Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kitchens Revealed: a Link Party

On my last post, Sangeetha mentioned that she would like a sneak peek into my little kitchen. Well, this weekend started with a lovely and relaxed morning so I thought it was as good a time as any to snap some pictures and share them here.

I've had fun putting together my new kitchen in the last month, trying to make it as organized and functional as I can. Much as I love to cook and bake, rummaging for tools and working in clutter can take the joy right out it. So I made some rules for myself and gave myself a stern warning to stick to them (yes, I frequently feel the need to lecture myself inwardly):

  1. Leave two countertops absolutely clear and empty. This workspace is used only while I am actively cooking. Nothing is ever stored there permanently. 
  2. Put all the tools and equipment in plain sight and where I can easily reach it. I know from experience that anything that is hidden away never gets used. In fact, I forget that I even own it.
  3. Throw away (rather, donate) anything I haven't used in a few months. Unused stuff eats up precious kitchen real estate and gets in the away. I am very ruthless and unsentimental about getting rid of unnecessary stuff. 
  4. A place for everything and everything in its place. Life is too short to go rummaging for things. 

My kitchen is a long, narrow rectangle. This is one of the long sides, with counters (2 of them empty, one with the microwave oven), sink, stove/oven, dishwasher.

All the overhead cabinets are way above my reach (I am very short on the petite side) so they are more or less useless.

Instead, all my storage is on the long wall opposite this one. I placed two Baker's Racks and they contain all my appliances, baking dishes, and all kinds of tools.

I bought these Baker's Racks separately (2 years apart, in fact) used (read super-cheap) from Craigslist, the online classifieds. But they match well. There is a power strip hidden behind into which all of these appliances can be plugged in. A few cheap S-shaped hooks made it easy to hang up all kinds of little things like measuring spoons, tongs and pot holders.

With my other tools, I stuck them in vases and put them on the windowsill next to the counter. It makes it so easy to just pluck out what I need.

The third wall is a narrow one and has a pantry (a simple cupboard with shelves, not the walk-in kind) and the fridge. Instead of hanging bags on the pantry door, I put my favorite dishcloth (a very sweet gift from my friend Bek, a fellow knitter) on a hanger as a little decorative touch.

My very favorite thing about this kitchen is the fact that the fourth wall opens into the back porch and backyard, so I can look out of the window as I am cooking and see the trees-

Now it is your turn. I would love to see your kitchens too. Kitchens can be big or small or downright tiny, tidy or messy, old or new, but they are the place where all the magic happens. Here's a blog event of sorts where you don't have to find a recipe or cook anything.

Instead of the traditional way of making round-ups, I am doing a link party. The round up will be right here as participants add their posts. I've been looking at link parties on craft blogs, like this one, and thought it might be fun to host one just as an experiment to see how well it works.

To participate:

1. Just snap a few pictures of your kitchen and write a post on your blog about your kitchen: what you love about it, how you have organized it, whatever you want to share.
2. Link to this post so your readers can come and check out all the participants.
3. Click on "Click here to enter". Add your post's link/URL. And a little caption or title, saying whose kitchen this is. You can add a picture that will show up as a thumbnail.
4. You can participate anytime until the end of the month, September 30.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. You like your kitchen white! I like the kitchen without clutter too but it never works.

    Craigslist is great that way. We got a super duper computer desk for the kids.

  2. Lovely light, Nupur! It's funny how different people have different styles. I like NOTHING on the counters but underneath and behind doors, I have just what I need and no more. And I never forget what's there!

  3. That's a nice and bright kitchen! I love your big view to the trees too!

  4. Hey, your kitchen is so beautiful I loved the one with racks and the kitchen opening into the backyard what a beautiful light!, and the counter top is clean and nice, Oh! my God, if you see mine you will get scared, I have such a tiny kitchen with most of the things on the counter top, I don't think I will click mine,

  5. Nupur, I am soooo thrilled you considered my request! I love your idea of using Baker's racks. I am going to be moving into a tiny but very pretty kitchen soon, and am mulling over the idea of buying a portable isalnd cum drop side brakfast bar for extra space. But this has been hard to find! Your kitchen is so beautiful and tidy!

