Monday, December 12, 2005

A Menu For Hope II: Chai Hamper

Food bloggers come together every holiday season to share their good fortune with people who need a helping hand: This year we are going to have a fun fund-raising event to raise money for UNICEF for their relief efforts in Kashmir, to help the millions of people affected by the massive earthquake in October. This event is a foodie raffle being organized by the wonderful Pim of Chez Pim. Many many food bloggers have come forward to make a pledge for the raffle. How does it work?
Step 1: Go to this web site this site to find a listing of dozens of amazing foodie prizes. Choose your favorite(s).
Step 2: Go to this site to donate. For every 5$ you donate, you can enter to win one prize. Be sure to specify your chosen prize as you donate.
If you win the raffle, your prize will be shipped to you. If you lose...hey, you never lose, because all your donated money will go to this worthy cause!

What I am pledging:
A Chai Hamper, filled with
1. All the ingredients to make Masala chai (and the recipe)
2. Two sweet snacks (one of them will be home-made Kesar-Pista Nankhatai , the other will be a surprise)
3. Two savoury snacks (one of them will be home-made Chivda , the other will be a surprise)

The lucky winner will get to sample a true Indian-style tea party in the comfort of their own home! If you want to win this prize, go on over and donate 5$ and specify "Nupur/Chai Hamper". If not, there are tons of other prizes you might like. Thanks in advance for your generosity!



  1. I love your gift. I never could come up with anything I thought people would actually bid for, so I decided I would have fun bidding on other blogger's prizes to do my part!

  2. Bidding is THE most important thing to raise money :) so you are right on!

  3. Love, love, love the idea of the Chai Hamper! And for such an important cause!

  4. I think Nupur's hamper sounds great. Especially the homemade chivda. And it's too late for her to "get away rom donating," Scooby, as there are a number of people already in the raffle for her prize.

  5. Hi Rorie, thanks...glad you like it.

    Hi Adam, thanks so much for donating!


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