Monday, July 26, 2010

BB5 Round-up, A Bonus Sandwich, and on to BB6

The challenge this month was to try a sandwich or wrap from another blog, and here are the delightful recipes that made it to the party-

Cool, juicy, sweet and salty- SS (SS blogs here): Lettuce wraps with sprouts salad. Inspired by Manjula's Kitchen.

A frankie by any other name would taste as divine- Aquadaze (Served with Love): Chicken egg kathi rolls. Inspired by Bong Mom's Cookbook.

She would be quite happy eating this every single night- Sana Hurzuk (Everybunny loved food): Grilled chicken wraps with tahini sauce. Inspired by Annie's Eats and Syrian Foodie in London.

Spice up a picnic- Priya (Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes): Gobi tikka wrap. Inspired by Authentic Food Delights.

What to make when you have 4 cauliflowers on hand- Veena (Veg Junction): Cauliflower tikka wrap. Inspired by Authentic Food Delights.

A light meal comes to the rescue on a hot day- Bhagyashri (Taste Buds): Spicy red kidney bean wrap. Inspired by Sailu's Kitchen.

Beans dress up in their summer best- Nupur (One Hot Stove): Rajma wrap. Inspired by Sailu's Kitchen.

A tasty way to eat your plant protein- Melissa (Her Green Life): Open-faced lentil sandwiches. Inspired by Show Me Vegan. YAY for St. Louis blogs :)

Pesto works with everything- Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal (Mharo Rajasthan's Recipes): Cheese pesto sandwich with veggie pattie and veggies. Inspired by US Masala.

She's not a sandwich person but took the challenge anyway- Denny (Oh Taste N See): Indianized grilled cheese sandwich. Inspired by One Hot Stove.

How a really good loaf of bread can transform a sandwich- JK (The Gujju Ben Cooks): Italian style pesto sandwiches. Inspired by One Hot Stove.

Using Farmers' Market finds- Yummy 4 Tummy: Portobello mushroom sandwich. Inspired by Veggie Belly.

The burger is kicked up a notch- Denny (Oh Taste N See): Hot Tamale Burger. Inspired by Tasty Palettes.

There's no such thing as too many carbs- Latha (A Peek Into My Kitchen): Potato-sago burger. Inspired by Wake Up and Smell the Masala.

I want to thank all the participants for sharing the sandwich/wrap love and giving me a few fresh ideas in the process.

* * *

Here is a simple sandwich I made this weekend for my trivia team- if you use fresh, good bread and a creamy filling, the sandwiches are gobbled up in minutes.

I made the bread from this recipe on the King Arthur Flour website. By now, I've made this recipe a few times and it is a keeper. Oats make the bread very soft and tasty. I like cutting it into very thin slices.

The spread: 1 can of white beans (drained and rinsed), 1 bunch cilantro, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, olive oil to process the mixture into a thick paste.

The filling: fresh cucumbers and red peppers.

* * *
For the next round of Blog Bites, BB6, I'm keeping it very simple.

BB6 is the Potluck Edition.

Try a recipe from another blog, and it can be anything you like, there is no theme this month. Here's our chance to sift through the bookmarks and try some recipes that have caught our eye while blog-hopping. In true potluck style, the round-up will contain a mish-mash of dishes, cuisines and flavors, and there will be something for everyone.

The Rules
  1. From now until August 25, look through your favorite blogs and try out ANY recipe. The recipe has to come from another blog. This is the whole premise of the Blog Bites event, so please turn to other blogs for inspiration.
  2. Write a post telling us about the recipe you tried, with the following: (a) A link to the recipe on the inspiring blog, (b) A link to this post announcing the event (c) Picture of your dish.
  3. Please do not copy a recipe word for word from another blog- that would be both illegal and unethical. Either re-write the recipe in your own words, or simply add a link to the recipe. One of the reasons I am hosting this event is to promote the idea of cooking from blogs while giving them due credit.
  4. Please make sure your entry meets all the rules above. Then, send me the link (URL) of your entry, either by leaving a comment on this post, or using the contact form. You can send in as many entries as you like.
  5. I will acknowledge the entries you send in by leaving a comment on your post and thanking you for the entry within 2-3 days. Check back on August 26 to see the round-up.
Thank you for your participation!

All this week, I am busy moving to another neighborhood. Regular programming on One Hot Stove will resume from my new kitchen in a week or so. Have a lovely week, everyone.


