Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best of 2007

Food bloggers from around the world are sharing their best moments of the year 2007, and you are invited to take a look!

28 Cooks: Fiber rounds up the best snacks, bites and nibbles of each month in two awesome posts- a snack addict's idea of heaven, for sure! Read her post to get some great ideas for your own parties this year.

Ahaar: Mandira ponders over the big changes in her life over the year and highlights some favorite dishes that gave her "something new - a new taste, a new recipe, a new grain, a new flavor..." and were delicious as well.

A Mad Tea Party: Anita round up her favorite posts of the year, starting with the post that led to a poori-frying frenzy in the Indian food blog world with its timely reminder of moderation and common sense.

Anali's First Amendment: Anali writes a recap of the renovations on her blog/cooking life during 2007, including well-organized recipe binders. Her Homemade Bread Pledge is something I'm definitely excited about.

An Italian in the US: Marta chronicles the best culinary moments of the year, including learning to bake bread and make home-made pasta, participating in food blog events and hosting her own, and making her first liqueurs and jams. Now that counts as a very productive year indeed.

A Suitable Spice: Minti, in only the second (!) post on her blog, tells us all about the culinary highlights of her year, and her cooking aspirations for the year to come.

Canela & Comino: Gretchen points out some delicious favorites from the months since she started blogging (including some tasty Peruvian stews) and shares her list of things to make in 2008. My favorite bit- she found recipes to use up 125 lbs of plantains that were gifted to her this year!

Champaign Taste: Lisa has a tough time choosing just 10 dishes of the ones she made this year, but does end up with a fantastic list of "keeper" recipes, including one of my own favorites: Gobhi Aloo Sabji.

Coconut and Lime: Rachel chooses one favorite original recipe for each month of the year, including one with the very intriguing name "smearcase".

Cook (almost) Anything: Haalo selects a baker's dozen of gorgeous recipes for 2007. Be prepared to be dazzled by everything from purple gnocchi to basil ice cream.

Cooking 4 All Seasons: Srivalli gives us the story of how her blog took shape, along with her favorite dishes, meals and posts of the year. Her cooking resolution for 2008 is one of my resolutions too.

Cooking from A to Z: Kaykat writes a thoughtful account about how cooking and blogging has led her to think more "about the "right" things", something that many of us can identify with. She shares a list of 10 favorite dishes, plus her favorite pooch treats of the year. Dale thanks you, Kaykat!

Culinary Bazaar: Dhivya gets nostalgic, and captures 2007 in three desserts and their associated sweet memories, all in one heartfelt post.

Culinary Types: T.W. Barritt reminisces about encounters with all kinds of culinary types- including chefs, home cooks, trend-makers and food bloggers! Click through to get to know them more.

Escapades: Arundati shares ten favorite dishes that have graced her blog, table and parties, including homemade truffles and chocolates, and a gorgeous date and fig ravioli.

Finger Licking Food: Namratha reveals that her passion for food is a new found one, and that is hard to believe once you look at her delicious list of 10 favorite recipes, including the all-time favorite, black forest cake.

Food Hunter's Guide to Cuisine: The Food Hunter chose to recap the top 5 new foods of 2007. Click through to read this interesting list and see if you have tasted any of these foods.

Food, In The Main...: Shyam shares her five favorites of the year. I especially love the vegetarian Shepherd's Pie, which "sacrifices nothing - in taste or farmyard animals" :D

For The Cook In Me: Nags takes an interesting and introspective look at the highlights of the blogging year, including her most popular post, her most fun post, and the one that surprised her the most. Go see for yourself what they are!

Fun and Food: Mansi muses over everything that went into the making of her blog, then shares her favorite recipes from several different categories, including one that is perfect for the season: a Hot and Spiced Vanilla Rum Drink.

Green Gourmet Giraffe: Johanna writes about the most memorable food moments of the year, including the creation of an adorable (and vegetarian!) hog's head.

Habeas Brulee: Danielle thinks back to every month of 2007 and relives some of the best moments- culinary ones, as well as big happenings in her personal and professional life.

Hunger Pangs: Rajitha pens (types?) down her thoughts on why she enjoys food blogging, and gives her top 5 recipes based on a unique criterion- "coz i thought photos looked good with minimal effort" :D Click through to see for yourself that these photos and recipes do look completely delicious!

Indian Cooking: Sagari is a new blogger who looks back on the start of her blog and picks out five delicious favorites. We wish you good luck for a whole new year of cooking and blogging.

Indian Food Rocks: Manisha looks over the year one month at a time and shares the highlights- be they food, family or life in general. Click through to take a look at a memorable year of incredible posts.

