Tuesday, February 14, 2006

'Tis The Season...

Love and Laughter to you and yours!

The idea for the lollipop flowers is from (who else but) Martha Stewart. Thanks to my friend SR for not only pointing out the idea to me, but also buying me the lollipops :) Isn't she the sweetest?

Look who else wanted some of that sugar...
"Aah, that hit the spot..."


  1. Looks like Dale knows his way around a lollipop! I had no idea dogs liked those! The lollipop flowers are really cute - I like your version with the tissue paper.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Nupur!


  3. oh thats cute....what kind of paper is that??
    btw your Moogambat recipe was a big hit!!

  4. hi nupur
    tried out your egg rassa yesterday ,was finger lickingly good!thanks for the recipe.next time planning to try it out with chicken intead of egg as a sunday special dish for i really loved the spicy masala base!

  5. So, maybe we should ask Dale how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop!

  6. Happy Valentines day to you Nupur.
    Your doggie is the cutest ! He looks very very intelligent too .... especially with the lollipop in his mouth :).


  7. hi. what beautiful lollipops.
    er...pass some here too please..
    luv, yoma.

  8. the lollipop flowers are so pretty pretty :).. i love Martha's crfts, they r so easy, neat and look beautiful

  9. Hi Cathy, *grin* Dale loves all sweets! The flowers did come out cute...I love these little crafts projects! Martha is good :)

    Faffer, thanks and happy V day to you too!!

    Hi Supriya, the paper is tissue paper...the kind used to stuff inside gift bags. So glad the moogambat worked!

    Kasturi, thanks, glad the recipe worked out :)

    Hi Stephanie, well, he only got the pop once it was quite tiny...if it were left to him, he would eat the whole package, wrappers and all! But yeah, he is quite an authority on candy :)

    Hi Shruti, oh, he is smart all right :) has two humans enslaved!

    Yoma, maybe you can try making these at your craft classes!

    Priya, I so agree with you, love love Martha Stewart!


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