Saturday, April 30, 2005

EoMEoTE#6: Indian Railways Omelet Sandwich

It's the end of the month again (yikes) which means two things for me:
a) Pay the bills
b) Make eggs on toast for the EoMEoTE#6.

What is this tongue-twister ? Well, it is a really fun food-blog event and you may please toodle off to the ova-enthusiastic Cook Sister so she can tell you all about it.

Me, I am making Indian Railways Omelet Sandwiches for the event. Ok, it probably is not the most appetizing name ever given to a dish, but the honest truth is that I associate this sandwich with railway journeys. The Indian Railways are a truly amazing system of some 11,000 trains that run the length and breadth of the sub-continent, and they have catering services on most of them. I remember that this omelet sandwich was often sold on trains from Bombay to Pune. It is very filling and tasty. Here is the recipe for making two sandwiches.

Omelet Sandwich

Making the Indian-style Omelet
  1. Beat together 3 large eggs. 
  2. Add half a minced onion, 1 tbsp milk/cream, 1 finely minced fresh chile pepper, 2 tbsp minced cilantro, salt and pepper to taste. 
  3. Make 2 omelets using this mixture.

Assembling the sandwiches
  1. Liberally butter 4 slices of bread. 
  2. Fill each pair of bread slices with sliced tomatoes, folded omelets and a slice of cheese, if desired. 
  3. Serve with ketchup and a cup of steaming hot chai.
That was easy!


  1. All this time we were eating horrible egsg sandwiches and there were these out there.

    Great stuff.

  2. I've had these with green chutney spread on the bread - coriander and green chilli chutney, I think, in India. Was that HOT or what!!!

  3. Hi Anthony, I'm glad you like these...they take all of 10 minutes to put together too, and the butter keeps the bread from getting soggy so they stay well as a packed lunch.

    Hi Shyam, I LOVE that green chutney. I make sandwiches with the chutney and a sliced tomato/cucumner filling.

  4. I just discovered your site today. Your recipes look great. The unique ingredients add so much more taste and variation to simple dishes. I have two sites. "Food Got To Love It" and "Soul Fusion Kitchen"

  5. How fantastic! Let's see...I love eggs, I love bread, I love sandwiches...gotta try them!

    And I always like a little history, or backstory, with the post...thanks!

  6. Hi Sylvie, Thanks for stopping by..I love your blog and have to try some soul fusion soon!

    Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the always makes me nostalgic :)

  7. trust me on this, u have really got me nostalgic on the bombay-pune train rides and several other culinary delights that u have published here. way to go nuki, this is really a great thing you are doing. keep it up, looking forward to your next article

  8. though the pune-bombay train sandwiches never had slices of tomatoes in them me thinks.

  9. Hey Saikat ol' boy, Thanks for stopping by :) and I hope you keep visiting ( and mail me man, how ARE you doing ?)

    Hey Anya, I know the Pune-Bombay trains never put tomato in their sandwiches...the tomato represents my efforts to get the government-mandated 5-a-day :)

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  11. Sounds okay until you actually live through an Indian railways journey. The last time I tried, I got served cockroaches with the upma from the pantry car on board. The railways canteens are filty, the food is abysmal and generally everything sucks beyond belief. You'd be lucky to not end up with cholera. Good that you live in the states, else you wouldn't be romanticising the food you get on Indian trains.

  12. Nupur: I am TOTALLY with you on the omlet sandwich. No matter what people say, they ROCK. They are so good. I closely affiliate myself with train journeys in India and I've done an enormous share of traveling via train journeys. Can't wait to start again; living in the silicon valley and US in general blocks my train expedetions now. anyway, thanks for the recipe.

  13. I discovered your blog recently, and since you're working hard on your thesis, am reading your archives... and find myself commenting all the time! The Indian Railways omelet sent me on a nostalgia trip too.

    I have one other addition to make... the tomato soup!

  14. Hi Nupur,

    I disagree! These are not Indian Railway sandwiches. For that you have to toast the bread on a tava or fry pan- tava toast- and then copiously butter them either with melted butter, or let them get cold and hard, and then butter then with cold butter :) It does make a difference- the smoky tava taste and then either the gheeish quality or the cold Amul-buttery quality.

    Recently, I have started making tava-toasts again, just out of nostalgia!


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