Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

We had a cozy pizza & cake party on the holiday weekend. Chocolate and peanut butter seems to be an ever-popular flavor combination around here, so I dug into the bookmarks and found the perfect recipe to try- peanut butter cup chocolate cake from Baking Bites. The recipe looked suspiciously simple. Aren't layer cakes supposed to be a pain to make?

To make it just a bit more complicated, I decided to make some crunchy candied peanuts as a topping for my cake. The recipe is from David Lebovitz and I followed it quite faithfully. In a heavy metal pan went raw peanuts (with pink skins on, the ones I buy in the Indian store), sugar and some water. Then it is a matter of stir, stir and stir again for nearly 30 minutes until the peanuts are coated in dark caramel and some grainy sugar. A final generous sprinkle of sea salt, cinnamon and red chilli powder, and the candied peanuts were poured onto a baking sheet to cool off.

We used some for the cake, as you will see later, and the rest became a too-tasty, addictive snack.

Now for the cake, which happens to be eggless, and the whole thing, cake and frosting, only used a stick of butter in all. Nice. Again, I followed the recipe closely. My only modifications:

  • Cut down sugar by a third of a cup.
  • Baked the batter in 2 cake pans, which needed only 20 minutes or so baking time since the cakes were not as tall.
  • Used powdered buttermilk.

Then came the frosting: crunchy peanut butter, unsalted butter, icing sugar, tiny bit of salt and milk. Spread frosting on one layer...

...slap on the other layer. Drizzle generously with melted chocolate (I used a combination of milk and dark) and scatter the candied peanuts.

Gooey, messy and oh so good. With this cake, I can finally use the words "layer cake" and "quick and easy" in the same sentence. This one is a keeper.

* * *
I've loved participating in food blog events ever since I started writing this blog. Now, Jacqueline has started a great new website to keep us all informed about the fun events being hosted every month- it is called The Food Blog Diary. I want to thank her for including the Blog Bites: Sandwiches and Wraps in the July line-up.


  1. That looks beautiful, I love the crunchy topping :)

  2. That's a really cute cake. Celebration weekend I guess! :)

  3. Lokks and sounds very healthy! Peanut butter is my favorite. Shall try this out. Thanks for sharing. Nice to be here. Best wishes.

  4. Chocolate and candied peanuts on cake… drool! Sounds so good! Interestingly I never have come across a cake recipe that calls for cider vinegar but it totally works here.

  5. Looks delicious... Lovely cake and awesome clicks..

  6. Wow Nupur! That's one drool worthy cake :D

  7. Looks too tempting and truly yummy :)

  8. i've made a few layered cakes...but i am still scared of them... yours looks fab and goey and so yumm...i must wait till i burn out a few kgs to attempt this! i've never seen a cake topped with candied peanuts do come up with very interesting ideas!

  9. Yummmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!Iam a very bad baker. So I admire your skill even more!!

  10. Ive never worked with peanut butter..but this looks awesome...

  11. Gorgrous cake, looks utterly delicious and yummy..

  12. Oh wow, that looks amazing. I'm not eating peanuts while I am breastfeeding, but I am going to save this recipe for later in the year and try the treatment on other nuts for now.

    Thanks for the shout out :)

  13. love this peanut chocolate combo...cake looks mouth watering

  14. These cozy parties are wonderful Nupur. Can I invite myself over? This cake is irresistible.

  15. This is truly a keeper recipe.. Looks very delicious.

  16. Oooh yum!!! I am not a big fan of peanut butter but the cake looks delicious!

  17. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal- Yes, the crunchy topping added a lovely texture.

    SS blogs here- With food, we celebrate every single day ;)

    Sanjeeta kk- I won't go so far as to call it healthy but as desserts go, it is not too sinful.

    The Housewife- The cider vinegar and the baking soda together produce lots of CO2 bubbles to help the cake rise.

    Nitha- Thanks.

    Anjali- We certainly did our share of drooling!

    Nithya- Thanks.

  18. arundati- Share it with people and you won't have to wait until you lose weight to try it :) this layered cake is the easiest I have made so far.

    Sarita- There's no such thing as a bad baker! You just need a good reliable recipe and some practice perhaps :)

    s- Peanut butter is wonderful stuff, tasty and versatile.

    Priya- It was very yummy!

    Jacqueline- Oh yes, all kinds of nuts would work in this recipe and I think hazelnuts would be simply outstanding.

    Raaga- Or you could move closer to me ;)

    Neha- Thanks.

    notyet100- Thanks.

    indosungod- You have a standing invitation so come on over!

    RV- Thanks.

    Sangeetha- You can make it with other nut butters if you prefer those! Or you might try this and fall in love with peanut butter ;)

  19. I found you through Eats Well With Others and right when I saw this recipe, I knew I had to stick around! Heaven!! Don't you just love David Lebovitz??


  20. Nice topping, very different one!

  21. The very common peanut butter gets a great avatar ... wonderful idea of teaming it up with chocolate and cake! Will brighten up any party. :-)

  22. There is nothing I love more than chocolate and peanut butter...what a fantastic cake!

  23. This cake looks Deliciiiiiiiiiouus!
    I can imagine myself eating all the candied peanuts first and then, starting the cake... So tempting :-D

  24. Looks amazing, even though for some reason I seem to have gone off any kind of nuts inside my chocolate anything. I too found and posted a keeper of a chocolate pudding recipe this weekend!

    The peanuts seem definitely is the peanut butter you buy salty? the Indian ones here are very salty for my taste..

  25. My son would adore this, but he can't have peanuts. do you think almond butter and the like will work?

  26. this looks fantastic - so little butter and icing sugar compared to other layer cakes - have bookmarked for when the right occasion arises

  27. Nupur--WOW! Two of my faves right here! I love what you did with the peanuts, too. I've had my eye on your post for the past few days and finally made it in to take a look, really glad I did!

  28. Sues- I do love David Lebovitz and especially his candy recipes!

    Sook- Thanks!

    Parita- Thanks!

    Sharmila- Yes, I love how versatile peanut butter is.

    Joanne- Thanks, everyone who tasted it loved it :)

    Sweet Artichoke- LOL I ate bites of the cake teamed with the candied peanuts.

    Miri- The peanut butter I buy is salted but lightly, you can also buy unsalted peanut butter here.

    delhibelle- Oh yes, almond butter or hazelnut butter or even nutella would be fine.

    Johanna GGG- I personally don't like icing much so this cake is perfect for my tastes.

    Kelly- What's more I would imagine this cake would be very easy to veganize.

  29. Yum! I'm always on the hunt for new pb/chocolate recipes...this one looks awesome!


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