Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Writing for The Daily Tiffin

The Daily Tiffin is a group blog devoted to a healthy family lifestyle. Contributors from all over the world write articles about making small changes in one's lifestyle, and using smart tips to eat better and live healthier and just have more fun. With segments such as Tiffin Tuesday (lunchbox ideas) and Inside a German Bakery (a peek into the making of traditional breads), and so many more, this blog is a wonderful resource for ideas and inspiration.

At Meeta's sweet invitation, I have joined the Daily Tiffin contributors with a monthly column. Here is my chance to write about topics that I find interesting but which do not really fit into the food-oriented theme of One Hot Stove!


This month, my post talks about Schoolyard Gardens. As usual, any feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions for future columns are highly appreciated! Many thanks to Meeta and the Daily Tiffin Team for giving me this opportunity!