Friday, November 27, 2009

Savory Bread Pudding

How can soggy bread taste so irresistible??

I used the leftover broccoli rabe from here and leftover butternut squash from this recipe to make Recipe #34: a savory bread pudding last night.

The original recipe again came from Alanna; I halved it and tweaked it slightly. Here is my adaptation in short:

1. Saute 1 onion and ½ bunch broccoli rabe in olive oil and butter. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

2. Custard: Mix, using an immersion blender
1 egg
¾ cup 2% milk
¼ cup cream
lots of good mustard

3. In a bowl, mix
5-6 slices whole grain bread, cut in cubes
3-4 cups diced raw butternut squash (it cooks during baking)
1 cup shredded aged cheddar.
Stir in onion mixture. Place in a greased baking dish.

4. Pour the custard over to soak the bread mixture. Bake at 375F.

This was absolutely delightful as it baked, and the taste was fabulous!

On a quick side dish, I made balsamic-glazed brussels sprouts. Everything tastes better with a balsamic glaze. If I cut up old sneakers into strips and glazed them with balsamic vinegar, we would probably eat them with gusto.

*** *** *** Fresh off the needles *** *** ***

All year long, I have been tossing our wine and champagne corks into a drawer. In the past week, the corks crawled out and donned matching hats and sweaters- now there are cork elves crowded in my living room.






Isn't this a cute way to recycle corks into holiday ornaments? This clever pattern is generously shared by Manne and translated into English by Saartje (she of the famous booties).

Tomorrow- something light and simple after all the holiday indulgence.


  1. I prefer savory dishes than sweets,nice dish for cold weather.
    love the cork cuties.. they look amazing.

  2. Hats off Nupur!! Loves those Elves :)

  3. these are sooo cute ! i want one of themmm..........

  4. Hey Nupur,
    The cork elves are so cute and utterly adorable!!! A brilliant way of turning "waste" to "best" the way wht r brussel sprouts,,and r any other alternate veggies that I can use for this recipe,,

  5. This savory pudding sounds really irresistible. Reading at the ingredients --worth to try it.
    Oww...that cute!!! Such a creative idea Nupur. :)

  6. Your cork elves are ADORABLE! :D

  7. beautiful cork elves Nupur. they look so gorgeous...

  8. how cute those looks :)...great work there ...
    hugs and smiles

  9. They look so darn cute, Nupur.
    Savory bread pudding look delicious.

  10. Those little guys are darling -- do you need more corks?

    So glad you liked the bread pudding, you've got me hankering another one!

  11. Savory pudding looks great! Such a clever idea to dress up the wine corks!

  12. Oh those elves look so good! wow, great work!
    And the pudding looks fantastic!

  13. those corks are so cute! and the bread pudding sounds amazing..whats not to like about bread and cheese and cream!

  14. Oh man.. those cork elves are just adorable. Neat idea.. savory bread pudding sounds delicious.

  15. adorable elves and lovely bread pudding. i made a cork pin-up board with our bottle corks.

  16. Shyam- Thank you :)

    Sonia- The bread pudding is totally worth a try- very tasty!

    Raakhee- Brussels sprouts look like miniature cabbages. You could try this recipe with broccoli, cauliflower, farazbi (green beans/French beans) or mushrooms. Yes, I did love how the corks were saved from the trash and turned into something that I can share with friends :)

    Suparna- Just reach into the screen and take one!

    Sheetal & Rahul- Thanks!

    Madhu- Like you, I prefer savory dishes to sweets too.

    Sayantani, Jaya- Thanks!

    indosungod- The bread pudding was wonderful; certainly something I'll be making again.

    PJ- Thanks :)

    Alanna- If you want elves for yourself, send me your corks ;) I've been really enjoying your recipes- thanks for sharing them!

    mona- Thank you!

    Pavani- It really is a neat idea, these knitting designers are so clever!

    Rekha shoban- Thanks!

    bee- I so wanted to make a cork pin-up board but had too few corks for that project. It is definitely on my list! I know people make very cute coasters and trivets with recycled corks too.

    Veggie Belly- I know, you could add practically anything to bread and cheese and cream and it would be fantastic :)

  17. Your Carolling Corks looks so cute and festive. I love them. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  18. Those corky creatures are so so cute :) very creative Nupur, just like the bread pudding

  19. omg the elves are soo soo adorable!!

  20. Nupur, I was a wanna be knitter a few years back. I got as far as completing a hat. I also have some yarn from the projects I never could finish. Some of it is a high quality marino wool. Since you are so creative I figured I ask if you would have any use for it.

  21. cutest way of recycling..I would say..superb!

  22. PrincessK- Sure I do, I usually fall asleep on the couch around 9 PM :D

    Namita- Thanks, these corks will hopefully decorate trees in my coworkers' homes!

    Bong Mom- Thanks :) I just copies other people's good ideas in both cases ;)

    Random Thoughts- Thank you!

    Bharti- Glad you like them :)

    Madhuli- Yes, I was so pleased to save them from the trash!

    Punita- Sure, I'll be happy to use your wool. In fact, I can knit it up into something for you or your baby! Just get in touch with me. No point letting good quality wool sit around :)

  23. bread, custard and baked ?(and butternut squash!)- difficult to go wrong with that. I'll definitely be trying this soon.

    And your cork people are adorable.

  24. Hey Nupur,

    Aawwww- Those Cork Elves are so adorable !

    By the way - every time I open your blog, and my husband sees it - he asks "How is Dale ?"
    Hope he is doing just fine !!! :)


  25. Lavanya- I do hope you try this one soon, it is a wonderful savory supper!

    Leena- I'll post a pic of Dale this week, just for you :)

  26. Madhu (madhurima1@gmail.comDecember 18, 2009 1:44 PM

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  27. Nupur- Favor...Can you take off my email address from my comment above?


  28. Madhu- So apparently I can delete the comment but your name remains there- sorry but I have no way of deleting the email ID.

  29. Thanks Nupur!

    But do you think you could spare me some elves for my tree? :)

  30. Madhu- Thanks- glad you like the elves but I am afraid I am not selling them. If I had any left I would have given them to you but they are all gifted to friends and coworkers already.

  31. that bread pudding looks delicious and I love your little cork elves too


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