Monday, February 06, 2017

Velvety Cauliflower Soup

Cough and cold viruses seem to have taken over our community for the last week or so; everyone in our family has had their share of runny noses and mild fevers and disrupted routines. I've been making pretty simple everyday meals to keep us going, and soup is often on the menu- this cauliflower soup has been a particular favorite lately.

Many years ago, I posted this spicy cauliflower soup recipe from Alice Waters. These days, I am making and loving this version that is much more plain and not spicy; when blended smoothly, I swear it tastes like liquid velvet!

1. Heat oil or butter in a large pot.
2. Saute a diced onion and plenty of garlic.
3. Add 3 tablespoons or so nutritional yeast (or a couple tablespoons all-purpose flour, or some combination of flour and nutritional yeast).
4. Add in a head of cauliflower, roughly chopped.
5. Season with salt and pepper and stir around for a couple of minutes.
6. Add a couple of cups of water or vegetable stock, cover the pot and simmer until the cauliflower is tender.
7. Blend the soup to a velvety smooth texture, adding some milk/ cream/ grated cheese/ cream cheese if desired. I add some of these ingredients variously depending on what I have on hand and depending on what I am serving with the soup.

Last week I made a thicker version of this soup and served it as an alfredo sauce with pasta shells- it was a hit!

Just this evening I made a similar soup with broccoli, with a little carrot sauteed along with the onions, and with some cream cheese blended in- the result is just like the broccoli cheese soup so beloved in restaurants.

Sugar-Free February continues to go well. Over the weekend, I took Lila to a little neighbor's donut themed birthday party- there were boxes and boxes of frosted donuts of every kind- but I managed to keep on walking right past the table, and enjoyed some black coffee and fresh fruit instead.

At work, there seems to be a plate of muffins or brownies or leftover donuts from some meeting in the kitchen area every other day or so, and instead of automatically reaching for a stale muffin just because it is there (and regretting it 5 minutes later), it is actually a relief to walk away.

How is your week coming along? What's the best thing you cooked or ate this week? 


  1. I made the energy ladoos from your blog - toasted oats threw in all the nuts and dried fruit and some ghee, blitzed & then ladooed - to take with me on the ski slopes and promptly left it behind. It was very hard but once the twisting hunger pangs left, I was absolutely fine. Though I still cannot believe how I said no the pancakes with vanilla sugar that I was offered. I am ready to be sainted.

    1. You are hereby sainted ;) Hope you ate those ladoos once you got back from the ski slopes!!

  2. I've tried a few cauli soups - not quite as simple but they do make lovely smooth soups. It is great comfort food - hope it helps your sniffles!

    1. Thanks Johanna- I have a lingering cough- lack of sleep makes it hard to recover from the sniffles!

  3. My sugar free start went right out of the window from Day 2. Everyone is done with super bad colds, and there is only so much energy in me to deal with two cranky and clingy toddlers. But I've decided it's only a hiccup for the month, and will get right back once they are okay. It won't be an entire month, but something is better than nothing. - Neha

    1. Neha- So true, when the little ones have colds, it is misery all around. Especially when they can't even blow their little noses. Hang in there and do what you gotta do! Hope they are better now.

  4. loved, loved the idea of your thicker version as an Alfredo sauce. Sure plan to try that this week asap and serve it over macaroni style shells made out of chickpea flour(I've switched to gluten free meals and so this is one of my options).

    Hubby has begun cooking for family with a ton of gusto and yesterday he made us this simple meal with toi(you might be familiar with it being Maharashtrian yourself. One of my all time favorite dal preparations)rice, fried fish Goan style and a kabocha squash stir fry with fresh grated coconut and tamarind. Pretty yummy for a fairly new to cooking Dude I thought to myself:-) In self interest we've majorly praised him so he may continue to bestow his cooking talents on us.

    And if you can pass up warm donuts you are a warrior no less my dear!


    1. Deepa- I do love toi, one of my grandmothers was Konkani so this was a regular dal growing up. The kabocha squash sounds outrageously good- coconut and tamarind. Mmm. Go Cooking Dude ;)


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