Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Recipe SOS: Thai-inspired Croquettes

It all started when Susan V., she of that sinlessly delicious blog, made croquettes with Thai flavors using pumpkin as a base for these little morsels. The taste of the pumpkin in this dish was all wrong to her, and the recipe needed some urgent help to rescue it from the failed-recipes bin. Susan called out for some emergency edible care by asking:

And thus was born this contest. I brainstormed a bit to think of all the main ingredients that would go well with Thai flavors. One of my favorite accompaniments with fragrant Thai curries is steamed rice and one of my favorite vegetables in the curry itself, soaking up rich coconut flavors, is eggplant and these were the two ingredients that I substituted for the pumpkin.

To cook the eggplant, I peeled and cubed it, then microwave-cooked it for about 6-7 minutes, stirring evert 2 minutes. Then I used a fork to mash the eggplant. I substituted cilantro for the basil in the recipe because that is what I had on hand. I used a pan to cook these on the stove-top because I didn't want to heat up the whole oven for this fairly small batch.

Here is my experiment: Thai-inspired Croquettes:

1 C green beans, trimmed and sliced
1 C cooked eggplant puree
1/2 C cooked rice (white or brown)
1/2 C cilantro
3 T soy sauce
1 T Thai red curry paste
1 T. grated lemon zest
1 t brown sugar
1/4 t freshly ground black pepper
1 t ground flax seed
2 t cornstarch
Place the green beans and basil into a food processor and pulse to chop coarsely (do not puree!). Pour into a bowl and add all remaining ingredients. Stir well to mix everything. Form into small patties. Cook the patties on an oil-sprayed pan until golden on both sides.

Serve with the delicious dipping sauce from Susan.

These were delicious! Next time I might consider pre-cooking the beans until tender before proceeding with the recipe. Thanks for the opportunity to play with this recipe and have some fun, Susan! It is going to be fun to see what everyone comes up with.


  1. Thanks for participating, Nupur! I love eggplant, but I never thought of using it here--brilliant! I know what you mean about the green beans; I think cooking them first would avoid some of the "green" taste that my croquettes had.

  2. hey nupur, not fair ha? i slowly started forgetting those amazing snaps at sia's and how you are testing me now!! those look amazing nupur!! Its time for me to get into cooking!!

  3. Great -- and great idea re the beans. I was perusing an Indian cookbook last night, looking for, um, guess what?! and saw an intriguing side dish that was quite similar to this and yes, the beans were cooked.

  4. Very different and delicious recipe. Will give it a try.

  5. Ah! Am trying to work on this recipe too. Eggplant is something I would have never thought.

  6. Looks great Nupur...not a big fan of eggplant, but this is one way I could definitely eat it:) thanks for sharing!

  7. The Croquettes look very temptiong Nupur...:) thanks for the recipe.. Using Eggplant is very new to me.. :))

  8. adding rice is such a great idea!!!

  9. I've never thought of using green beans when making cutlets or croquettes. Such a great idea! Can't wait to try this out, Nupur. Many thanks for the recipe.

  10. I wish I could pick one off that plate right now :)

  11. Susan, yes, I think just par-cooking the beans would help a lot. But these were so tasty anyway! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Padmaja, run to the kitchen, girl :)

    Alanna, yay, I am so excited :D (hopping from one foot to the other). I love patties with green beans, and usually make them with a potato cover.

    Dhana, thanks :)

    Madhu, definitely worth a try! But try cooking those beans a little to get max flavor.

    Suganya, I can't wait to see your version which I am sure will be spectacular!

    Mansi, yes, you can't really taste the eggplant distinctly here :)

    Siri, glad you like it!

    Bee, yes, I am glad I added some rice, because it became a hearty main dish for dinner instead of just being an appetizer.

    KayKat, green beans are amazing in cutlets. Check out my favorite green bean patties here: http://onehotstove.blogspot.com/2005/10/f-is-for-farazbi-patties-and-fanas.html

    Raaga, well, what are you waiting for?? :)

  12. Happy Diwali Nupur. Those croquette look yum.

  13. What creativity, Nupur! In Thailand they have the small, green eggplants which just melt in your mouth. Personally, I prefer Thai green paste to red, so I think that will be my little variation on the theme when I try these out. They must be such an explosion of textures and flavors - the crunchy beans, the soft eggplant, crispy outside, hot, sour, sweet...YUM! Time to cook!

  14. wow love the combination og the ingredients.

  15. Ooh, what a great idea! Two of my favorite flavors and they go so well together... Thai and eggplant! I bet these were just delicious, Nupur. I missed your sweet and savory snack post -- that bagless popcorn looks awesome :)

  16. What a nice job you did with this Nupur! I'm very intrigued by the idea of pureeing vegetables and inserting them in unexpected places. Moreso because some of the things I'm the fussiest about are things I dislike the texture of... pureeing them and mixing with other veggies, beans, grains, etc. might be a way towards liking them.

  17. Wow, your recipe looks so good. I just posted mine, but it is a very distant cousing our yours and Susans. I will have to give yours a try.

  18. I personally like this version the best among all the entries. Eggplant is a lovely lovely vegetable and goes well with almost everything!

  19. You did a fine job, Nupur! What a fun concept this is, and beautifully styled plate.

  20. Very attractive presentation.

  21. Girl, Congrats!! Also, happy Diwali 2 u. You must b thrilled abt the double celebrations!

  22. Happy Diwali to you and your family Nupur. Have fun celebrating all the festive occasions :)

  23. Happy Diwali to you, V and Dale

  24. Anupama, Happy Diwali to you too!

    Kamini, I love those little Thai eggplants too! These really were unexpectedly delicious :)

    Swaroopa, thanks :)

    Linda, glad you like these, Linda. I love the taste of eggplant in Thai curries too :)

    Cathy, yes, croquettes are an awesome way to sneak in things where least expected! :D

    Sagari, thank you!

    Veg-a-nut, I love how we are all making variations that are quite distinct from each other!

    Nabeela, you are an eggplant lover too...same pinch :D

    Susan, thanks! It really was fun to try and think of a variation :)

    Cynthia, thank you :)

    Dee and Chai, wishing you a very Happy Diwali too!

    Latha, Wish you the same...a wonderful Diwali and festive season to you and your family! :)

    Mandira, Thank you for the wishes, dear, and wishing you the very same!

    Sandeepa, Happy Diwali to you and your lovely family too!

  25. Nupur - the croquettes looks really yummy.

  26. Hey Nupur, just tried it for dinner, was too lazy to serve this with sthing else so had croquettes in between slices of grilled crusty bread, with lettuce tomato and Susan's dip, n it rocked just like ur other recipes !! thnx a ton .. :)


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