove! Wish you many many more wonderful years of foodie fun, dear! Your posts have brightened up many a moment! Is there a brain-wave about kulchas :-D. You won't believe, but i made onion-cheese kulchas a cpl. of days ago!! Seeing this post makes me feel sooooooooooooo good! A friend and me enjoying the same goodness!

    The difference between Kuclhas and Naan that i know of is that Kuclha is more like a parantha made from fermented dough, while naan is more of a baked bread from the same dough. You can bake kulchas too but they generally are topped with fat before you serve (to make them like paranthas) :-D. But who cares about name, fermented, bread, yummy: that's all i look for ;).

    And Dale looks mighty haapy on the blog anniversary day!


  31. Happy Anniversary, Nupur! To you and your lovely blog! Your positive reflections and your wonderful writing style make this blog very endearing. And I am so glad you see the cup as half full rather than half empty :-D, esp when it comes to all the nuisances that go hand in hand with writing a successful blog. Kudos to you!

    About kulchas: I am probably wrong but I thought these had 'layers', unlike naan.

  32. Gorgeous pitures! Perfect weather for stuffed kulchas. I'm not sure what the difference between stuffed kulchas and stuffed naans is..but now that question is going to bother me forever! :)

  33. Happy Birthday, One hot stove!! and best wishes to you, Nupur! Yours was the first blog I discovered before entering this big, wonderful world of food blogging!! Thanks for your posts, information and one hot stove!!
    kulcha looks yum.
    Snow day and cooking/blogging - that sounds so much like me! :-)
    best wishes,

  34. 3 years??! Wowwww...that's a lot of time Nupur, way to go dear..congrats! :)

    The kulchas look perfect...I guess ignoring the list was very worth it huh? :D

  35. hi nupur
    happy birthday to ur blog and congrats on completing thre years
    over the last few months your blog and opened and whole new world of food to me thru your recipes and the links to other blogs and being the one who loves to experiment with food..over the past few months its been a new recipe every night for blogging has become so interesting to me that maybe in a year or so when my son starts demanding a little less of my attention i hope to start my own blog


  36. easycrafts, yes, they were very tasty.

    Shyam, you started your blog right around that time too, and I remember being very excited about finding another Indian blog with such wonderful content! I am always lurking at "Food in the Main" too :)

    Indosungod, Dale certainly snacked on the cheese as it was being grated! Thank you for the wishes!

    Anon, there are dozens of wonderful blogs out there and I am glad you found some that appeal to you.

    Diane, you have always been such a kind supporter, and I sure appreciate it! Thank you for the sweet wishes, Diane.

    Sunita, kulchas will be child's play for a daring baker like you...I promise you that! I am glad to know you too, Sunita, and read your blog full of heartfelt writing and glorious food and pics.

    Siri, Thank you for your sweet wishes! Glad you liked the kulcha too :)

    Lydia, yes, I feel old :D three years does sound like a long time. Thank you for being such a big part of my blogging life...I learn so much from you!

    Latha, what can I say? I am very glad you found me, and that you started blogging yourself, because now I get to learn all sorts of delicious recipes and ideas from you! Your rava dosa and onion-peanut chutney are a regular feature in our home, and I always think of you when I make them. The circle is complete :)
    Stuffed the kulcha with paneer sounds like a wonderful idea! Got to try that next time I make them.

    Mona, I know what you mean...making breads makes me very happy too! Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Nidhi, yes, food blogging is a great escape from everyday life, isn't it?! Thanks for the wishes...appreciate it!

    Kamini, I'm glad you think so :) Sometimes I look at those older entries and chuckle at myself, but the fact is that you can only live and learn, so I would never dream of deleting them. I am discovering that it takes a long time to develop one's writing voice, which is why I find your effortless writing such a true inspiration! Thank you for being a part of this blog, Kamini!
    Dale wants to know if you want to be his PR agent. A purely honorary position, he adds :D

    Cathy, well, I have to blame you for getting me started in the first place :D for being so kind to me when I timidly sent you a particularly bad photo of that dish I made. Knowing you in person has definitely been the most positive outcome of this blog! Thanks for always being there with your support, Cathy!

    Shn, your beautiful blog is such a source of inspiration to me....and in time, you will reach the third birthday and many many more!
    Dale is complimenting you on your fine taste :D in recognizing his true beauty.

    Vimmi, oh really? That is good to know! Thanks for telling me about those combinations. I'll try kulcha with chole next time I make them :)

    Leena, thank you for your wishes! And for being a regular reader of this blog. I appreciate it!