  1. This was my first BB where I couldn't participate, I had too many wrap bookmarks :(

    Due to shifting = packing + unpacking and again repeating the same no. of times :(

    Hope you finish all faster .. enjoy Moving and see you soon.

  2. Hi Nupur

    Great roundup..just a correction though.. my surname is Hurzuk not Kurzuk ;)

  3. great roundup! OMG I missed it. will try to catch up with the potluck edition. by the way, the cilantro and beans sandwich looks very very good.

  4. Nice summery roundup, and a nice sandwich to 'wrap' things up!!!

    All the best for moving, it can be quite a pain!!! And as usual, nice theme for the next blog bites. :)

  5. Lovely round-up. This sandwich spread sounds good - protein in chutney. Will keep in mind. The potluck edition sounds great. Good luck with the move.

  6. Nupur

    This is gorgeous, will browse through this for my next week's lunch.
    BTW I posted a recipe from Indo's blog on Sunday. Can I update it with the BB6 rules and send it or do I need to do a new post ?

  7. I would love to participate in this event, have tons of bookmarked recipes.

  8. Excellent round up. Got lot of new recipes. thanks for sh.aring

  9. Excellent roundup..will come soon with my entries..

  10. That is a great roundup and lovely delicious sandwich, will surely participate in BB5 :)

  11. You are moving ??????? What about neighbor girl ?? Please say she is moving too, will miss her

  12. Missed BB#5since everyone in the house is sick.:( hope to be there for BB#6..great roundup..

  13. Kanchan- Yes, we all seem to own a tremendous amount of stuff and only realize it while moving, right?

    Sana- I'm so sorry- have corrected the spelling right away!

    Mythreyee- Thanks!

    jk- LOL yes. Our move is only 3 miles down the road so hopefully that makes things less painful for us.

    SS blogs here- Protein in chutney, that's exactly it!

    Bong Mom- Oh absolutely, do update the post and send me a link.
    And yes, neighbor girl moved last month, and our new homes are minutes from each other, so that's a relief for me! :)

    RV- Thanks.

    Shriya- Thanks.

    Priya- Looking forward to it.

    Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal- I hope you can participate!

    Madhuli- Oh dear, hope you and the family are all better now.

  14. Nice twist to the humble sandwich.

    keep posting!

  15. That is interesting. I am looking forward to take part in this. It will be a good experiance, since I am a novice in the blogger's world.

  16. Hi Nupur, I would like to thank you for your inspiration through your blog. I have dedicated a post to you and others who inspired me into blogger's world. Please do check it out.

  17. Here is my submission to BB6:

  18. Hi Nupur!Feel so bad missing this wraps and sandwich edition.I have tried a lot of recipes from fellow bloggers blogs so I am ready for the next theme :)

  19. Nupur,here is my first entry

    Will send in more :)

  20. Here is my first entry:

  21. Nupur

    Here is my entry for BB#6

    Everyday Chicken Biryani --

    ispired by Indosungod's Chicken Biryani --

  22. Here is my entry for Blog Bites #6!

    Steph Food » Almond Pista Kulfi (a Bite of Blog Love)

  23. Good luck with the move Nupur!

  24. white bean spread sounds very delicious, Nupur! Happy moving and setting up a new kitchen.

  25. Best of luck for a smooth move-and-unpacking! Here's my first entry:

  26. Here is my entry:

    Good luck with the move.
    Bigger kitchen?

  27. Hi Nupur, Its Been a while I visited ur space. That is one yummy sandwich round-up. Quick question abt the Oat bread from KAF, did you use the bread improver and the special bread flour or used regular flour?? Recipe looks awesome, would love to try, but want to find out if I really need all the special ingredients. Thank you.

  28. Here is my entry for BB6.

    It is exactly your recipe for the crust and it turned out great. Thanks.

  29. Here is my first entry Nupur, hope the move went on well!
    (30 min Biryani)

  30. Hi Nupur, This round up is going to be a treasure for me :)

    Your sandwich is very tempting. But what is white beans? Is it available in India? Thanks for hosting such a wonderful blog.


  31. Pavani- Ah, I should have mentioned all this in my post but glad you asked :)
    I used King Arthur bread flour but not the "special for machines" kind, just their regular bread flour. I replaced the 1 tbsp. bread improver with 1 tbsp. gluten. Everyone loves this bread, it is soft and tasty.