In Love With Food: Bindiya proclaims "BLOGGING SIMPLY ROCKS" (we agree!) and shares 7 of her favorite dishes this year- 2 rich curries and a whole array of tempting desserts.

Iron Stef: Stef recollects the most memorable posts of the year all in once place to make one quirky, wonderful post containing everything from bright pink gnocchi, adorable-looking savory meatloaf cupcakes and a zucchini the size of a toddler, among other delights.

Jugalbandi: Bee and Jai write about their favorite posts from the diverse series on their blog, and each pick five of their favorite recipes from this year. Click through to get a bird's eye view of this incredibly wide-ranging blog.

Kalyn's Kitchen: Kalyn chooses a favorite recipe from each month, like roasted asparagus in February and spiced butternut squash in November. Each of these dishes is healthful, flavorful, seasonal and oh-so-colorful: a winning combination.

Kitchen Art: Shella writes a heartfelt tribute to each of her family members and friends for being avid supporters of her blog. Click through to read about her prize-winning chocolate recipe.

Live To Eat: Sig looks back at the best posts from all the myriad categories of her blog- including desserts, cocktails and restaurant reviews. That Kumquat and Mango Mojito is calling out to me, but wait, it is only 7 in the morning :D

Mane Adige: Ramya's flashback is a short and sweet list of the 5 best pictures on her blog and the 5 recipes that her readers have appreciated the most.

Maninas: Food Matters: Maninas summarizes the best recipe of the year in 4 words- "INSPIRATION, BOLD FLAVOURS, DISCOVERIES, EXPERIMENTATION" what more can one ask for?

My Randap: Seema takes a fond look at her blog and chooses the favorite recipes that run the gamut from the very traditional (sanna polo) to the very modern (fruit pizza). Click through to see the whole list.

Nalapaka: Vanamala reminisces about the happy family moments of the year gone by and lists her favorite dishes of the year and of each month, all wrapped into an appetizing feast.

Out Of The Garden: Linda bids a fond farewell to 2007 and finds that the year has been more than a foodie-journey for her. Click through to see her highlights of the year and gorgeous pictures of good times on her blog.

Passionate About Baking: The Passionate Baker treats us to a eye-popping collage of her year's creations, then shares many of the favorites of 2007- including her favorite discoveries this year ("BLOGGING & new friends" is at the top of the list!)

Ra Cha Chow: Tracy's post reveals a lot of her year's favorites- recipe, TV show, product and website, plus a sneak peek into exciting things to come in 2008. Her favorite product is one of my favorite new discoveries of the year too.

Saffron Trail: Nandita rounds up all the recipes blogged in 2007, and shares her personal favorites- from a zero-oil vegetable dish to a strawberry cheesecake that resulted in "an extra inch on our waist" :D

Simple Indian Food: EC shares the ten recipes of the year that were super-hits, as well as some great resolutions for the coming year. Click through to see if any of your own favorites made it to the list.

Siri's Corner: Siri fondly remembers the favorite moments of 2007, including 15 days of NaBloPoMo and participation in the FAHC campaign.

Spicy Chilly: Bharathy presents her top ten recipes, including one of my all-time favorite snacks- raw banana chips.

Sunita's World: Sunita speaks fondly of the blog as her "third baby" and highlights some of her delicious creations of the year, as well as her wonderful monthly event Think Spice.

Swad: As she bids farewell to 2007, Swapna also says good-bye to her kitchen as she prepares to a brand new home in India. Go read her fond memories of setting up home and hearth and the memorable recipes that were lovingly prepared there.

Tastes Like Home: Cynthia recollects “A year in the kitchen”, full of activity and yielding incredible results. Click through to her column to read a concise account of her numerous and diverse culinary adventures in 2007.

Teczcape: Tigerfish sews together a collage of time-saving dishes for busy cooks everywhere- 10 one-dish favorites that definitely meet the stated goal of "Quick. Easy. Healthy. Nutritious." Now is the time to get some fresh dinner ideas for the new year.

Tham Jiak: Rokh looks back at a year of delicious eats and highlights "best idea thought of in 2007" and "best celebration" along with favorite recipe and restaurant, all packed into one engaging post.

The Bubbling Cauldron: Kamini polls her family to find the best dish of 2007, then reveals a few more dishes that are her own favorites. Take a guess- what could the family favorite be; then check if you are right!

The Perfect Pantry: Lydia divulges some pantry ingredients that stood out during this year, then gives us a sneak peek into 10 exciting new ingredients that just might make their way into the perfect pantry in 2008. Click through to look at the list, then suggest some of your own favorite ingredients to Lydia.