    Archana, thank you so much for that sounds very innovative! And I do have an aluminum cooker that is small but might work nonetheless. I am wondering if the naan will come crashing down on the flame at any point :D Well, I'll keep you posted on whether I muster up the courage to try this!
    My mother does have a stove-top tandoor that looks like the one here:
    where the rolled naan is plastered to the inside of that domed lid in the same way you describe.

    Suganya, ...and I am learning a lot from you! So we are even :D
    Yes, this is very similar to your leek stuffed kulcha which I have yet to try, because I never have leeks or paneer on hand (while I always have onions and cheese in stock).

    Ana, thank you for the sweet wishes :)

    Kalyn, well, that's only because I adore you! So the dark twisty side does not come out :)
    Kalyn, you have been part of this blog for a long time and it is a pleasure to know a generous and giving person like you! Yes, I am sure glad we have a chance to blog and "know" people that we would never have met otherwise.

    Mythreyee, well, the substitutions happen only because I am too lazy to go to the store and buy the required ingredients :D but this time, they worked quite well.

    Meeta, well, I guess I am less responsible than some and more responsible than others :) just your average girl trying to keep "many balls in the air"

    Manasi, thank you, my dear! Next time, I intend to try the with-egg version, but this one works too. Now that you have sucessfully made pizza dough, all these doughs should be easy :) You could stuff it with anything...potato-onion, mixed veggies, paneer.
    Dale is snug as a bug right now, snoring softly, but he woke up briefly to send you his love!

    Mari, every time I need some eye candy, I go look at your gorgeous creations :) Your artistry is so inspiring!
    Dale is a rescued dog, and he still bears scars from that time in his life. It is taking him years to recover completely. He still won't cuddle, but he will come stand very close to us and let us pet him softly. I'm glad you think he is cute. We agree!! :)

    Srivalli, yes, I do remember your delicious and enthusiastic entries for RCI:Mah! I am so glad you started your own blog, Srivalli, and enjoy participating in MEC whenever I get a chance.

    TBC, thank you, my dear! :)

    evolvingtastes, glad you like them!

    Seema, me too...I love getting breads when we are eating out, especially if they have good tandoor breads. I love the restaurant "Indian Food" in St. is such a cozy family-run place. Last week, we asked for some aloo parathas and they literally brought them out straight from the stove one by one, as they were being cooked! Absolutely delicious :)
    Thank you for your wishes, Seema!

    Bee, that is a very nice thing to say, and it means a lot coming from you!
    That Dale! Always stealing my thunder LOL :D

    Ashwini, thank you, my dear! I am sure glad you started blogging...I can never seem to decide if I love your recipes more or the pictures :)

    Musical, oh my, we are channeling each other! :D You made onion-cheese kulchas too?! But I bet yours were the real deal, Musical! I an merely imitate North Indian food, while you make is sound so effortless.
    Oh, I see, I do get the difference now. In fact, V pulled out the cast-iron tava to cook these kulchas but I insisted on the oven because the recipe said so. He was right all along! But you are right...if it tastes good, just enjoy it :D

    Manisha, thank you! It has been fun so far; let's see what life bring next. I must say I totally look up to you and IFR :D
    regarding kulchas, see Musy's comment above.

    Nehaj, don't worry, Musical explained the difference in her comment above. Now we can both get some sleep :) knowing what the difference is!

    Meera, thank you for the kind wishes! I found your blog only a few months ago, but am astonished at the beautiful content and the valuable recipes you are sharing!

    Namratha, thank you! Yes, three years sounds like a very long time :) Glad you like the kulchas!

    Priyadarshini, you have such a sweet name. thank you for taking the time to leave a is very nice to hear from you! I agree with you...I really enjoy trying recipes from other blogs too. and it does make our everyday meals really fun. Wishing you lots of good food ahead, and I do hope you get a chance to start your own blog and share your unique experiences with us all! :)

  37. Dear Nupur,

    Eventhough I have not left comments here before, I do visit your blog regularly and love to read your recipes and the wonderful writing. Congratulations on One hot stove's 3rd B'day and Best wishes for many more to come.

    Nice looking kulchas...

    Aparna Rao

  38. Happy anniversary Nupur. I have always enjoyed your blog and I wish you all the best for future.

    I haven't tried my hands at naans/kulcha yet. They are on my to-do list for a long time now. Your kulcha looks great.

  39. Happy Birthday and Congratulations Nupur! One Hot Stove is my favourite food blog and I love to see the new food posts and of course stories on Dale. Your recipes are heartwarming, the pictures gorgeous and I love the tidbits and stories that you post. Your love, hardwork and dedication has made this a favourite. Thank you dear Nupur.
    Also, a nice belly rub for Dale. He looks so content and at peace with the world, wonder what he is thinking.