  6. hi Nupur checking out your blog after a at a place where net connectivity is not too good. Really nice snaps of your kitchen..looks really inviting

  7. Love the white kitchen and the view outside ! I had a galley kitchen in my previous apt and with gas.....
    So what I REALLY LOVED is the gas... I do miss that in my new apartment, it has a coil stove :(

  8. hey nupur.

    lovely kitchen with loads of light....i love the black and white contrast and the lovely kitchen cloth!!! I love that little porch where you can see the world outside...mine is very small and narrow and is closed with no windows....

  9. the fourth wall opens to the back porch! what could be better?.. that's such a well-organized kitchen, no wonder you like to spend time experimenting there and whip up some great food.

  10. your kitchen looks so organised - mine is a mess right now - well always! more clutter than mess, actually. but at least there is a view of sorts - not like your lovely trees but I love leaving the fly wire door open to the backyard when the weather allows

  11. TOTALLY love that view from the kitchen! I'm going to clean up mine so I can enter into this fun event--always love the surprises on your blog!

  12. I cleaned up my pantry for your pantry checklist. Now it is time for the kitchen counters.

    Love the vases for your spoons and spatulas. Very elegant.

  13. You have a lovely kitchen Nupur.. I try to keep mine clutter free too, but with my husband buying more gadgets (a new Delonghi coffee maker & Juicer are on their way home as I type), I've no clue where to put them now. Will send in my kitchen pics too.

  14. Ohh your kitchen is soo beautiful and very well organized Nupur. I would love to have such kitchen.

  15. I'm Jealous!! I share my kitchen with a roommate, and everything is packed tightly and crowded. Things are falling off the shelves and I just can't wait until I have a kitchen to myself!!

  16. Oh what a great fun event Nupur. Will try to send the snaps.

    I just cannot work in a kitchen that is full of clutter, so I totally agree with you on this one.

  17. Your kitchen is so much better organized than mine! Someday I hope to get to a bigger kitchen again with plenty of storage space. Thanks for hosting the event!

  18. Hey Nupur,

    Very tidy Kitchen, too good:)
    Loved your idea of organising all Kitchen electrics. Now that you mentioned Craiglsit I will check it out. A little doubtful of buying used things but after seeing yours I am encouraged to try.

  19. very well organized kitchen Nupur..Liked it very much specially so much of light. Greaat!!!

  20. indosungod- I do like the color white, but in this case, the colors are just what came with the apartment! I buy SO many things off Craigslist, I love it.

    Alanna- You have to come visit and see for yourself! I have so little cabinet space in this kitchen, the open shelves was the only practical way to go.

    SS- Thanks! Seeing green leaves is so soothing to the eye.

    jayasri- Tiny or not tiny, every kitchen does its job and you should be proud of yours! Don't be too shy to share the pics.

    notyet100- Thanks.

    Sangeetha- I spent a lot of time looking for just such an island! Ikea has some great ones, but we don't have one here in St. Louis. In the end, I "settled" for these Baker's racks but now that I have them, I think this was the very best option for me.
    Good luck with your new kitchen!

    Lakshmi- Thanks!

    Manasi- Oh, I completely sympathize. I did have a electric-coil stove for a few years and it was not that great to control the heat. I must say I am happy to have cooking gas here.

    anubhavati- Thank you! This is my first kitchen which opens to the outside and I truly love that feature. Would love to see pics of your kitchen :)

    Gauri- Thanks :) I agree, a tidy cooking space makes it a lot more fun to get in there and cook something up.

  21. Johanna- I can understand the clutter, it happens when you cook all the time, and even more with a small child like you have. I love leaving the door open too, when the weather is nice! It is lovely to have the kitchen open to the outside.

    Saee- Thank you, it is fun to try something new on the blog and see if others are interested in playing along. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your kitchen!

    Jaya- Thanks! Love having tools where I can see them. I do fervently hope you'll share pics of your kitchen :)

    Pavani- I know, the appliances take up so much room! And if you put them away somewhere, you never end up using them. Do share your pics, I would love to take a look.