The Singing Chef: Raaga writes an interesting account of her culinary journey and reveals a lot of the year's favorites, including the ingredient of the year and the discovery of the year. Curious about what they are? Go see for yourself.

What Smells So Good: Sarah's list includes her own favorite posts, favorite posts from other blogs, as well as a delicious list of recipes that she plans to make in the coming year. Click through to get some more to-do dishes for your own list, because everything on Sarah's list sounds really good.

What's For Lunch, Honey?: Meeta's retrospective includes her favorite moments from each aspect of her blog, including Bollywood Cooking, Foodography and Daring Bakers, all depicted with her signature spectacular photographs.

When My Soup Came Alive: Sra writes a contemplative post about her year of blogging, letting us into what she wants her blog to do next year, then setting out her favorite posts...everything from recipes to commentaries to trips down memory lane, all bundled up in this candid and humorous post.

And finally,
One Hot Stove: My ten favorite recipes of 2007.

Last but not least, here is a Blog Reader Challenge: Go visit the food blogs that you read and love, and tell them what *your favorite post* of the year was, on that particular blog. Perhaps there was the one write-up that really struck a chord, a post that was useful or informative, or a recipe that you tried and loved. Half the joy of blogging comes from the conversation between bloggers and readers, so tell us what your own favorite posts were.

There is always a possibility that some entries are lost in cyberspace, so if you don't see your entry here, please e-mail me and I will include it right away.

Many thanks to all the participants and all the readers. Here's wishing you a beautiful dawn tomorrow as a new year begins in our lives.


  1. Dear Nupur,
    Its such a pleasure reading all this,its really so applausable job done here.
    wish you a happy new year and a promising new year .
    hugs and smiles

  2. Nupur this one of my favourite events of the year too!..amazing number of participants too..:)
    Great work!..

    I am half way with the post..will send along Asap!
    Thanks a lot for your consideration!:)

    Happy new year!

  3. Wonderful round-up, and so many new things to read! This has been a great event, Nupur. Wishing you a happy new year.

  4. Lovely round up Nupur, and a much awaited one too! :) I've bookmarked this one because I'm sure gonna need time to go through each one in detail. Have a good one dear!! :)

  5. Thats an awesome list Nupur. the time to tell you which one of your post "stuck the chord". I definitely can say its your pizza post...I loved what you have written abt your Aai in that post. Somehow I remember that post as if I read it yesterday.

  6. Great job, and I have added this link to my post and also to a piece I wrote on Blogher about year-end lists! Now I'm bookmarking this so I can check out all these posts!

    So many things on your blog that I liked, but I would have to agree, your pizza post was outstanding. Also I remember the post about making falafel, was that this year too? So many good posts on One Hot Stove all year long!

  7. Wonderful Round up dear, sorry couldn't send my best 2007 as you know how things were at my home. Thanks for wishing me well and My wonderful new year wishes to you n your family!!

  8. Nupur, thanks for hosting this wonderful event and for rounding it up so nicely...looking forward to more interesting posts from you in the coming year.

  9. Dear Nupur,
    this was indeed a great roundup! Thank you so much for organizing this and summarizing everything in such a kind and lovely way. Best wishes for 2008 to you and your dear ones.

  10. Oh Nupur, I didn't plan well and I missed this event. Sorry about that. Happy New Year.

  11. You always do the greatest round-ups Nupur, it is so clear that you have taken the effort to visit everyone and to add that personal touch to the description...
    Thank you for the round up and for this wonderful event...
    May the New Year bring you much joy and success...

  12. This is a wonderdful round up! U have put in so much effort in to it!!
    I wanted to post one too, but then I realized, I did not have anything as spectacular as any one in the list... but if this event is coming up in 2008, I am ready!!!
    All the best for the new year!!!

  13. Thanks for doing this Nupur! It's always nice to take a step back and reflect as you prepare for the future:) I thoroughly enjoyed doing this!!

    Wish you a very Happy New Year!

  14. What a good idea; I enjoyed seeing some of what these other bloggers did all year and discovering new blogs. Nice roundup!

    Happy new year, again!

  15. Thanks for including my 2007 list! What a great idea, and a great opportunity to meet some new food bloggers. Happy New Year! I'll be making your Shrikhand recipe tomorrow.

  16. Dear Nupur, Thanks for including me even though I was late with my submission - but at least I sent it in 2007! :) Happy new year to you and V!

  17. Nupur, thanks so much for hosting this. It was a joy to read through the rest of the posts. I have found some new sites to plug into my reader, a helpful website and some new challenges for 2008. Have a joyous New Year!

  18. Dearest Nupur, thanks for asking us to channel our thoughts. This post is definitely a bookmarker. You come up with the most creative events. Can't wait to see what this year's long-running event will be :)

    Happy new year to you and yours.