  40. Happy Birthday and Congratulations Nupur! One Hot Stove is my favourite food blog and I love to see the new food posts and of course stories on Dale. Your recipes are heartwarming, the pictures gorgeous and I love the tidbits and stories that you post. Your love, hardwork and dedication has made this a favourite. Thank you dear Nupur.
    Also, a nice belly rub for Dale. He looks so content and at peace with the world, wonder what he is thinking.

  41. Congratulations on completing 3 years of blogging. Here is wishing you more in years to come. Kulchas look yumm!

  42. Yours is one of the best ones around, Nupur! I love your chilled-out attitude to food. Your love for what you do is infectious, believe me.
    Please continue to share the joy of cooking with us. And congratulations on completing three!

  43. The kulchas look drop-dead gorgeous and it's so cute how the onion and cheese are trying to peep out.
    Congratulations on your 3 yr anniversary Nupur.. You have extraordinary blog, filled with such beautiful stories and lipsmacking recipes.
    I can't believe when you say you are not a 'people person' - I've always viewed you has a very friendly, chirpy, enthusiastic person! :) Here's to many more fabulous years here at One Hot Stove.

  44. adding cheese to kulcha yummmmmmmm nice recipe nupur ,thanks for sharing

  45. Happy BDay One Hot Stove and many many more to come! Nupur, I have been following your blog for more than a year now, though never left comments before. I love reading your posts, as well as following your easy to follow recipes and drooling over your pics. And like someone else mentioned, I too chuckled when I read that instead of doing other things like getting started on your IT return, you chose to cook! The kulchas look yummilicious!

  46. I have never made kulchas at home, and this should be inspiration enough for me to try them out.
    Happ B'day to your blog. Must be feeling very proud.

  47. Just one question...
    I do not have bread flour (err.. is this the same as APF?) Please help me hare!

  48. Wow. I always loved Kulchas.. Thought could never make good ones without the real Tandoor.. but these look yummy. I am gonna try these soon. And great blog.. !

  49. wow! congrats on hitting the 3 mark! that sounds great, Nupur! hope you blog for a looooong time, love to read ur posts all the time!
    Best Wishes!

  50. Definitely not A or B. Maybe C while D is baking. :) Looks wonderful, Nupur!

  51. Congratulations Nupur!! n happy birthday "One Hot Stove"!! :D:D

  52. happy b'day to one hot stove and congrats nupur for completing 3 yrs:) wow, 3 yrs!!! its quite an achivement itself. i donno if i can ever stick to blogging for so long. everytime i visit ur blog i am amazed to see ur passion and love for food and blogging i adore ur write-ups and equally love the recipes u create in ur kitchen. its been a gr8 pleasure knowing u through ur blog. 'dark and twisty' yeah??? nope... i dont think so:)
    and kisses to dale. aww... he looks so adorable:)

  53. We all procrastinate, or at least I do. Cooking is still productive! I would have done the same thing!

  54. Happy Blog B'day.
    BTW, the kulchas look delicious!

  55. Three years of this nice work , a pat on your back Nupur. you are really
    doing a great favor to all foodies.
    Kulcha looks yummy . somehow i dont like cheese a, i will try it with some modifications some time :)good tht you didnt had eggs on hand :P, coz that made it my kinda recipe :P.
    I think introvert people make it fell better when they write something to express themselves. i also feel the same for myself. I think anyone of you if meet me in person , will find me much different than waht you might have imagined of me.
    well, this is what nice about blog. they allow us to meet our kind of people and make us feel better in all possible ways, isn't it true ?

  56. really nice kulcha recipe ... will try it somtim .... gd tht u dint hv eggs - i got a nice recipe without eggs :D ....
    thanks ...

  57. Nupur..always a pleasure to come over to your ur simple yet elegant style of writing and of-course you keep telling us that you are disorganized..which i find so hard to believe..maybe b'coz i am a goner in that dept!!

    A very happy birthday to your blog and many many more years to come and that pic of dale is priceless..calm and serene...

  58. Three years! Wow... Congratulations Nupur... that is quite an achievement, and you have created a warm and lovely space here...Wishing you many many more years of blogging glory ahead...

  59. Happy Birthday, one hot stove! Really, three years is awesome. To me, your blog is like the gateway to Maharashtrian food and much much more.
    And the kulchas look like they are to die for!

  60. Aparna, Thank you for de-lurking and for your good wishes!

    Shilpa, thank you! You make so many dishes that are much complicated than this...naans and kulchas will be quite easy and fun for you.

