Monday, December 11, 2006

Menu For Hope III

All year round, the food bloggers serve up a feast of food writing and food photography. They share old family recipes and new exciting finds. They invite you into their kitchens and to their table. Come December, food bloggers all around the world come together for their annual fund-raising event called "Menu For Hope". This year, Menu for Hope III has set out to raise money for the UN World Food Program. It is so fitting that those of us who appreciate food and are lucky enough to have never known hunger are trying, in their own small way, to help those who experience food as a daily struggle for survival.

How does it work?Many food bloggers have generously offered a cornucopia of wonderful gifts, including delicious treats, unique experiences, much-desired tools and gadgets and an armload of cookbooks. You choose your favorites, and bid on them, at 10$ for each raffle tickets. Remember, the more tickets you buy, the more your chances of nabbing the prize, and the more money we raise together to fight hunger. Now this is a win-win situation if ever I saw one!

The details:
* Go visit Chez Pim to see the wonderful prizes and note the codes of the ones you want to bid on.
* Go to First Giving to donate money and mention the prizes you are buying tickets for.
* Do it quick! The campaign runs from 11th December to 22nd December.

If you are desperately trying to come up with a holiday gift for a loved one who has everything, raffle tickets for Menu For Hope might just be the thing! Please share the love!

A brief update: One Hot Stove has been dormant for a few months. I have my final exam (the thesis defense) on the 19th of December. If all goes well, I will be moving to St. Louis the following week and will start blogging again (Whoo...hoo!). The stressful exam schedule has meant that I have not been able to put up a prize this year, but you bet I am going to bid on those amazing prizes that fellow bloggers have so generously donated! Please join us for "Menu For Hope"....the food bloggers are grateful for your support!


  1. Nupur,
    All the very best for your defense and Congratulations. And good luck with the move.

    Can't wait to have you blogging in full swing. Take care.

  2. All the Best for ur exams! hope to see u soon back to blogging!

  3. Good luck for your exam and best wishes with the move! Looking forward to seeing you back soon!

  4. All the best for your exam.


  5. Yoo hoo, for sure! It'll be great to see you in person AND online again, soon!

  6. Hi Nupur,
    Good luck with your exams and with the move. I stumbled upon your blog when you were on a break and have been hooked since then. I think I have spent enough time to read all your archives, just in time to read the new ones when you get back! I've been a long time food blog reader but will start one of my own very soon!

    Menu for hope is such a great event for a wonderful cause. You are right, it is definitely a win-win situation.
    Good luck again!
    - Roopa

  7. Hi Nupur,

    Goodluck with the exams and move!

    I've missed you and I'm already looking forward to your return.

  8. Good luck with your defense!

  9. All the best for your defense! Looking forward to meeting you when u are back here:)

  10. Hi Nupur!!

    I found your blog when I was looking for chawli recipes. An intermittent cook, your blog has been a real inspiration to me to start cooking especially all the Marathi food that I have missed for years now. Since then I have made the aforementioned chawli and waran bhaat. And Thank you Thank you thank you!!!!! for discovering the Sukh Sagar bhaiyya's secret recipe. That was the best pav-bhaaji I ever made!

    Good luck for your thesis defense!! As a fellow graduate student who is nowhere close to defending, its nice to know there is a light at the end of tunnel :))

    Can't wait to have you back.


  11. Thank you all so much... I appreciate each and every wish! Apparently your wishes work, because I defended my thesis successfully yesterday! It went off without a hitch, much much better than I ever imagined. I can't wait to return to blogging in a few days.

  12. Hi

    I am a constant reader of your blog since last couple of weeks and I have tried many of your recepeies specially Marathi one...and I want to tell you they works so well...your photgraphic description is so temting....

    All the best for your thesis and move...

    can't wait till you are active again!

  13. Hey Nupur,



  14. A very Merry ChristMas Dear Friend... And hey Congrats!!


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