Saturday, July 01, 2006

Weekend Dog Blogging

Dale shows off his brand new blue leash - a gift from V's Dad. Dale is a happy puppy these days: I made a trip to the Three Dog Bakery near Pike Place Market in Seattle and came back with these treats for Dale:
Go visit Sweetnicks, where it is puppy-central every weekend!


  1. Hey Nupur,didnt know you too had a dog!Those indeed look like a good treat:)

  2. hi nupur,
    what a lovely mail,
    about this puppy dale,
    with such goodies fine,
    like a king he will dine,
    what a lucky dog,
    modelling for this blog.

    luv, yoma.

  3. Dale looks very handsome. :) Do you find that body leash more effective for controlling him when you go on walks?

  4. Hi Sumitha, yeah, we have a dog. Or rather, Dale has us :)

    Yoma, very cute! He is a good model indeed.

    Vee, thanks! Well, he pulls on a leash while he is out walking no matter what kind of leash it is, but we think that body harnesses are kinder and gentler than collars, so that is what we have always used on him.

  5. WOOF! Can't wait to romp with you some time soon! WOOF WOOF!


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