    Namita, thank you for your continued support. It means a lot to me! The minute he hears the words "belly rub", Dale promptly goes belly-up :D He is thinking of either naps or dinner, the only two things he lives for!

    Red Chillies, thank you for the wishes :)

    Ammani, thank you for the sweet words. I confess that I keep waiting for an update on your blog :)

    Laavanya, it is so funny...I took the picture and only after posting it did I see the onion and cheese peeping out! Quite a lucky strike :D
    There is something about this space that brings out the enthu inside me. Probably the fact that there are lovely people like you who take the time to read what I pen down! :)

    Sagari, yup, melty cheese...hard to resist!

    Ruch, I think almost any human activity is more stimulating than the IT return :D thank you for your feedback!

    Aparna, I don't know about "proud" because I have a long way to go, but I'm very happy that my real life still gives time to write this blog :)

    Manasi, bread flour has a higher protein (gluten) content compared to AP flour, but you can totally go ahead and use APF here. See the original recipe...they use all maida.

    Pallavi, well, the "real" good kulchas will certainly need a proper tandoor, but this is good enough to take care of my fresh bread cravings :)

    Richa, thank you, my dear :) always appreciate the kind words you have!

    Susan, :D I agree, I don't mind the odd bout of cleaning while I can smell fresh bread in the oven!

    Superchef, thank you, thank you :D

    Sia, well, the years fly by...especially when blogging, and you will hit the mark before you know it! Thank you for your kind words :)
    I am trying to decide what potato-ey thing to make for your event. Too many choices!

    Hillary, I agree, with cooking you can eat the results of your work. What more can one ask for?

    TheCooker, thanks!

    Pooja, the cheese is perfectly replaceable. I would imagine that a spicy mixed vegetable filling, or potato and onion (like in the inspiring recipe) would all be delicious here.
    I totally agree with you, Pooja, blogging is giving us a chance to meet all sorts of people- those who are like us, and those who are not. And yes, our virtual avatars are probably quite different from the way we are in person :)

    foodwithapinchoflove, yup, no eggs, but don't forget to add that pinch of love :)

    Rajitha, I don't believe you for a second...truly disorganized people are usually in denial about it :D
    Yup, Dale has every reason to be calm and serene...doesn't have a care in the world! They don't call them "lucky dogs" for nothing :D

    Sig, thank you, my dear! This blog would not be the same without fellow bloggers like you, that's for sure :)

    Roopa, thank you for the kind words! I keep wishing I was in Bangalore with you :D that place is full of "good eats", right?

  61. wow!!!!! you've been blogging for 3 yrs???!! Thats gr8.. congrats!!!! Love the kulchas. they look perfect!

  62. hi nupur!! a belated happy birthday to your blog.3 years is quite an achievement.the first blog that i found in the net was yours and since then i have been in and out of your site regularly.i love your style of writing and the recipes that you i came to know that you are chinu's friend...she is a very dear friend of keep on posting delicious recipes,love your blog.

  63. Congratulations! Like many have said, your blog probably was my first introduction to the world of food-blogs, while searching for some typical Marathi dish.

    Keep it up! Best wishes to you.

  64. Congratulations on 3 years of great recipes and a very well written blog which is a delight to visit! You and Jai & Bee were my starting points to blogging and I have made many recipes from here - your veg biryani has become a staple request at my home for all gatherings!

    The kulcha looks awesome and you have done a great job adapting it!

  65. Onions n cheese - what combo could be better than this Nupur.....NOTHING. Both are a fav, n I am surely going to try this recipe very soon. Happy Birthday to super you n your super blog. Dale is such a cutie. I love pets n whenever I see you post pics of this cutie-pie, my heart tugs with a longing to keep one myself, n memories of my lovely one (who is no more).

  66. Three years of blogging, 66 comments for this post....congrats nupur. You really have a great site going.Best wishes for many many more years on the web.

    The kulchas look delicious. I have always thought that naans & kulchas is not my cup of tea to try out at home(go have it at the restaurant !!) You made it sound simple and your pictures had me drooling. Guess i'll take a peak into the oven after all. Thank you nupur for taking the time to share your recipes with the rest of the world.

  67. Dear Nupur,
    Yours is among the first food blogs I "discovered" in 2005 (along with Mahanandi and Sailu's) and to this day, it is one of my favorite blogs and will always be. Here's to many more years of blogging at One Hot Stove.


  68. Hi Nupur,
    I am a big fan your site and it really helped me out on my london visit last year as I went about preparing what you so meticulously described in your blogs. My wife too has started hitting your site quite regularly. Please keep the good work.
    Thanking You


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