  19. That was such a lovely RoundUp Nupur. It was a pleasure reading all the posts. Thanks for taking the initiative.

    Happy New Year!

    ~ Siri

  20. Wonderful round up Nupur!...all the blogs in this list needs to be revisited again....

    Best in yours, I would say is your Pizza. Everything in that post was good...

  21. Hi Nupur, what a wonderful list you have compiled! I always admire how you take the time to showcase an individual taste of each post you've received -- you did it beautifully with "A-Z" and it's even better here! I can't wait to thumb through this tantalizing assortment of 2007 memories! Thanks for all your hard work putting it together for us :)

    Happy New Year! I'm wishing you and V. and adorable Dale a wonderful 2008 :)

  22. this is really interesting. i wish i knew about it in time to join. i did do my own kind of round-up of 07 that fits into your event

    happy 2008!

  23. Thank You, Nupur, for the opportunity and the notes for every blogger. Happy New Year!

  24. Hi Nupur
    Am here for the first time and just loved hanging around here..felt a lot of warmth!!
    I am glad that I can drop in often now and look forward to more such innovative posts from you.
    Wishing you a very happy new year.


  25. You know, exactly one year ago to this day, you put up a lovely post. I saw the wine glasses, fell in love with 'em & wondered where you might've got them from. I scrolled down & there was the answer!

    I love the picture in that post 'coz it seems to represent everything about your writing- creative, uncluttered, methodical and very very elegant!

    A very happy new year to you!

  26. A Happy New Year to you Nupur. Thanks for including my late entry in a roundup that is going to keep us busy for quite some time!

  27. Nupur, I loved browsing through all the posts reading about everyone's favorite moments. Thank you for organizing this event. And a very Happy New Year to you.

  28. Heyy....wishing you a beautiful year ahead :) Just dropped by to check ur hot choco recipe again...quite chilly and snowy here on New Year's day :)


  29. Nupur, what a great roundup. Thanks for hosting this - there's so many lovely recipes!

  30. thanks for including my post Nupur and for all the work in compiling the list - and happy new year for 2008! This is a great list for catching up with bloggers I haven't discovered yet or have not visited often enough!

  31. I missed the deadline, but here is my year-end best of list:

  32. Hi Nupur
    Wish you and your family a terrific New Year!
    I'll take up your Blog Reader Challenge: I love reading your blog, have tried many recipes and have even directed many of my cousins/friends to your blog. And even though it is difficult to choose one I have to admit that my favorite post has been your recent one - almond buttercrunch toffee. One unbelievably amazing candy recipe! Thanks

  33. the much-awaited round up! lovely idea for an event, Nupur :)

  34. What a great roundup Nupur! Thank you for putting this together! Now to try and read all the posts! ; )

  35. Happy new year to Dale V and you. Lovely round up Nupur.


  36. Excellent idea and a great round-up Nupur. Sorry I couldn't get anything to you.. not enough time lately but it was lovely to read all these posts. Looks like I missed some so will be getting to them as soon as I can.

  37. hi nupur, love your roundup (as always). my favourite posts from your blog are: the "tasty together" song and the "witches weekly brunch with glideroy lockhart", both from EoMEoTEs. these two crack me up every time i read them. also loved the post on "shopping in Kolhapur" (i think thats what it was called), showcasing the plastic-and-junk-free vegetable markets back at home. here's to another wonderful year at one hot stove! Love, Shoots:)

  38. Nupur..fantastic round-up..kudos to you to come up with a really fun idea..also loved the fact that you have put in ur personal touch to every entry!!..wanted to comment earlier..but the great computer has a mind of its i have to give up ;)...

  39. This is awesome--thanks for the round-up!

  40. Oh I forgot to mention!!!! Ever since u posted the MW sabudana khichadi, I ALWAYS use that method!! no more stove top for me!!
    I will soon try the Pizza!

  41. thanks for organising this wonderful event, dear nupur. the entries in the roundup are truly eye-opening and interesting.

  42. great idea, Nupur. I was traveling and totally missed the deadline :-(

    Anyway, I am bookmarking your round-up as a reference guide to what´s the best out there.

  43. Simply fantastic. I cannot wait to check a few of the blogs out. Nupur, wishing you an awesome 2008! This was great!

  44. Hey Nupur - I waited n waited for this one & I dont know when I missed this and so much more....I have been awfully busy I guess, n since FBD is giving problems its difficult to catch up with so much happening on the Blog World. Thank you for this lovely round up & I see that you hvae posted a lot more gorgeous recipes which I will go thru one by one.



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