Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Hummus Bowl, and February Round-up

Happy March! February was a short and speedy month- the days flew by. I've been making random meals, nothing blog-worthy, and his space has been quiet as a result. But before we head into March, here's a random round up of life in Feb 2023

On Sunday, I made these hummus bowls that turned out hearty and tasty. The motivation was to get through a Costco-size tub of hummus that my daughter made me buy. Here were the components:

  • Brown rice
  • Chickpeas cooked with cherry tomatoes (they were squishy and needing using up) and spices
  • Quorn grounds (mock meat) sauteed with green peppers and jalapenos
  • Hummus (lots of it)
  • Jarred Olive salad
  • Carrots, cucumbers, onions, cilantro

Toppings for the hummus bowl

Hummus bowl

* * *

I am trying to make all my favorite cold-weather dishes while it is still cold weather out there. Developing this easy and fuss-free recipe for undhiyu- the Gujarati winter-special mixed vegetable dish- was a highlight of last winter for me. This month I made two big batches of undhiyu and happily ate my way through them with a few rotis as accompaniment. 

* * *

We has a few friends over for a Valentine-themed potluck dinner. I made these "heart beet" patties- vegetable patties (the usual type, with potatoes, peas, green beans) with some beets cooked along with the potatoes to dye everything a bright pink. I just shaped them with my hands. My friend made heart-shaped Brazilian guava pastries. Other friends brought a beet and grapefruit salad- delicious! 

"Heart Beet" Valentine's Day patties

Guava pastries

Heart thumbprint cookies made by my sister
(two angled indentations of the thumb)

Valentines made by my son for his classmates
(idea found online)

Valentines made by my daughter for her classmates
(idea found online)

* * * Random photos incoming * * *

A meal at a Persian restaurant

Signs of spring in the neighborhood-
cherry blossoms

Also in Feb--
  • I reconnected with a bunch of college friends- there is a reunion in the making. It is great to start chatting again like no time has passed at all. (In reality a LOT of time has passed since I was in college)
  • I watched a production of The Vagina Monologues- I have seen it a few times before but this production was special because a close friend of mine was in it. Like others in this production, she isn't a professional actress. She is a graphic designer and a mom. She was SO GOOD!! It blows me away how much talent is among us. If you ever get a chance, don't miss this show. Every time I have seen it, I have laughed and cried and come away empowered.
  • I ran my first 5K in a few years. The course was frustratingly hilly (as is every course in our wonderful town) and I was just thankful to finish without puking or passing out. I posted a decent time- better than I expected- considering that I really started running regularly last month. I'm motivated to keep at it. Say what you will about running but it is a very efficient workout. Even better, I now have a running buddy who I run with most weekends. She elevates the whole thing for me. 
Your turn: Tell me your highlights of February. 


  1. A wonderful post, as always! Congratulations on the 5K - something to be very proud of! I loved the Vagina Monologues too - so witty and thought-provoking! A friend of mine made chickpea fritters with hummus - I think she added shredded vegetables, some breadcrumbs, and a few odds and ends, shaped them into patties/fritters and shallow fried them. She said they were delicious!

  2. And oh, of course, I loved the art projects done by your kids. How delightful they are. Do share the streamlined undhiyu recipe! Love and hugs to Duncan.

  3. Nupur, if you like Persian food, there's more than saffron rice and roasted vegetables to be had. Subzi Polo is a wildly flavorful (almost vegetarian) rice dish with lots of herbs and that coveted tahdig. If you want a low carb alternative, Kuku Sabzi is the mother of all frittatas. I use up a bunch of farmers market herbs every time I make either of them (dill and parsley cannot be skipped IMO). It's a shame that Persian restaurants do so little to promote vegetarian fare when most of the dishes are so adaptable.

    Undhiyu looks super nutritious. I'll try it soon.

    The Menu was bizarre and thrilling.
    About Alice by Calvin Trillin was interesting. I didn't grow up in a particularly loving home (although my parents did their best) so I enjoy reading about happy homes and good marriages.

  4. I am amazed that you are still blogging. I've kind of given up on it after a few restarts. I thought to reach out to you as I used the tiny funnel you gave me (part of a kitchen kit ) as a parting gift. Believe me when I tell you , each time I use that funnel, I think of you and I use it quite often. Hope you and the fam are keeping well. Take care.

    1. Hi Pratibha- wow, it has been years! Where are you and what are you up to these days? I totally do not remember the funnel or kitchen kit, but how funny that you still have it :)

      We are all doing well. Just working, raising kids, blogging as and when I can. Life is chugging along.

  5. Love the hummus bowls and the heart foods - and the cards made by your kids. February was too busy to do anything for Valentine's day this year - I was at a conference that week and no extra energy for anything. You sound like you had a really interesting february - so nice to catch up with old friends - I saw a college friend in Brisbane a few weeks back and it is funny how it feels so easy to sit and chat. And I am in admiration of you running 5K - I am not a runner but would like to ride my bike more than I have in Feb


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