Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trivia Night Sandwiches

I've finally figured out the rate-limiting step in my blog posting frequency. It is not the usual hub-hub of work, social events, errands, chores and the stress of knitting palm-sized sweaters. It is the fact that lately, I've been forgetting to photograph my meals for posterity! And without a picture, I can't seem to start a post.

Well, last evening I did remember to make a lunge for the camera as sandwich-making was in progress, and after a brief lull on this space, here I am with a sandwich that is as simple as it is tasty.

We played trivia last night at a fundraiser for a good cause, and I furnished the sandwiches to keep us going through many rounds involving the usual motley crew of TV characters and dead presidents. Summer vegetables are still going strong in local markets, so a roasted vegetable pesto sandwich seemed ideal- I could roast the vegetables the night before, buy fresh bread on the way home and assemble sandwiches at the last minute.

This was one of the vegetables that made it onto the baking sheet: an adorable squash that looks handpainted in two colors. Does anyone want to guess the name of this hybrid?

Roasting the vegetables: I used a large rimmed baking sheet, and covered it with uniformly sliced vegetables- 1 medium eggplant, 2 squashes, 1 large onion, 2 colorful peppers. Toss the vegetables with 3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil and a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper, using your (clean!) hands to get the vegetables well-coated. Roast the veggies at 435 F for 30-40 minutes or until they are tender and slightly charred and smoky. Cool the sheet pan, then store the vegetables overnight in an air-tight container.

Assembling the sandwiches:

Put together-
  • Good bread
  • Pesto (home-made or store-bought)
  • Roasted vegetables (straight from the fridge)
  • Fresh mozzarella, sliced
  • Fresh basil leaves (this came from the pot in my kitchen windowsill)
  • Salt and pepper
With such simple ingredients, quality matters, so go for the best you can find. This sandwich can be embellished with a dressing of capers and balsamic vinegar, topped with fresh or sun-dried tomatoes, sprinkled with pepper flakes, but it is honestly delicious just as it is.

The best part- our team came in at first place (squee!) with this tie-breaker question-

In what year will NASA retire the Space Shuttle from service?

Do you know the answer (we're using the honor system here so no googling)? Luckily for our team, V did and we ended the night on a high note.

I promise to be back very soon. A lonely and quiet blog feels a bit sad, doesn't it? Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. Too funny, I do the same thing!

    Glad you got a shot of this one, it looks delish!

  2. I come here just as much for your knittings as for your recipes Nupur. :-)
    That sandwich looks wholesome and delicious.

  3. Delicious looking sandwiches!I love your blog..nice recipes and easy to make too.

  4. Get a phone with a camera. They are dime a dozen these days :)

  5. Those squash are adorable - glad the camera was at hand - it is a habit of photographing food that you are into or you aren't - I know it is easy to fall out of the habit but your photos are always great so hope you get back on the horse!

  6. Love your blog and all the write ups that go with the recipes.

    The veggie in question is the crook/crooked-neck squash?


  7. Sunburst crook neck?

    R :-)

  8. I'm on of those who visit this space of yours for refreshing posts , so dunn worry even if you don't have snap just jott down stuffs, we will love to read them too :)
    BTW Lovely sandwich !

  9. Dear Nupur
    Does veggies like 'Lauki' or pumpkin roast well?

  10. Hello: I tried contacting you via your e-mail form but entering the code part is broken (I kept entering the correct code and it says it was wrong). Could you please write to me? I'd like to ask you a question about your lovely knitting! Thanks.
    Dee (sheepish56(at)aol(dot)com

  11. I too often forget to take pictures at every meal, I even forgot to take pictures of one crucial step in my last post, but I posted it anyway with the others.

    Thanks so much for sharing so many of your absolutely scrumptious ideas. These sandwiches look terrific and I am sharing the post with a new cook who was just widowed. He has been cooking for different parties we have had and I know this one will be something he will try. He's been making breads lately too.

    Keep up the good work and thanks a million times for sharing. I want more Indian recipes too!

    Aloha from Hawaii,

  12. I am amazed at your talents!

    Awesome recipe, as usual, and awesome knits.

    wish I could knit :(

  13. Hi there! I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have been reading it nonstop! Please post more - I always look forward to seeing your pics and trying out your recipes!

  14. This is the kind of food i need now :). I am going to make this soon.

  15. Hi that is I feel cucumber veggie. Your Roasted sandwich looks lovely. We have not roasted in down oven anytime may be first to clean up one of sunday. After roasting in pan. Is it necessary to let cool inside oven or to bring outside. Sorry not used for precaution.
    We like your recipes very much and in between knitting photos too!

  16. Yay- a post!! The sandwich sounds a looks deeelicious. And I don't know the answer of the question (without google)

  17. I love sandwiches like these. You are right...a lonely blog feels sad. Perhaps it's time I get back to mine.

  18. dear nupur...i really enjoy your write very well.
    and ..yeah...i absolutely love DALE !
    You havent written abt him in such a long time.... :(( please do write more abt dale and post some more interesting pics of him!!..gudluck , mauli

  19. Alisa- Sometimes you just want to forget the photos and dig in, right? :)

    Sharmila- Thanks :) but the knitting lives on another site (my page on and only makes an occasional guest appearance here.

    Supriya- Thanks!

    Nachiket Kapre- My cell phone does have a camera. Access to a camera is not the issue, in any case.

    Johanna- In general, having been a food blogger for years, I am in the habit but there are times when I just don't want to stop and take a picture.