    Shilpa- I am sure your kitchen is a magical place, judging by everything you make in it!

    Ella-Gator- I've done that, shared with roommates and although it was a great experience overall, I agree that the kitchen can get very cluttered and crowded.

    Amruta- Do try and send them in! I'd love to see your kitchen :)

    radioactivegan- Thanks so much for sharing your pictures- it is lovely to know the space where the food on your blog gets made!

    CrocheterFrmCA- Thanks!

    Anonymous- I have absolutely no problems buying from Craigslist, it is a great way to save some cash and recycle at the same time.

    Tejaswini- Thank you!

  22. I need to majorly de-clutter to enter this event. Yours is so very neat and aesthetic

  23. Nupur, something seems to have gone wrong when I was linking my post.. can u delete my entry so I can link up again?
    Sorry about the bother...

  24. This is a cooool post!!Love ur kitchen...its homely n must be a pleasure to cook in such a serene environment!!Now following ur space!

  25. Hey did you extend the deadline? Or was it just me who thought it was this week? :P

  26. You said Ikea has the island? Ha! We have Ikea here :). Its defntly on my list of places to shop in once I move. Btw also has some really cool islands and they ship them for free!

  27. your's is a beautiful kitchen.i can see a wet grinder in the pic.did u get it from india?how did u manage to get the heavy load?

  28. Thanks for an exciting event Nupur, I had great fun taking pictures of my kitchen. Congratulations on maintaining your white kitchen, I always had trouble with my white tiles. Your blog is my favorite; you have got a great personality and it reflects in your writing. I have a request for you- could you or your readers suggest some sharp knives at a reasonable price; I am having such a hard time. The last one I bought was victorinox from Amazon, and it was great but after 6 months the tip got bent; haven't had luck after that.


  29. Bong Mom- Clutter is just a sign of a well-loved and used kitchen!

    Manasi- It should be fixed now.

    Prathima- Thanks!

    Amruta- Sorry- I did extend it in case others needed another weekend to play! I do appreciate that you scrambled and made it to the first deadline!

    Sangeetha- Yes, Ikea has ones that are very large as I needed. But in the end I was so glad it worked out with buying used racks (love recycling) and a fraction of the cost.

    Anonymous- No, the wet grinder is not from India.

  30. Shilpa- I myself am looking for good knives. The one that I have loved so far is a Pure Komachi santoku knife bought from Amazon, it is wonderful and sharp 2 years later.

  31. unfortunately I can't participate as my kitchen is being renovated!:(

  32. what a wonderful kitchen you have got there, Nupur! love that view of the backyard from the kitchen.

    I feel so sad now for missing so many wonderful things that happened in the blogosphere while I was ostrich-ed into my work... like missing this great event :( oh well, there is always the next time.

  33. Hi Nupur,
    I have just purchased a GE 14 cup food processor, mainly for the dough blade and am a bit disappointed, the dough is EVERYWHERE, it became a yucky mess ( seeped onto all crevices and even onto the main base- did not slop down but it managed to get there too- and I made dough for abt 10 rotis) and I am thinking of returning it. I remembered seeing that u have one too in the pics above and want ur opinion. Do u use ur fp for dough and is it satisfactory? or is it better to get a kitchen aid stand mixer?

  34. Manasi- I do use a food processor for dough ALL the time. Mine is a 9-cup Kitchenaid and I don't know if the capacity/brand is what is making a difference. It is a little messy but that's to be expected with flour and dough. I would not say that the dough gets everywhere though.
    Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to discuss this more, e-mail is much easier rather than comments on older posts :)

  35. Hey Nupur,
    Excellent post! I absolutely love it. Your kitchen looks so organized and neat. One can get so many ideas about organising their own kitchen just by looking at these pics. I would love to see other fellow bloggers' kitchen too, but I can't find another post regarding the topic nor a link to it. Am I missing something here? :( Can you please post the link to the round-up/link-up?
    Thanks a ton!


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