Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekend Stuff

Oh, the dog days of summer...Dale enjoys a frosty popsicle in an attempt to beat the record-breaking highs in St. Louis.

Book Love: Thanks to the recommendations shared by so many of you in this post, my summer reading is turning out to be a lot of fun. Priya, if you are reading this, I did get around to reading "Tiger Ladies" by Sudha Koul and enjoyed it very much. It is really an intimate glimpse into everyday Kashmiri life in peaceful times. I am currently enjoying Bill Bryson's "Travels in small town America" (Bee recommended Bryson's books). I did get started on Bapsi Sidhwa's "Cracking India" but it somehow did not engage me much and I didn't get around to finishing it. I still have a lot of the books on my list, and thank everyone for taking the time to point them out to me. To continue this conversation about books, I have made a page called Book Love listing some of the books that I have particularly enjoyed. I invite all you fellow bookworms to add your suggestions, comments etc. to this post if you like! A link to this post has been placed under Favorite Reads in the right column of the blog for easy access at any time.

It is award season here in the food blog world.

Many many thanks to Zlamushka, Madhuli, Bee, Lydia, Anita, Santhi, TBC, Raaga, Suganya, Mandira and Manasi for each giving me one or two of the sweet and encouraging awards listed above!

Finally, a recent experiment that turned out to be quite tasty...
Pav Bhaji burgers: the flavors of pav bhaji packaged into a handy portable form that is perfect for a lunchbox, picnic or cook-out.
1. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine 1 medium onion (minced), 1/2 cup green peas, handful of minced green beans, 1 green pepper (minced). Cook in microwave for 4-5 minutes or until the veggies are soft (no need to add any extra water). One could add minced cauliflower or grated carrots here as well.
2. To the cooked vegetables, add 1 cup cooked mashed potatoes.
3. Season with salt, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, red chilli powder and pav bhaji masala (all to taste).
4. Mix everything well, form into patties and grill/ shallow fry until golden brown on both sides.
5. The one pav-bhaji flavor missing in the patties is tomato, so be sure to serve the pav bhaji burgers with slices of sweet ripe tomato or a squirt of ketchup!

I'll be back on Sunday with something that is sure to give you a sugar high! Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Dale looks quite embarrased with you clicking his photos while he wants to enjoy his popscile :)
    Hey the page for Book Love is leading to Zlamushka's burntmouth!
    and just loved the Pav Bhaji Burgers..I am game for anything to do with Pav Bhaji masala!

  2. I mean the Book Love link in the write up leads to burnt mouth. I could access it from your side bar.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Madhuli, thanks for pointing that out! I fixed the link :) Yes, Dale is like, why doesn't this woman let me eat in peace?? :D Alas, celebrity comes with a price...the photographers won't leave you alone :D

  5. Hi, simple and neat recipe. looks yummy!
    your doggie is so cute!

  6. that is a cool way of preparing pav-bhaji esp. when you know you will be mobile...i find it very cute when dogs eat ice-cream.. makes me remem that they are like little kids!

  7. Hi Nupur,
    Thats a great idea! Btw I have tried your authentic pav bhaji recipe and it rocks!
    Thanks for posting!

  8. Hi Nupur,

    Dale is one lucky dog! Love his updates. The pav bhaji burgers sound so yummy, you always come up with something new and exciting! This will be on my menu tonight and a great lunch box idea. Thanks!!!


  9. pav bhaji burgers!!! sheer freaking genius!!!

  10. Dale's expression: Oh god papparazzi again! He rocks!!
    I'm game for ANYTHING pav-bhaji!! patties is a wonderful idea!! Thanx!

  11. Hi Nupur,

    I am Siri - a silent visitor to your blog. But, these Pavbhaji burgers are so yum yum, that they compelled me to leave this comment for you.

    Absolute genius... :)

  12. Love your dog! One of my best summers was spent looking after 4 dogs in Spain (with 2 mule and 2 cats).
    I love burgers recipe, could gobble one up now.

  13. Latha, Dale says thanks!

    RP, thanks :)

    Rajitha, oh yes, this one is a big baby who refuses to grow up!

    Radhika, that pav bhaji recipe is my favorite...this is just an imitation :)

    Namita, we are lucky to have this cool guy in our lives :) Hope you enjoy this burger!

    Bee, glad you like it!

    Manasi, me too :) anything pav-bhaji and count me in ;)

    Siri, nice to meet you! glad you like the burgers :)

    Saju, mules?? did you say mules?? :) wow, that is quite a zoo! I bet it was quite an experience. Glad to know you are a fellow animal lover.

  14. I am going to try making those pav bhaji burgers.

  15. Mera sharmila dost dale is back :). he sure is a heart throb :).

    and thank you sooooooooo much for the book lovers page, dear. I liked Cracking India/Ice Candy Man, but it was quite a painful story..... Bill Bryson is always a welcome read :). and oh, you have a winner of a recipe there, Nupur.

    Congrats to you for the award. More power to you, dear :).


  16. I love the idea for a book page and will definitely be returning for book suggestions in the future. I've got a little pile I'm working through now, but I'm finally making some progress :)

    Your pav bhaji burgers sound delicious - just gotta find that masala!

    Hi Dale!

  17. Hi Nupur!!!!!
    Congratulations on all your awards!!! pav bhaji burgers looks great!!!!

  18. Nupur,

    I made these for dinner last night and they were a hit! My 5 yr old loved it too as pav bhaji burgers. Thanks again for the new idea.
    And congratulations on all your awards, way to go!


  19. Nupur, thats is very creative!! what a brilliant idea and simple to make.
    will try out for sure.

  20. Cynthia, let me know if you like them :)

    Musical, Dale is glad to see this message from you! He had to go to see the vet yesterday for his routine shots and is terribly unhappy about all the poking and prodding he had to endure!

    Cathy, to be honest, your favorite masala will work just as well! Dale says "arf" :)

    Usha, thank you :)

    Namita, Thank you sooo much for letting me know! I am especially thrilled that your little one liked it :) A kid's approval means a lot!

    Sharmi, it is a good way to use up veggies!

  21. Nupur, that is cool way of using the leftover pav-bhaji curry, well most of the time we fall short of it though! Nice looking burgers +_+

  22. hey nupur, tried out ur pavbhaji burgers & they turned out awesome, as expected :) in my excitement i put too much pav bhaji masala and it was aah's & ooh's all the way...LOL
    great recipe, thanks!

  23. Padma, there is no leftover curry used in this recipe.

    Richa, thanks so much for letting me know! :) I am so glad you enjoyed these!!

  24. Hi Nupur

    I made these burgers yesterday and they were awesome :) I love anything that has pav bhaji masala ( and thats my secret ingredient ) I put that anything to spice things up :)
    When I was making these burgers a thought came to me.....
    Pav bhaji parathas :)))) sounds yummy to me :))))

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.... it was awesome :)

    love and peace

  25. Suma that's awesome!! Glad you enjoyed these....and pav bhaji parathas, LOVE the idea :) You are a genius!
    Thanks for the feedback, Suma, I really appreciate it :)


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