Tuesday, May 31, 2005

EoMEoTE #7: Egg Onion Float

Here's to the end of the month of May! It was a hectic, awful month for me work-wise (though I did get to take a work-related trip to the Canadian Rockies) so I am looking forward to a more relaxed month ahead. Travel is all well and good, but hey, give me a nice weekend at home any day!

As usual, Cook Sister is hosting the monthly eggy carb-fest and this month's theme is limericks so what are we waiting for?

You know how it is...

...there are days when you want to sup and hop into bed
but the sight of your empty 'fridge fills you with dread
Well, don't stand around and mope
make some Egg-Onion Float
Instead of hungry, you will end up over-fed!


Egg Onion Float is a recipe devised by my parents decades ago when they were both medical students in Bombay. Well, times have changed but we all love the recipe very much and now it is my turn as a hungry graduate student to use it often and with great results. This is thrown together with pantry ingredients, quantities can be easily eye-balled.

Egg Onion Float

  1. Heat some oil in a skillet. 
  2. Saute some onions with ginger and garlic. 
  3. Add salt to taste, red chili flakes for a spicy kick, turmeric for some color, tomato puree and ketchup and stir around. 
  4. Pat down the mixture, make wells in it and break an egg in each well. 
  5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook till eggs are done as you like 'em. 
I ate these with rotis (Indian flatbread) but any kind of bread works great !

Happy June, everyone!


  1. I love the creative-budget-student element to this. And I can imagine that this takes my scrambled eggs on toast with a squirt of ketchup to another level. I'll have to try it soon! :)

  2. Since I'm in one of those spend-as-less-time-as-possible-in-the-kitchen moods, this sounds like a bonus! Will whip it up one of these days.

  3. Hi Saffron, For something that takes 10 minutes to make, this one does taste quite special!

    Hi Tan, I know the feeling :) this recipe is a keeper for low-maintenance cooking.

  4. Hi Nupur,

    What a coincidence! My parents made something like this when we were kids too... there's was called 'Drop Egg Bhaji'. It really was del. Can't wait to try yours!



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