    Geetha- You could use any kind of beans that are available to you. Kidney beans and black eyed peas would be nice, I think.

  32. Here's what I am bringing to your potluck:

  33. Here is another submission to BB6:

  34. I'm in - this is the url for my entry


  35. BB6 entry:

  36. Made the bread yesterday and it turned out awesome. Thank you for the tips. Have a great week ahead.

  37. Hi Nupur,

    Here is my first entry for the Potluck:

  38. Hi Nupur,

    Another entry for the potluck:

  39. Nupur,

    Lovely roundup for BB5. :). Here is my entry for BB6 -

    All the best for the move.


  40. hi Nupur ,
    lovely round up for BB5 is my entry for BB6
    thank q


  41. hi nupur
    this one is my second entry for BB6
    Thank q


  42. Nupur

    Here is my entry to potluck edition.

  43. This is going to be one amazing potluck!

    Here is another submission:

  44. And another:

  45. Are you sure there's no limit to the number of posts? ;)
    I get a lot of inspiration from other blogs. :)

    Here's another:

  46. And another:

  47. Hi Nupur,
    I have been following your blog and have even tried out some of your recipes :)
    I am a new blogger and this is my first entry to a food blog event.
    Please do check out

  48. Hi nupur ,
    here i am reposting my entry link for cherry cake

  49. Posted this wonderful Goan bread from Miri's blog for the potluck event.

  50. Here is my second entry :)

  51. Here is another entry of mine.

  52. Nupur,

    Here is my second entry - Hotel style sambar from ISG's blog:


  53. Hi Nupur,

    Lovely roundup BB5

    Here is my entry for BB6,

  54. my entry for your event

  55. hi nupur,

    here is my entry:

    Thank u.

  56. Hi Nupur,here are my other entries.

  57. Hi Nupur,

    Here is my entry for BB 6.


  58. Hi Nupur,
    Sorry about the broken links.I have corrected it and here are both the entries


  59. two more entry
    happy weekend

  60. Hello Nupur,

    Here is my entry for the BB6-The Potluck Event

  61. Hi Nupur,
    Sending you my entry for your event.
    here is the link

  62. Hi,
    Can I link back the archived recipes?

  63. Hi Nupur,
    Here is my entry for BB#6


  64. Here's my contribution:

    Can I make a suggestion? When you have people post their comments here for the BB contribution, I am so tempted to read the comments and see what everyone is made. That spoils the fun of waiting for the actual round up. Maybe you could keep people's comments hidden so it is a nice surprise? Just a thought!

  65. Hi Nupur,

    here is my entry for the BB6 roundup.I hope I am not too late!

    It is a chocolate recipe from La Tartine Gourmande.
    Thanks for organising the event :)

  66. Hi Nupur,

    Here is my entry for BB6..

  67. Hi Nupur,

    sorry now i have add links to the u can check it..

  68. Hey Nupur.. I thought this one will be a breeze.. but it turns out Lady Time has an aggressive whip. ;) Glad to have finally made it to the potluck! Here's my entry:

  69. Hi Nupur,
    My entry for your event.

  70. Hi Nupur, here is my entry


  71. Hi Nupur,
    One more entry for the event :

  72. Hi Nupur

    here is my entry for BB6-Potluck edition

  73. Here is my next entry:

    Recipe Name: Saunf aur Tamatar Paneer - सौंफ और टमाटर पनीर (Cottage Cheese in Fennel and Tomato Sauce)
    Recipe URL:

  74. hi nupur,
    my second entry


  75. Here are two entries for BB#6

    1) Eggplant & bell Pepper curry from Veg Inspiratons
    Url :

    2)Paneer Dhaniya from foodelicious
    URL :

    Indrani of
    Recipe Junction

  76. Hi Nupur,

    First time here ...wonderful event...heres my first entry !!


  77. Hello nupur,

    One more.. Hope I am not late..


  78. Hi Nupur,

    Here's my post for the pot luck. I am really looking forward to the round up tomorrow.

  79. Hi,

    Here are my entries :

    1. Jeera Biscuits :

    2. Oats Idli :

  80. Sangeetha- I completely agree with your suggestion. The problem is that I don't know how to do that in blogger- allow comments but hide them. If you know of a way, please let me know!


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