    R- Thanks for guessing but no, that's not it :) The shape is similar, you are right, but this is a specific hybrid that has the two colors green and yellow.

    Kanchan- Thank you for saying that :)

    Anonymous- I have never tried roasting lauki so I don't know about that one. As for pumpkin, yes, it roasts very well. I don't know if I would use pumpkin in this recipe though..

    Dee- Sorry about the form, I am working to fix it. Meanwhile I did send you an email.

    Devany- Thanks.

    AA_Mom- Well, you don't have to just wish you could knit, you could learn to knit. It is easy enough and a lot of fun :)

    Ushma- Thanks, there's a new post here once a week on average.

    Shilpa- Yes, you need to make this very soon while all these veggies are in season :) soon summer veggies will be a distant memory!

    Upendra- After roasting the vegetables, you can turn off the oven, pull the pan out and let it cool outside.

    Lavanya- I know- I am excited to have a new post too :)

    Bharti- Yes, do get back to yours :)

    Rajesh- Thanks

    Mauli- Sure, in my next post I'll be sure to feature an update on Dale :)

  20. 2010? (the year NASA will retire the space shuttle). I promise I did not cheat - I am a real space program junkie!!
    No idea what the vegetable is, but it does look very attractive. And the sandwich looks really yummy.
    Hope Dale is doing well - he must be really loving this nice fall weather!

  21. Hi Nupur,

    Its ma first time here..Came for Mushroom Chettinad recipe and u got me hooked :-)
    I mean in the nice way..

    You have a lovely blog and your recipes sound superb. I'm just about to make Mushroom chettinad for dinner with dosas(heading over to the kitchen)

    Will surely post the review..

    I'm in ur followers list for sure;-)

    Happy Navratri


  22. Have no clue about those veggies - but remember Jai & Bee posted something similar.

  23. I love that you refer to it as the rate-limiting step :) Congrats on winning the trivia contest!

  24. The photographs are yummy!! Esp the one of the squash... the composition is lovely. And the sandwich looks yummy as well!

  25. Nupur,
    its always so refreshing to see you with these yum recipes...
    although I dont comment here frequently ,but I always check your lovely posts which i have started to like even more with lil knitting updates :)...
    please let us know the name of that veggie looks so beautiful on that bowl..kind of a painting...
    hugs and smiles

  26. The squash looks like it IS handpainted...Great sandwich

  27. It looks like crookneck squash + snake gourd :D
    Sandwich looks scrumptious!

  28. OMG, the palm-size sweaters are just so cute, I wish I was at least half as talented and creative as you

    The sandwiches look absolutely delicious too, but honestly this time, I think the sweater stole the limelight :)

  29. This is called Zephyr Squash. I have been buying this at the farmer's market this year. I cut thin strips to add on pesto pasta. And grilled with olive oil, salt, pepper is squash heaven.

  30. I make pesto all summer and freeze it in small containers or ice cube trays. Then, in the middle of winter, I can defrost it and make wonderful sandwiches like this with whatever veggies are in season. Lovely photos, Nupur!

  31. Kamini- Full points to you :D
    That is certainly the right answer and you of all people would definitely know, Ms. Neil-Armstrong-sent-me-a-personal-letter :) !
    Yes, Dale is loving the cooler weather and is back to chasing the sun and napping in sunny spots all day long.

    Glitter Birdie- Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy your time here. Thanks for taking the time to say hello :)

    Miri- Hmm...I didn't know that.

    bek- It is a useful term, isn't it? :D

    Preeti- Thanks :)

    Jaya- This vegetable is called the zephyr squash, and I'm glad you like the knitting updates!

    Shri- When I first spotted it, I stared for a while, it looked so pretty.

    Joyce- No, I'm afraid your guess is not right, but full points for trying!

    Preeti- The person who designed the little sweater is talented and creative, folks like me are just following the pattern, which is dead easy :)

    Garden Dreamer- You are absolutely correct! I have been buying it only this year too, maybe it is a new hybrid?

    Lydia- That's true- no reason this sandwich can't be made with winter vegetables! It would bring back sweet memories of summer :)

  32. That squash sure looks pretty. Come on, blog without the pics we would like the posts just as much

  33. That squash looks as if the green was painted on it !!! VERY pretty..
    The s'wich looks gr8 for a light dinner, guess I would sub red pepper for eggplant... will that work?

  34. oops, u have pepper on the list! hmm, excluding eggplant is my option then!

  35. dont get most of these ingredients around where i live...but it looks so mouth-watering good

  36. Hey love your blog but never commented. You have been tagged and awarded here:

  37. Ahh, this is one hearty sandwich with all of my fav ingredients. Nice!

  38. Loved the picture of your sandwich. Looks damn tasty Nupur. Do not know the vegetable. I am greedily munching summer vegetables. Do not know when we would eat it again next year.


  39. Nupur , my sandwich queen . these lok lovely another nugget from your treasure. your caponata sandwiches are a hit with my folks and there were times when i used to make them atleast 3 times a week ! Love this too.. I am partial to sandwiches and this one is a sure try ! Thanks for the recipe.

  40. Dear Nupur
    You are very talented and creative. I enjoy your recipes and your crafts.Please keep them both coming.
    Thank you

  41. Good recipe for my kids lunch box.

  42. Hi,

    I have been following your recipes for quite some time ..Great job !!!But of late I have not been able to view the recipes in other links like(The A-Z of Marathi food ,Recipes monthly wise)..I am not sure what the problem is

  43. I tried these last night! They tasted great!Thanks for the recipe!


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